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  1. I just found something on shifting the timestamp to the day before, in perl: http://logsoft.com/perltips/122297.html Is it similar in PHP? Edit: Found one for PHP as well: http://no2.php.net/date
  2. Then switch outgoing over to using your ISP's SMTP server instead for the time being.
  3. SMTP server should generally always be the SMTP server for your ISP. It's possible that TCH has a setup for SMTP, but I haven't used it myself.
  4. Set up two different accounts in your mail program, each with the IP number of the server as the POP3 address, instead of the domain name. Works just fine even after the domains have propagated, and lets you collect mail from each in the interim. Oh, and you will get mail coming through your old server weeks from propagation starts. Especially spam.
  5. I look at http://www.webpronews.com/, their newsletter. Quite a lot of speculation, and always updated with the newest rumor about Google. I believe that's where I read about the outgoing links algo change. As for search engine traffic, I'll share mine. This is from May 9 to May 21, the time my site has been on TCH. My site gets hits for hundreds of different keywords, since it's a directory site (among other things). My top search phrase got 328 hits, and top search word got 1233 during that time (for all search engines).
  6. Check incoming and outgoing links. There's been a change in how Google measures good sites. You need outgoing links, AND incoming links. Not necessarily to and from the same sites.
  7. 8747 unique visitors from May 9th until today. 73046 pages, 1.64 GB Manageable... Rustybrick said my rank is 6, predicted drop to 5. But what's really interesting was that some pages from another domain was dropped from Google. But then I added a link to one of those pages from my front page. Instant number 1 in Google for the link text! And that's even though they hadn't cached the page yet! I'm guessing the reason those pages got added to Google in the first place was because I'd had a link, and when I dropped it (thinking they'd do well anyway), they got dropped. Rustybrick also predicted my personal page would go from 5 to 8. Now I'll believe that when I see it...
  8. And show the e-mail address on the page as an image. Not hotlinked, or hotlinked to a form instead of a mailto: link.
  9. Sorry you've been feeling poorly. I haven't noticed anything but an excellent sense of humor (.../s)
  10. Most forums do not get indexed by Google. This site must have a lot of weight in Google for that to happen.
  11. They at least used to have a good rep for dedicated servers. The price for simple webhosting was probably OK a few years ago, but not now. BTW, I found valueweb on epinions, but didn't find Total Choice! Time to shuffle, guys!
  12. One of the actors sent me the address for his new website. I did a whois lookup, and noticed that he seemed to be hosted with Networksolutions or Valueweb. Check both webpages, and saw that the starter webhosting plan was 19.95 a month! Told the guy that maybe he should think about switching hosts. My question is, why would that be a good deal? Naturally I'm biased, since I told him to switch to TCH. But I guess what's REALLY gnawing at me is if Networksolutions is scamming newbies with a high price because they can?
  13. Same thing happens to me, though only spam mails. I think the DNS changes started propagating the 9th, and I still get mail through the old server. Fact of life, I'm afraid. Lots of old data out there.
  14. Some javascript here. Maybe this one is the culprit? MM_reloadPage Maybe someone who's good at javascript should have a look. You're missing the mailto in the contact link. Even so, I'd advise against using straight mailto. You'll get spam...
  15. I've retired two addresses so far, and will retire more if it becomes a problem. Just get a new similar address, and tell all your friends about the new one. Currently I make it more complicated to harvest the address by only displaying the address as an image, and that image is hotlinked to a page with a bigger version image, and a form script you can use to send me mail. But the address is inside the script, not inside the form. Hopefully the spammers won't go through all the trouble and harvest the address. Though I know SOME will manually harvest addresses. Grumble %¤="#(¤ Oh, and when you fail the old addresses, you can put in an address to a page where you've put the new one, so human visitors can find the new address.
  16. In Norway there are lots of people who no longer have land lines. Especially students. A student friend of mine calls out with his cell phone on average 20 minutes a day, based on his last bill! I haven't averaged mine yet, but I'm inching up there too. Call quality is generally very good, unless you live in a concrete building (like I do). And we've got coverage even on some mountain tops! But that's Norway...
  17. I cringe when I see the numbers on my own personal website. Very pitiful. But for my main site I'm very proud to show the numbers. They go up several hundred a day! I think I'll need one with more digits. Can I just alter the code to make that work? Naughty
  18. You could also whitelist the from address in Spam Assassin, just to be on the safe side, after trouble shooting the script.
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    You guys are too much Naughty
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    We can't replicate that, so that might be your computer specifically, or a botched install? format c:/s ??
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    You can put a short cut on the bar beneath the icons and address line. Just grab the favicon (see the address bar, where you find the TCH graphic) and drop it on the bar beneath there. It's also known as the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder (see bookmarks)
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    Thought you would!
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    The neatest thing with the tabbed thing is this: ctrl-t Try it!
  24. Thanks, will be looking forward to that. And yes, I saw that the release was fairly new. I love awstats, haven't used it before. Love webalizer too, BTW. Shucks, love Analog too!
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