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  1. I saw that. But that's only part of the picture. A friend was in an MGM movie. There were lots of publicity photos from that movie on various websites. They were available to use, for publicity purposes. I could put those photos on my website, and it would be fine. In fact, I probably SHOULD put one of those on the site, I just haven't thought about it. It would promote the DVD, and my site is promotional in nature. So, I'd be within the scope of intended use of those photos. There are also stills given to the actors on different movies. Some are private, others are for publicity for the actor. Including their websites. That said, on some movies the general rule is that the actors are not allowed to use those photos in public until after the movie has premiered (some directors make them sign confidentiality agreements, because they don't want any specifics about the movie to make it into the press until the premiere). But after that they put the photos on their site. I could give you lots of examples of that.
  2. I'll check this question further, when I can get hold of someone who knows this area well enough. I think I know just who to ask. Should probably have gone there first anyway. I'll give you an example from my field, though: A photographer who has sold the copyrights to the client for a particular job, still has the rights to display the resulting photos as self promotion. And that's even though the photographer does not own the copyright. Thought I'd let you know. Copyright law and practice isn't as easy as you might think.
  3. I don't use PHP unless the page calls for it. It uses more server resources. That's not an issue on a small, low traffic site. And I don't sweat it when it's necessary, like on my forum. But I'd rather not use several includes per page in PHP, which is what would happen if I went straight from Frontpage's includes to PHP includes. My site has a lot of traffic, and static pages are an advantage, in my opinion. Also, I'm not sure if my old server even had PHP, so it wasn't even an issue before. EDIT: I don't think it had MySQL, so I never bothered getting into PHP. It might have worked for regular pages, don't know.
  4. With that enterpretation of those rules, that means actors can't have sites on TCH. Which also means a reseller account on TCH would be useless to me. They routinely use material they don't own the copyright to. The thing is, in the biz, there are certain rules. I don't know if they're written down anywhere. Actors use (sparingly) screen captures from their own roles. As far as I know, they don't own the COPYRIGHT of the work in question (I assume that lies with the production company or distributor), but they have a right to display their own work product, I guess you'd say. Any artist normally has the right to display (as self promotion) what they've done, even if the copyright has been sold to someone else. In other words, this question isn't at all as clear as you say.
  5. And don't forget: They don't work in all browsers out of the box! Hate those critters!
  6. Considering this one was produced by MGM in the late Seventies, I doubt they'd even answer a request for permission. Personally, I think a good solution would be to quietly put it online, without any fanfare (ie without saying anything to the fans, causing a download surge), then if there's a problem, immediately removing it. Does that sound OK to TCH?
  7. Navbar? Are you talking about those java buttons? Those are crap! Don't go near them, except that time a client insisted.
  8. Get a link on a well spidered page. The biggest search engines seem to prefer to find new site that way.
  9. What I'm looking for is a way to occasionally run Linux inside a windows box (preferably an older one), without screwing up windows. And in such a way I could also run that statistics program.
  10. I'm in the same predicament you are. I really need some of Frontpage's features, which is why I've stuck with it. I have to use includes. But what if I could use a search and replace program to do the same thing? And would my best move be to upgrade to the latest Frontpage, or just leave it altogether? Remember that I have a site with a few hundred pages, all riddled with includes. Oh, and I started coding in Notepad!
  11. Found it. This is the one: h*tp://awsd.com/scripts/weblog/index.shtml Do NOT run this on TCH! But it's a great script if you want that level of information on your site. Just make sure you set up an old machine, say with Red Hat at home. BTW, my old Linux box is a P100 and has way too small hard drive. I don't even bother running it anymore. And I don't have another machine I could set up like this, I'm using all of them for windows. Do you know of any way I could set up Linux temporarily on a windows machine in order to run THIS program? That's basically the only thing I really want a linux box for these days. Do you think Bochs would be a good solution? And guys, this is why I think that script is so good. The referrer report: h*tp://awsd.com/scripts/log.refs.shtml
  12. I have an official site for an actor on my site. A while ago I made some short video clips from one of his productions. Two clips, about 2 megabyte each. Very tightly edited, focusing only on him. This is an old production, that many have seen but few have on tape. I use it as an acting demo reel, and for the fans. Question is: Since he doesn't technically own the copyright, but it's generally accepted in Hollywood that the actors show their own work like this, can I put these on the site? They are not currently on there, because I haven't had the bandwidth for it in the past.
  13. I do that exact same thing, except not to an IIS server. Put it in a frame that fills the whole screen.
  14. I saw that. How? It barfed, then it was OK, in the space of minutes? You didn't do anything, did you Rick?
  15. My forum barfed, and put up an SQL error. Can you guys give me an idea what I should do when that happens? Click on the smiley to see the error:
  16. What I was referring to was that Google only omits javascript. I couldn't find the white text you were talking about on that site. But you know, Jim. Google is a mystery, and my point was that our theories are just theories unless we can prove them, and there's no OTHER explanation for our theories. And since Google keeps changing things around. It's hard to keep on top of things. Right now my theory is that Google won't return results of file names buried as links under graphics, but I could be proven wrong at any time. I extended that theory to say that Google (logically) doesn't include results in the normal search results that are hidden on pages. But that could be wrong too.
  17. I used to run a stats program on my old server. That worked at the start of the month, but it soon started timing out. At first I couldn't figure it out, but then I realized how resource hungry it was. I moved the program to a Linux box at home, and with a P100 it took over an hour to process my month long log file! So yes, the wrong stats program can cripple a server, and should not be run in a shared environment. I still miss that program (haven't used it in a while), because it gave a breakdown of referrers for EACH page on my site!
  18. I can only tell you my mileage. I still received spam through my old account weeks after I changed over. I had no way to monitor what happened once they removed me from their old zone (if the bad data was part of the reason for the mails going the wrong way), because he terminated my whole account the moment he realized I wasn't going to renew, even though I had MORE than a month left that I'd paid for. Bastard!
  19. Personally, I'm a ctrl-t kind of gal.
  20. I'm not sure your explanation is correct either, but the truth is we're all guessing. The only way to figure it out is to test each assumption. But then Google could change their algo tomorrow, and we'd be messed up again... I did another test. On my main page there's a link to bios1.htm. I did a search for that whole string, and when I ask for pages CONTAINING that page, I get nothing except the page itself.
  21. If you alter them, they become part of a montage, or a composite. The composition is yours, but you're using parts that don't belong to you. I don't remember exactly how copyright is attributed in those cases.
  22. FTP times out so fast, so it's tempting to do it via file manager for troubleshooting purposes....
  23. When you edit files via cpanel's file manager, you have to watch out. I had a script with an equivalent to this string inside: h*tp://www.****/wboard/ssi.php?a=out&f=3,7,10&show=12&type=rss When I opened it up to edit it, some of those characters had been replaced with amp, like this: h*tp://www.****/wboard/ssi.php?a=out&f=3,7,10&show=12&type=rss Not sure what happens when you save the file. I replaced that string, saved it, downloaded the file via FTP, and it seemed to be fine. I can think of situations where this could be a problem, but it's probably limited in scope.
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