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  1. Why didnt I read the TCH tutorial before I was attempting to run gallery w/o securing it. Gallery is so hard to configure! I played a lot with the css and albums.php to make it look better. http://snaps.wlkr.net how does it look?
  2. Can I prevent someone from accessing the subdomain as a folder from the main domain? i.e. force people to use http://abc.xyz.com instead of http://www.xyz.com/abc Also, is there a difference in subdomain stats in the above two cases.
  3. Easier way to make adobe faster: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=11041 Just delete everything except 3 plugins!
  4. vfwlkr


    If things like flash/java/adobe/ dont work for you in firefox, head over to plugindoc http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/
  5. How do I know whether or not I was added?
  6. Add me to the 'waiting for firefox to show up in stats' list. firefox rocks
  7. The second one still gives me a popup: /images/ggmail.jpg not found. Very strange.
  8. This is very strange: I can access: http://www.wlkr.net/weblog/images/ggmail.jpg but not: http://weblog.wlkr.net/images/ggmail.jpg Its not a DNS problem, as I can access all of these http://www.wlkr.net/weblog/images/ http://weblog.wlkr.net/images/ http://www.wlkr.net/weblog/images/gmail.jpg http://weblog.wlkr.net/images/gmail.jpg What could be wrong?
  9. 1. Your URL http://www.wlkr.net 2. The name of your site. Wlkr.Net 3. Give a brief description of your site Collection of Mozilla firefox resources and two blogs. 4. Please acknowledge that you have a link back to TotalChoice Hosting Yes, on the index page.
  10. I'm not really looking for php/mysql based solutions. More like some offline software that creates html wrappers and images for upload.
  11. Hi, I'm looking to upload my digital photographs to my new website Any recommendations for a free photo album software?
  12. Hi, My name is Nitin and I've switched back to MS office after trying OOo.1.1 ;-)
  13. Hi, I moved some of my files around, and want to create a symbolic link from old location to the new one. Can I do this from cpanel?
  14. Thanks, will give it a shot I installed it with mysql, but as per MT instructions. Didnt know of TCH instructions then
  15. Regarding the add-to-family rule about linking to TCH: Is it ok to add a link back to TCH from a subdomain which is more popular than the main index. I ask this because my main index page detects internet explorer and asks users to upgrade their browser
  16. Add mine earlier during the day. 96% approval rating is amazing! I doubt any product on download.com can ever get something like that.
  17. Hello everyone, I've installed MT at put_your_domain.net/test/movabletype and now wish to make it simpler put_your_domain.net/mt/ Is it sufficient to move the folder and change mt.cfg accordingly, or do I need to rerun mt-load.cgi. Do I need to be careful about not losing blog data? thanks in advance.
  18. If you're using MT, its probably already creating a file called index.rdf in your blog directory.
  19. Try two things: a) Uninstall Adobe Reader 6.0 and insteall 6.0.1 instead Disable all the extra plugins not needed. http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=20055
  20. How about this [hpshopping.com]
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