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  1. Well, remember that on the long test, I get 5 freebie points for being female, so remember to weight scores against gender. Thomas, what did the extra text say on my test? Mine said something about going either way. I'm sure you could paste the text into here.
  2. Didn't think it went that far down? Bruce, don't be such a wimp! BTW, this one is shorter: http://www.fuali.com/test.aspx?id=103 I scored 34 %, and one of my decidedly non-geek friends scored way more, but for the wrong reasons
  3. I've taken to checking out ping times of different hosts. I thought my old host was OK, but since then I haven't found anyone better than TCH. Sites it's easy to compare with bomb completely by comparison. Bear in mind that I'm in Norway, and that the issue of which sites have better ping times are related to not just how good the datacenter or the machines are, but how good the routing from my ISP is. TCH (which is on a different datacenter), had a ping average of around 135 today, but the tenth failed. My site averaged around 142-143 - which is about the usual My other site on anhosting/midphase was extremely good today. It's usually much worse (up to 180): 152 My old host: 169 Google.com: 203 Someone I know who's on worldnic, usually right under 200, but today: 169 Looks like there's a light load during the middle of the night in the US. The differences are much wilder when the net is roaring at full speed. So, let's just say I'm impressed with TCH!
  4. You should wait for one of the mods or tech guys to answer that.
  5. There is an alternative. Download the program to your own computer. Run the logs through it, then save the resulting files.
  6. Turns out that I'm missing part of the log. For some reason, the logs rolled over an additional time. First the time you guys problably set it to roll over: During the 30th of the month. But then it rolls over again! This time immediately before or on May 31 at 16:50 This is not good, guys! As it is, I'm only missing a a few hours because I had cron jobs set up, but I would have been missing a WHOLE DAY if I hadn't! Please investigate why that happens, and make sure we DO get all the logs.
  7. I see you misunderstood my post. Those reasons I set up there that would make TCH a bad choice for some, are among the reasons I'm here today. I always get an explanation for why something is a good or bad choice in a shared hosting environment. 1) I don't want to be booted off the server for excessive resource usage 2) I don't want the server to slow down because someone else wasn't booted off the server for excessive resource usage. By having these topics explained interactively, I should be OK, and the server should be OK. If I need to know something, there are always someone around to explain or guess for me, before I do something really stupid.
  8. I've had so many trolls on my board, it's easy to recognize them. This is a troll. On the other hand, there are situations where a shared hosting account with TCH isn't the way to go. Those situations would be: 1) when you're looking for ASP hosting (TCH doesn't currently offer windows hosting) 2) when you need a host that will look the other way if you do really large and fast mass mailing. 3) When you insist on certain resource hog software that isn't allowed here, such as Greymatter - on a shared account. 4) When you are planning on setting up a warez site. I'm sure there are other situations. But for me, the best thing about TCH is the forums. They make me confident I can solve problems that another webhost wouldn't help me with. I wouldn't go to helpdesk with some of the stuff I've had help with on the forums. That's not what they're there for. I've seen forums on lots of hosts recently, but they have one or two forum hosts that are active and knowledgeable. On here it seems the really knowledgeable and active customers eventually get promoted to forum moderators. Which means we have plenty of people who LIKES helping newbies. I haven't seen that done on a large scale anywhere else, so far.
  9. The mails get sent whenever there's a new casting call, which happens a few times a week. I doubt that many will subscribe to any other sub-forums. And considering the number of hungry actors out there, I'm close to 40 subscribers after a few weeks, and very few posters apart from me...
  10. I have one sub board in particular that is popular, and will continue to draw people to register. The reason is that they want to subscribe to that board, to get notifications each time there's a new thread. Let's say I end up with 100 of those, and it could even be more. Would I then run into problems with TCH's policy of x number of posts per so and so long?
  11. They just did, and it broke all our custom fail forwarders. See another post about that.
  12. It does work, though you can see I struggled for a while there... Click on the smiley to check it out
  13. I found one that looked like it could be used right out of the box: eBlogger I'm pretty sure that's what I see in action here: h*tp://www.winterburns.co.uk/ I haven't tested it yet. But if you guys know if it's low or high resource usage, I guess that's one answer I'm looking for. BTW Lisa, this is for a different usage/site than the RSS thingy I showed you yesterday. I'm definitely keeping that one!
  14. I've got use for a blog script that can be easily included on the front page of a site. Ideally it shouldn't have comments, because that functionality will be provided by a guestbook. It should acommodate more than one poster, and not be too much of a resource hog. The script will be used as a "what's new" section as a php include in the front page. Do you guys already know about something that would work really well?
  15. I've found that many of the jobs I used to do with shell, can be done with cron jobs. I've used those a whole lot more than I ever anticipated! If you're doing heavy duty testing of scripts you write yourself, maybe you should set up your own Linux box at home. If you've got an old computer somewhere (even an old P1 100 MHz box will do, and even older if it's got a decent size hard drive), you can set it up and use for testing.
  16. I detailed this in a post on cpanel: h*tp://forums.cpanel.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24923 You never know, it might be relevant for someone here too.
  17. I haven't looked at the script yet, but remember one thing: Unless you exempt ONE directory in your home area from that backup, the size of that nightly backup is going to increase exponentially for each time it runs
  18. Main difference: TCH servers will no longer accept mails to failed addresses. The bounces are sent by the SMTP server trying to deliver to TCH. In the past the bounce would be sent by TCH's mail server, with the custom fail message. There's a performance benefit to the receiving server in this, as I understand it. At the same time, where are the bounces sent when the sending address is nonexistent?
  19. Oh, I should say in response to the thread over there: There are addresses I can NOT blackhole. For instance my personal mail address until about a month ago. People still e-mail me, and would get mighty angry with me if I didn't answer. They wouldn't figure out it was retired, because some of them simply don't check my website unless they have to.
  20. I found a thread about this: h*tp://forums.cpanel.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24636&highlight=fail+mail Today, not only did I get funky error messages, but mail didn't even go through until I filed a help desk ticket!
  21. As long as all of it is intact, it's OK. That's unfortunately not the case at anhosting. And... when midnight is in my time zone is completely irrelevant, since the server's time zone won't be affected by that.
  22. It's been happening on Anhosting, and now it happened here. The logs roll over the 30th of the month. Wouldn't it be easier to set it to roll over a few minutes into the 1st of the month? On my server here on TCH, the log rolled over immediately before 30/May/2004:16:35:06
  23. The resulting page is just straight html. I didn't want a high traffic page call out for parsing the RSS file on the fly. That was the point of the whole thing. But all the other pages included in the job are php.
  24. Here's how I pulled the RSS feed into my static HTML file: ------------- File for pulling out only the headlines and links from the RSS from Invision Power board: <?php class xItem { var $xTitle; var $xLink; var $xDescription; } // general vars $sTitle = ""; $sLink = ""; $sDescription = ""; $arItems = array(); $itemCount = 0; // ********* Start User-Defined Vars ************ // rss url goes here $uFile = "http://www.yoursite.com/forum/ssi.php?a=out&f=1,2,3,4,5&show=10&type=rss"; // descriptions (true or false) goes here // font goes here $uFont = "Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"; $uFontSize = "1"; // ********* End User-Defined Vars ************** function startElement($parser, $name, $attrs) { global $curTag; $curTag .= "^$name"; } function endElement($parser, $name) { global $curTag; $caret_pos = strrpos($curTag,'^'); $curTag = substr($curTag,0,$caret_pos); } function characterData($parser, $data) { global $curTag; // get the Channel information first global $sTitle, $sLink, $sDescription; $titleKey = "^RSS^CHANNEL^TITLE"; $linkKey = "^RSS^CHANNEL^LINK"; $descKey = "^RSS^CHANNEL^DESCRIPTION"; if ($curTag == $titleKey) { $sTitle = $data; } elseif ($curTag == $linkKey) { $sLink = $data; } elseif ($curTag == $descKey) { $sDescription = $data; } // now get the items global $arItems, $itemCount; $itemTitleKey = "^RSS^CHANNEL^ITEM^TITLE"; $itemLinkKey = "^RSS^CHANNEL^ITEM^LINK"; $itemDescKey = "^RSS^CHANNEL^ITEM^DESCRIPTION"; if ($curTag == $itemTitleKey) { // make new xItem $arItems[$itemCount] = new xItem(); // set new item object's properties $arItems[$itemCount]->xTitle = $data; } elseif ($curTag == $itemLinkKey) { $arItems[$itemCount]->xLink = $data; } elseif ($curTag == $itemDescKey) { $arItems[$itemCount]->xDescription = $data; // increment item counter $itemCount++; } } // main loop $xml_parser = xml_parser_create(); xml_set_element_handler($xml_parser, "startElement", "endElement"); xml_set_character_data_handler($xml_parser, "characterData"); if (!($fp = fopen($uFile,"r"))) { die ("could not open RSS for input"); } while ($data = fread($fp, 4096)) { if (!xml_parse($xml_parser, $data, feof($fp))) { die(sprintf("XML error: %s at line %d", xml_error_string(xml_get_error_code($xml_parser)), xml_get_current_line_number($xml_parser))); } } xml_parser_free($xml_parser); // write out the items ?> <?php for ($i=0;$i<count($arItems);$i++) { $txItem = $arItems[$i]; ?> <font face = "<?php echo($uFont); ?>" size = "<?php echo($uFontSize); ?>"><a href = "<?php echo($txItem->xLink); ?>"><?php echo($txItem->xTitle); ?></a></font> <?php if ($bDesc) { ?> <font face = "<?php echo($uFont); ?>" size = "<?php echo($uFontSize); ?>"><?php echo ($txItem->xDescription); ?> <?php } echo ("<br>"); } ?> --------- I then pulled apart an ordinary html file, renamed two bits, removed the starting <html> and ending </html> and uploaded the files as php Then it's time to use this script: <html> <?php include("originalfilefragment1.php"); include("simplifiedrss_script.php"); include("originalfilefragment2.php"); ?> </html> ----- And call that file with this cron job: wget -O /home/username/public_html/resultingfile.htm http://www.yoursite.com/scriptforbuildingpage.php How often you want to run the script depends on how much action the forum receives. Don't run it too often. Once every hour or more seldom? ----- One of the scripts came from here. I modified it to output less extraneous information, so it would fit more easily into my page: http://www.wirelessdevnet.com/channels/wap...mlcast_php.html
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