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  1. I've added some words to the kill list on Wordpress 1.5. BUT, it appears trackbacks go through even if I've killed the domain it's spamvertizing. I've got .htaccess blocks, or I would have been spammed mercilessly by the latest scourge. Maybe I should install Spam Karma. As long as it doesn't kill my sample spams - getting people to spam me is hard, considering outing spammers is what I do for kicks... They get so angry, you see , and blacklist me when they find out what I do
  2. annie

    Stock Photos

    I had a contract with an old fashioned stock photo agency for years. It's hard to get in, but it's real money if you sell. I never checked out online agencies, though.
  3. I tried it, and got lots of errors. Looks like the MySQL part went wrong. The database is fine, I just can't get the Wiki to communicate with it. Anyone who'd be willing to help? Adding it as an Addon script on the server would work for me as well...
  4. Looks to me like you don't have the latest version. Go upgrade, then moderate comments. Get to know the blog software. There are lots of options, and some plugins you could install that help you keep it cleaner. Whoa! They've spammed posts that haven't been created yet! Go to cpanel, open phpMyAdmin, and open that database. Then go to comments and browse them. Delete all spammy comments, or they'll get appended to all new posts you create. I mean, compare the dates on the posts and on the spam, and you'll see I'm correct.
  5. I had a similar problem recently. The domain name I really wanted was taken. I played around with it, until I found a variation that hadn't been registered. It worked out quite well in the end. Here's hoping you can do the same thing!
  6. Piece of advice: Ditch B2 right away. I used it a while ago. But it's so hard to clean, I gave up. Wait until you get discovered by a spammer, and you'll see what I mean. It's no longer developed, so no chance of updates. Switch to Wordpress right away!
  7. I don't know much about Adwords, but my feeling would be that I'd use raw logs and grep them. I once saw someone coming in to my site from what was obviously an adwords referrer. So I assume you'd see the referrer in most cases. Except when the browser has referrers blocked.
  8. I'm considering PHPWiki http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/ I'm really looking for a Wiki with good premoderation features. That's the only one I've seen with any reference to that. But I just wonder if it'll work well on TCH's servers? It uses register_globals = on Is that an issue? I saw someone on here that had trouble installing this Wiki
  9. Logs grow monthly. If you want daily logs, then use my scripts, run it via cron and download the day after.
  10. I also added this to my robots.txt: Disallow: /forums/index.php?act= Disallow: /forums/index.php?s= Remember to get the path right. If I've understood correctly, the search engines will then avoid anything equal to those paths, or files beginning with them. So no session ID's, and I get rid of all those print out versions etc.
  11. I just managed to fix my old IPB. I entered information for Cookies in the System Setting of the admin panel. I had a problem with not staying logged in between sessions, so it's clear something wasn't quite right. Now, after setting those paths correctly, I lose the session ID's even when surfing without being logged in. You add the domain name with a dot in front of it, and the path with a / in front of it.
  12. You won't be able to access the logs there except through a script. Cron works well.
  13. Check this one: I believe it's in this location here: /usr/local/apache/domlogs/domain.com Remember to replace domain.com with the name of your domain. And if your TLD is info, then it would be domain.info Good luck!
  14. They had a post in their blog about it yesterday. A database error that didn't get caught by their monitoring software.
  15. I didn't get it to work either, on another webhost. Haven't tried on TCH. And I DID have GD and GD perl lib. So something else can go wrong, and did. If you have major problems, please check out some work I did that you can utilize. If you've got that same spammer, it will really help you. Click on the smiley to check it out:
  16. Yeah, me too, for the first time today. OK, now to go get my daily fix of blog...
  17. Suddenly today I seem unable to log in to Bloglines. Anyone having problems - or not? I'm just trying to figure out if this is a problem on my end only or not. I usually don't have to log in, either. But today a login doesn't seem to take.
  18. I put a small one in the top position on the right sidebar. Seems to work. And a banner on the top of singles, which means single post pages. Seems to work. When I first started, I put some ads at the bottom of some pages. Many impressions, no clicks. Then I put the ads at the right of the same pages, and the clicks started to come. Don't know how I'll end up in terms of income, but if it continues the way it seems now, it should more than cover hosting.
  19. Check this one: http://forums.invisionize.com/index.php?sh...02&hl=googlebot
  20. Put it in the footer in the template you use.
  21. My ISP's mailserver is doing a wonderful job of catching spam via SpamAssasin. So I just filter for X-Spam-Flag: YES And that's that!
  22. annie


    I got a 404 when I accessed my newposts bookmark yesterday. Then tried the forums and other places and got 404's there too. I wondered about April Fools, but then wondered if there had been a problem.
  23. I use a slightly earlier version of Pegasus. Never had a virus, used Pegasus since 1997. One bug: Some e-mails with attachments crash the program. Those are mails routed to the spam folder by SpamAssasin anyway, so no great loss.
  24. I had a similar setup a long time ago. The most effective solution is to use two e-mail addresses. One for lists, one for personal.
  25. A mod for invision power board that gets rid of the session ID's. That way we get less unique URL's for search engine spiders to get lost in. It's just that, the one posted before was for another version of the forum. I've got 1.3.1 Final and v1.2, and I remember the one posted was for a newer version than either of those.
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