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  1. Alright, got them both added! They should be on the list by tonight, when I upload all the changes I have made. PageRank Eval. for Luscious Mango: JustAGirl and Geeky American Princess Title: Although what is there is cute, you might mention here name, or "Luscious Mango: The personal website of ___________" Meta Tags: Good! Navigation: Good! Content: Good! PageRank Eval. for In Our Cups Title: Might be better if instead of the cute description in there, giving a better definition of who you are and what you're about. Meta Tags: See Title above.. Navigation: Where I like it, right in my face! Good! Content: Very nice. Might think about dividing the text on the page up a little, make it in shorter paragraphs so it's a little easier to read. Other than that, it's gold.
  2. got you taken care of in your other post.
  3. As long as they are hosted at TCH and follow the guidelines, then you shouldn't have a problem.
  4. Got it on the list! It'll be up later tonight, as soon as I can get it uploaded. PageRank Title: Good, straight and to the point! Also good use of the page design keywords. Thumbs Up Meta Tags: Glad you have 'em! In your description, don't use EWD, go ahead and spell out the name everytime you use it. Also, you might look at cutting it down just a little bit. It should be breif and tell me everything I need to know about your site. Navigation: Good! Thumbs Up Might get yourself a sitemap though. Content: Thumbs Up Thumbs Up On your main index though, you might loose the big graphic on the right. Also on the left, you might put a header on it saying, "FAQs" or something to that effect.
  5. Alright, got you added to the list, I'll but uploading the changes later tonight. PageRank Not sure about the index click-through, you might move your content up to the main index page. Title: Instead of using ADnD, you might spell it out in the title, not a big ADnD person, but not sure exactly how they would choose to search of it. (Using ADnD or the whole phrase) Meta Tags: Add Some!!! Content and Navigation: This looks good, but the content looks a little thrown together for me. You might try better organizing the content you do have there on a single page, or break it up a little more.
  6. Do you have links back to TotalChoice Hosting?
  7. Thomas, please give me: The New Link: The New Title: The New Decription: Once you have, I'll get you added back to the list.
  8. Alright, got you added to the pages, should be up by tonight when I upload the changes. Rank Evaluation Title: I would go with something more like: Warren Family Website, or Warren Family Genealogy. Not sure if your title you have now really tells what the site is about. Meta-Tags: Good! Thumbs Up Navigation: Good! Thumbs Up
  9. Got you added to the list, it should appear later tonight as soon as I can get the pages uploaded. Thanks!
  10. As soon as I get the updates loaded later tonight, your website will be added to the list! Thanks!
  11. I could be wrong, but I don't belive you can do this per account on the server, and I belive if it was edited, it would have to be edited for all acccounts. (Since this is set up by Cpanel and not a single installation)
  12. Not a problem! Let us know if you ever have any other issues!
  13. No, I haven't ever used it before.. but I did find their sourceforge page here: htdig.sourceforge.net
  14. You'll need to put in a help desk ticket so we can park the domains via the server side. Then giving 24-72 hours for propagation, you should be up and running with the new names.
  15. What you need to do is put in a new help desk ticket, and we'll get this taken care of for you on the server side. You could either: A. Park the new domain on top of the current one. B. Get rid of the old domain, and use the new one as your one and only domain. The choice is up to you! Also yes, you will need to go to your domain name register for the new domain name and have them point at our name servers: ns1.totalchoicehosting.com ns2.totalchoicehosting.com Hope this helps!
  16. Same for me in Firefox .8, Good material there!
  17. 1. What browser did you use? Firefox .8 2. What do you think of the font size? Very easy on the eyes, maybe one size lower would be okay too. 3. Are the colors OK? (I am a bit colorblind.) They all worked very well together, gave it that kinda wood-like feeling. 4. Did anything look broken? Not to me!
  18. Please put in a help desk ticket, and we'll get this info tracked down for you. Moving this post for better organization.
  19. Well it looks like Bill has taken down the new layout for the time being. I'm sure we'll get an update on things soon. Till then, lets just put this thread on hold.
  20. Thanks to all who e-mailed me. We found our person!
  21. Thanks for the kind words! Just got this fixed!
  22. Might try updating the flash plugin for your browser. Can't think of any other reason why it wouldn't be displaying right.
  23. The Help Desk ticket would be the way to go, just put "idunno" for the cpanel name and password since you don't have one yet. Also you could put in an e-mail to sales@totalchoicehosting.com and we can have a look at your issue there as well.
  24. *cough* upgrade your browswer *cough* haha No, I hadn't had this problem, and I'm using Firefox .8. The about us menu should go like this: terms of use use policy client comments data centers link to us hosting family tch gurus
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