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  1. Found the conf file for awstats, will take a look. It's under tmp, awstats, and then the file awstats.domain.com.conf But there are no options there for changing detection of browsers. I'm guessing that's in a central configuration file on the server. It's outdated. Maybe we should submit a help ticket? Given that Netscape is losing ground to Firefox these days (at least I hope!), an upgrade there would be a good thing. I noticed that the stats at awstats at sourceforge, they've updated the stats slightly, it now says: Firebird (Old FireFox) and they've also got Firefox in there, yay! So TCH, upgrade? Wow, have a look at their browser stats! http://awstats.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/aws...t=browserdetail Very different than mine!
  2. We're on the same server. I'm also satisfied with TCH so far. Love your blog. Might pop in a comment or two.
  3. I noticed that Awstats still counts Firebird (or course at zero). I'm guessing it's trivial to change the configuration files to count Firefox instead? Do you guys do that or do I? Another thing is that I've noticed that on my site IE comes in at about 91 percent of users on my site (look in Awstats). My demographics are general users, probably a little more female than male. Anyone else with a very different breakdown of browsers? How are your demographics?
  4. I activated hotlink protection when I moved my site. That's the first time I've done that, and I see maybe as much as 30-40 log lines of the image I set up to be served instead. I assume people are reloading to try and see the photos from my site and not succeeding. Not sure. I'm wondering if I should just disable the hotlink protection. Right now it seems more trouble than it's worth. Anyone got any advice?
  5. I did notice about 35 visits from here on yesterday's awstats. But my site receives so much traffic in general (mostly bookmarked, google and newsletter genereated), so that shouldn't give much of a boost compared to general traffic patterns. If it's because of TCH, it's demographics related. In that a good percentage of the users here having Alexa installed. The traffic pattern hasn't changed much, according to the stats, although I can't tell for sure if Analog and Awstat counts the same way. Probably about the same way, though. Requests for pages are about the same level, maybe even lower (I removed some pages, that might affect the stats).
  6. annie


    Quit using flash, and you should be fine. There are some of us who absolutely refuse to install flash on Mozilla based browsers, and others who can't because of policies instituted by colleges, workplaces etc. And those who don't install flash because they're on slow lines. If you want to use flash for menus, you should have a small line at the bottom with a text based menu, at the very least.
  7. I told my ISP up front what I would do, and they were cool with it. But then I don't use the server all that often, so what do they care? They were just thankful I wouldn't use Kazaa!
  8. I've been over that with a few. They've often said that's the case only for commercial servers. Meaning they're often fine with a private FTP server. But that's here in Norway
  9. You guys responsible? What if a number of those among you who visited my site after I posted the link had the Alexa toolbar installed? Would that account for the spike? I know many of you have Firefox, so discount those. But even so, there might be a few left who does have Alexa installed?
  10. EditPad is also good. Opens huge files.
  11. Found it. The webmaster has something to learn about site usability.... Or maybe it's safety in obscurity?
  12. I checked my Alexa stats today. I'd jumped from somewere from around 300,000 average to 75,158 today. I could see the spike at the far end of the diagram graphic there. Sooo, did I get more visitors, or does this have something to do with the site now residing on a different server? I noticed the TCH has a better traffic rating than my old host (who had a better traffic hosting than I did anyway).
  13. annie


    The Norwegian posts were just a prank. We've tag teamed like that in the past. And always some innocent drivel that we translate later. We'll keep it in English from now on!
  14. annie


    Happy to take the blame. May you stay here a long time. If things go as well as they've gone so far, I'll be sticking around too.
  15. annie


    Her website is too new yet. She just wanted to pull my leg right away. Had no idea she was on here until today when I ran the whois record for her new domain! And we're very happy to have a Swede here. You're awake at the right time Thumbs Up
  16. annie


    Velkommen til familien Mariann. Min første referral! Og god 17 mai til deg også. Noen andre skandinaver her? Utenom JiKrantz, altså! (Norwegian independence day today)
  17. Here are some more probes from my site: /cgi-bin/mastergate/accountcreate.cgi (I assume it's this one: http://www.superscripts.com/scripts/mastergate.html ) Wow, well known exploit: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-...G=Google+Search /cgi-bin/sentry/admin/admin.cgi (I assume it's this one: http://cgi.resourceindex.com/detail/03742.html ) or this one: http://www.ovelo.com/
  18. cpanel is weird. Remember what happens when you fail addresses (via forwarders)? Send an e-mail to ONE address and you get a bounce. Send to TWO, and the mail effectively gets blackholed. At least that's my experience.
  19. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id25.htm
  20. Movies and MP3 that you don't have copyrights squared for would also be a problem, right?
  21. Oh, and about finding this place. The two shall never meet, I'm sure. Hosting your own webserver is something else entirely than running a private FTP server. I simply turn the machine OFF when I feel like it, and those wanting to use the FTP server will simply wait until I turn it on again, snicker! I'd rather keep my website on a professional server than on my own machine, shudder!
  22. Understood. We have some of those here too. Although when I talked to them, they said they'd only cut me off if there were complaints. And that would be complaints from the likes of RIAA or other copyright problems. And since I never give out passwords to anyone but people I know, and keep accounts within certain boundaries, I don't expect problems. I've had many probes, but they give up when there's no anonymous access. But the problem with giving friends access to FTP accounts on webhosts would be that they might be tempted to shift movies on there. Very bad form, to say the least! With a private FTP server on your own machine, you could simply keep a close eye on uploads, and kick users if they fall out of line! And also make sure uploads can't be accessed by other users without your intervention. It's doable!
  23. Bummer! Mine does.... Oh wait, there's a way to bypass it, if it's just that they're blocking that port number. Just configure the server to use other IP numbers. But of course, if I had to do that I'd get into trouble with my firewall...
  24. Lisa, I couldn't find that particular script up for grabs on that page?
  25. I've got an increase in script kiddie accesses (probes of various kinds) since I moved to TCH. But there are always formmail probes, and occasionally periods with more probes before as well. I just renamed my secure formmail clone to give me some time to move to php. I did get some of these recently: GET /cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.cgi "HEAD /cgi-bin/sentry/admin/admin.cgi?setup HEAD /cgi-bin/form.cgi I also get loads of accesses from worms.
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