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  1. Oh, sure, I agree! I just didn't really know where to start first since UFM was recommended here among the great TCH family - so I just started here first. Surefire is on the ball!
  2. Just a note: I had "recipient" set to the same email address as the email address I entered into the form to test. When I stopped using the same email address in the "recipient" and what I put in the form to test (actually, I added another one of my differrent emails in the "recipient" to try sending to 2 recipients) - the form transmitted the information properly. I am thinking I should not have been trying to test the form by enteriing the same email in the form as the "recipient" was set in mailit. Live and learn
  3. Thanks Andy - I've gotten this far with figuring out how this has written. Got the needed elements in the form so far....I've gotten it to submit and then take me through to the thank you page, but no email is coming to me still. Boy it's been a long day ....
  4. yes - I checked the spelling and I'm receiving email on it fine and the other form I fixed this afternoon sends to that same address. I'm thinking it could be the old code and the way the radio buttons are labeled now that I've been reading some about that. Seems that would just give an error instead of passing through to the "thank you" page without sending the info on to my recipient email...
  5. I have UFM loaded and "think" I have mailit configured ok. I fill out the form and then get sent to my thank-you page. But I get no form sent to my designated recipient email. Any suggestions? I've been trying to figure out why for 4 hours. It works on another site I fixed this afternoon....
  6. Thanks Andy - I still don't understand what is happening with the setup. I have the same exact files on http://www.realoguide.com/ and the site I am trying to "pre" setup before changing the DNS over so the transition will be seamless is all broken. All I did was copy the same files to the new site where the new domain name account will be. I can get to it using the ~username but the files are half broken. I went into the host reseller web manager and added the handler .html application/x-httpd-php for my php includes - but part of the design structure isn't right either. I had also started the design process on a subdomain http://realo.scbot.com a while back - nothing wrong there except getting the Ultimate Form Mailer to work. Yet another problem I've been working to try to solve for days.....
  7. I have all of the files set and transferred under the IP address - but how do I open it in the browser to check the site and forms before I change the DNS from the old server to hit TCH? I need the transition to be seamless and tested before changing the domain over.,
  8. I got the Ultimate form mailer and upon submit it gave me The file /home/ujbbapac/public_html/realo/formcontact/class.UFMail.php has been encoded with the ionCube PHP Encoder and requires the free ioncube_loader_lin_4.4.so ionCube PHP Loader to be installed. It didn't do that 2 days ago
  9. Well, I've been getting the same thing (From myself TO: myself in headers) and it is the same Microsoft spam. The bad thing is - I've just been notified that my domain is showing up on SPAMCOP and I assume all of my CLIENTS are now blacklisted cause they are on the same server....... This is an SOS issue!
  10. I'm paying for an online project management tool for our group to use to track time and clients can check on projects, time, tasks, issues, etc. I haven't been in most of the day and I've got to work quite a few hours on several projects but the project management site is down. Anyone know of an online service that I can plug the IP address or URL of this site in to check how long they've been down today? I think I have run across this in the past but certainly can't remember where. We're paying a lot of money for the service not to mention about 6 clients are going to be suspicious and TICKED if my team hasn't been able to be logging their hours / tasks today!!!! Grrrrr - hate it when this happens......
  11. Yep TCH-Don, I've used PSP since v2 instead of Photoshop. It has come a LONG LONG way. Just recently upgraded to PSP9. Way back when, the PSP price was right and I didn't have to buy a MAC. As for mergers and aquisitions........if you can't beat 'em, BUY 'em. Kind of sad to lose the Macromedia family though. It does make me curious to see if Adobe will impose their software restrictions on the Macromedia products instead of adopting the open source approach. It could go either way...
  12. Glad to be among friends Thumbs Up http://www.My-SEO.com We've had hosting supplied through many services since 1995. TotalChoiceHosting is proving to be the best investment. Keep up the great work TCH. Regards, Eric Hill http://www.My-SEO.com
  13. My KK has to wait - I still get the error message: "no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it". I've done almost every possible connection imaginable for 2 hours. still no go. I bought what seems to be a pretty cool utility for php form generation and need this type of access to upload the files generated to the server. I'm afraid that since I'm new to networking issues - I don't understand how to configure the fields properly. I think it is a classic case of information overload
  14. Is there an online resource or tutorial for definitions or examples of how to set up remote connection to mysql? I also have Navicat and a programming utility that needs host username password database I am very unclear as to what to put into "host" - my IP or the "web host server IP" or what? I also don't understand how to use PHPmyadmin to set the host (if that is how it is established). A detailed tut with examples would be good for a newb like me :Nerd:
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