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  1. I still use IPB because of some features I absolutely need. But I can see going to Simple Machines in the future. phpBB is heading for features I need, but we'll see. A friend is very impressed with the user experience of a Simple Machines forum. It's still young, so I'll wait a while. BUT, I've got an older version of IBP running on another host, and it's horrible. Been meaning to try out Simple Machines on there for ages. I'll get to it some day.
  2. Hmmm, got anything to do with server 69 by any chance? Processor is spiking, if I read the page right. Hopefully you'll find the errant script or whatever it is. Hopefully it isn't one of mine...
  3. Yeah, this forum is set to accept search bots, and it's popular enough so Googlebot checks it obsessively. I've set my forum to be off limits for bots, so I don't bother with where people link to from my forum, unless they're truely awful sites. Like I said, different forums, different rules.
  4. And if you enable a link, a visit from that link will show up in the visited site's logs. In some instances that's not a good thing. Personally, I enable links people goof up on my forum (edit the posts). But it's a choice, and it can go either way depending on whose forum it is.
  5. I get those too occasionally. It's just a spider, and occasionally they catch stuff I wasn't aware of. It's not a spamming outfit, in that they don't flood you with e-mails. Only the occasional one about dead links within your site.
  6. I've dabbled with this a bit. I made a php script that can be run via cron to save daily log files. This works for all days of the month except the 30th and the 31st. I managed to solve that too, via a helpdesk ticket. PM me for details. The log files really won't be that big, unless 1-3 megs are COMPRESSED. Check out my script here. Click on the smiley: Thumbs Up
  7. 3 of my buddies are online. My offline read: 5/8 I have 8 buddies, in other words. What it means, is that of 1 buddies, 0 are offline.
  8. You can also use bits from my code: $today = mktime(0,0,0,date("m"),date("d")-1,date("Y")); $today = strftime("%d%b%Y",$today); Then call it by including this $thatday in the file name that gets saved. I'm using the code for log backup, but I'm sure you could hack something for different tasks. Click on the smiley to see the whole thing I'm using:
  9. I don't know why it's written like that, but it resembles escaping. Escaping is done in cgi-scripts using newer Perl versions. It's to avoid the script getting confused about a character that can have meaning in the code, and that also is used in stuff that's printed out. The @ is always escaped. /@ if I remember correctly.
  10. Looks like it does: http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=130344 and yes, I'm talking to myself again...
  11. Would this fix it? http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=114715
  12. Stealth change is right! I almost popped a cork when I realized my custom fail messages were no longer delivered!
  13. Geez, I got an error message, and it posted anyway? Normally, you'll get a 403 error when you visit a blocked page.
  14. You can't block that site from accessing your site, simply because it's the visitors to that site that actually pull your images. So if there only are a few visitors, block those. But if there are MANY, it's an excercise in futility. Rename the images, and keep renaming them indefinitely, I guess?
  15. While that was once true, it's no longer the case. There's been a relatively recent update of cpanel. In the past, the server would accept the e-mail and then spit back a 550 message to the sender. Because of all the spam sent from invalid accounts (I believe), cpanel has now been configured to refuse mail to failed addresses at SMTP level. The bounce message a sender receives is from his sending SMTP server. Of course, many of the moderators are using their webserver as their SMTP server, so they wouldn't necessarily see this change that easily.
  16. I remember looking at that script. If you do use it, remember to be careful with showing e-mail addresses. Those fanlistings are heaven for spambots. I think there was a munging feature you could use, but it isn't good enough. Don't remember.
  17. I checked my other domain (hosted somewhere else). I couldn't make sense of the FTP traffic there at all. But then I only had the logs for one day to check, so it was a big limited (they flush logs every week, ¤(=#"¤% unfortunately).
  18. Not really. It all depends. All mail is vulnerable to be read, whether it's by network sniffers, nosy admins or hackers.
  19. Turns out there are raw logs for FTP access, and they can be accessed under FTP - manage accounts. Down the page there. And there was an explanation. Bandwidth was wrong. I had deleted two big files. Not downloaded, not uploaded, just outright deleted. And that was counted as bandwidth. Clearly that app needs some tweaking! Now, my question is, let's say I had little bandwidth left (hypothetically speaking), and deleting big files would be a problem. Would I then need to use file manager to delete them instead? Also, since Bandwidth is part of cpanel, is this a problem for all hosts using cpanel?
  20. Heh, I would guess if your output contains that kind of info, the safest would be to /dev/null it, eh? Or, let it stack up in a POP3 account on the same host.
  21. 'Tis what happens when you run crapware. AKA Internet Explorer.
  22. Personally, I'll be using Gmail for really big files people want to send me. I'll use Yahoo as an extra account for regular mail, because it has Wap. Gmail doesn't. And Gmail is also very useful for stuff that is repetitive, like output from cron jobs, unless you /dev/null it. If you send that to regular mail accounts it stacks up, but on Gmail it threads!
  23. Well, if you save your pages from Geocities via the browser, just open the files in notepad. On the bottom there will be some script junk beneath </html>. Remove that and at least some of it will be gone.
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