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  1. I have had problems with The Sims and the expansion packs on again, off again since they first came out. Other than the steps mentioned here, if you keep having problems, might do a clean reinstall of all of 'em. Also, be forwarned that EA's support isn't really top notch either.. well it's okay, lets just say it's no TotalChoice Hosting. Haha.. ;)

  2. This is from the terms of service:


    1.2. Termination Policy


    If you terminate your receipt of the Services prior to the end of the Initial Term or the Renewal Term, whichever is then applicable, (a) TotalChoice Hosting will not refund to you any fees paid in advance of such termination and (:) you shall be required to pay 100% of TotalChoice Hosting's standard monthly charge for each month remaining in the term, unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you terminate your receipt of Shared Hosting Services prior to the end of the first thirty (30) days of the Initial Term, you are entitled to a refund of the fees you paid in advance for the monthly Services, not including any setup fees. Your termination request or notice must be submitted to TotalChoice Hosting in the manner described in Section 1.1. TotalChoice Hosting may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason by providing to you written notice thirty (30) days prior to the date of termination. If TotalChoice Hosting terminates this Agreement, TotalChoice Hosting will refund to you the pro-rata portion of prepaid fees attributable to Services (excluding setup fees) not yet rendered as of the termination date unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement.

  3. Got you added Miss Kelly! :) Just hold on till later tonight before you look for the update, so I have enough time to get things uploaded. :)


    PageRank Eval.


    Title: Perfect.. only change I could think about making would move "photography" in somewhere earlier in the title.

    Meta-Tags: Somebody has been doing their homework!

    Navigation: Easy to understand. :)

    Content: Really good stuff, only thing I could think of would be adding a little more text description for each picture/update.

  4. Just got you added. Please wait till later tonight before looking for the updates, so I have time enough to get a few more of these done before uploading the changes. :)


    Page Rank Eval.


    Title: Might add a breif description of the page or about the page's reason for being (that would be for the index page)

    Meta Tags: Change your keywords meta tag to a description meta tag instead. Then add a new keyword meta tag that have breif keywords to use. (for example: cat,dog,bird,ect)

    Content: Really like the content. Easy to read through. :)

    Navigation: I'd ditch the click through on the index. Other than that, all looks pretty good. :)

  5. Alright, just got you added! Very nice site! Please wait till later tonight before checking up on it so I have enough time to get the rest of these done and updated. :)


    Page Rank Eval.


    Title : I like what's there but you might put your company name up there as well.

    Meta-Tags: Good! Thumbs Up

    Navigation: Well done! Should be read easily by the search engines.

    Content: Might look at making your text a little bigger, and using a few more headline tags per page. It's hard to read through some of the pages because things are kinda jumbled together.


    What you got there is good, it just needs some organizing. :)

  6. Alright got you added to the list. It should be up in tonight's fresh upload. :)


    PageRank Eval.


    Title: Instead of "HOME" You should use the name of your site, and a little description of your site in a nutshell.


    Meta-tags: Good! :)


    Navigation: Easy to understand. Clean and simple! :)


    Content: Lots of good stuff here. You might try to clean up some of your HTML code, make sure you don't have any redundant tags (like two font color equals in a row) other than that, good stuff.

  7. Very nice site, reminds me of a website I used to do some article writting for. :) Just got you added to the list. Please just hang on till tonight before checking up on it, so I can have enough time to finish up with the rest of these and get it all uploaded. Thanks! :)

  8. Just got you added to the list! Please wait till later tonight to check up on it, to give me time to finish with these others I need to do, and get it all uploaded.


    Really nice site! I used to do a bit of origami back in my younger days. :)

  9. You have been added to the list! Please wait on checking it till tonight, so I have enough time to finish the rest of these and get this all updated. :)


    Page Rank Eval.


    Title: Great! :)

    Meta Tags: You're looking like a pro! You might cut down your description a little bit, you always want to be quick and to the point.

    Navigation: Clean and Simple, Good Stuff!

    Content: Doesn't looked too bogged down. You might ditch the extra white space for content on each page though if you can.

  10. Alright just got you added to the list. :) You should be included on tonight's update, so don't go crazy if you don't see it just yet.. Give me a while to upload after I'm finished with all of these. :)


    PageRank Eval.


    Title: Perfect! :) Right to the point, nice indeed.

    Meta Tags: Might want to fine-tune these a little bit. Make sure they are aimed to best describe your buisness.

    Navigation: Right in my face, love 'em!

    Content: Nice! Only thing I would change would keep your logo on each page. You don't want random people coming to one part of your site, think that it's awesome, and not know the company behind it! :)

  11. Alright, I got you added, you should be included in the update that I do tonight on all of this. :) Just got to get it uploaded.


    Lisa really hit the nail on the head with and SEO evaluation, so I'll just say I'm with her 100%. :)

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