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  1. I just reset the DSL modem and it is working now... I can't believe I didn't think of that first.
  2. tracert gave me this result "unable to resolve target system name arizonabass.info" If I follow your thought process then maybe a reset of the DSL modem is something to try. I really can't give you any good information on Lake Mead as I haven't had the pleasure as of yet. Mainly I fish the local lakes and Havasu.
  3. I have a website that I am working on and am experiencing some problems that I am not sure where to start looking. To start, the site is arizonabass.info I have been able to reach the site via FTP and via my browser for over a week now. However, within the last few days, I have been having issues reaching the site via any browser (IE, Netscape & Firefox). However, if I use http://arizonabass.info I can get to the site but of course all the graphics don't show as the are linked to the full URL. Now for the twist, I can go to another PC on the network and I am able to see the site (Full URL) but on yet another system I am NOT able to reach it. Any ideas?
  4. What happens is that the left frame is all links and then the rightside of the page says it was unable to login and you just have to click on login.... I do allow cookies too. This is only since the disk replacement. Was Horde upgraded since?
  5. Ever since the hard drive was replaced on Server 65, Horde has changed to a version that has frames and most of the time you have to login twice to get it to work. I did a help and then about and here is what I got: This is Imp H3 (4.0). ====================== IMP Development Team ====================== :Last update: $Date: 2004/12/07 13:42:56 $ :Revision: $Revision: 1.83 $ :Contact: imp@lists.horde.org Is this an old version? If so, will it be upgraded soon? If I need to create a support ticket I will, but just thought I would ask to see if you had a quick answer.
  6. Earlier in the week, Server 65's hard drive died and the TCH crew really had to bust butt to get it back online. I realize many of us (me included) were upset and probably posted a few unkind words. I would like to tell everyone that the TCH crew did a great job in restoring the hadr drive and files as quick as humanly possible, and I appreciate the hours it took to get it done. Thanks for a job well done.
  7. I had tried using 8025 as I had to do this in a previous configuration. However, I will give port 26 a try when I get home.
  8. I have searched, and was unable to find an identical problem to mine so here goes. I have a reseller account, and set up three e-mail accounts on it, I then configured Outlook to retrieve them from home. Here is the problem; when I try to send, I get an error saying it was unable to connect to server. Next, I tried one of my clients accounts, and same problem. Is there something special with your SMTP configuration?
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