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  1. djk

    Lovely Rita?

    I never understood hurricanes until 2 Cat2's passed close by my hometown about a year ago. Roughly 3 weeks apart. I would not wish that on anyone. But these storms do have paths and I was musing on the path of Rita. People say they understand the plight of hurricane victims, but the best teacher is experience. There was not anything political in my comment.
  2. djk

    Lovely Rita?

    maybe it will level crawford, tx on it's path. who knows? anyway that guy in baton rouge for katrina should experience an even stronger storm with rita if it hits at Galveston as they say. the right side of this counter-clockwise storms are stronger than the left and BR will be at about the same distance, just on the wrong side this time. this one looks about 25% larger on the radar than katrina. good luck to everybody in the wrong place, so to speak.
  3. I read Katrina took a 15 mile jog to the right just before NO, Your mom must have significant prayer power, nothing else comes to mind on what saved BR, but I'm happy that you and yours did make out OK. As far as the power goes, my experience is, it comes back on when it does. The estimates or projections mean nothing to your specific households. Enjoy the experience. If it is anything like the 2 that hit Cocoa last year around this time it is a real learning experience. Good luck. And God Bless NO, that is really sad.
  4. djk

    Free Opera!

    nice deal, I've been using Opera since 1997, my Version 8 cost me 15 bucks. I hope those that get the free deal qualify for the update prices down the road.
  5. godspeed curtis. pardon the expression but, you have huge gonzos, ( rough translation:balls) keep a diary personally, I think the big easy and surrounding area will become a large toxic pond of death. but, hey what is a chance for adventure for. enjoy
  6. I went through 2 last year and they were only 1/3 the size of what you are facing and both were just a lot of trouble, for WEEKS after they hit. Forget about what your mom and kids want to do and just pack it all in and just everyone leave. I'm sure your messages today and early tomorrow will be the last for a while, as your ability to do anything in that area will be very diminished. This thing has the potential to level most everthing in your area. Katrina is huge, man. You need to respect the fact that mother nature is about to alter the course of your families life. Leave.
  7. good luck, curtis. to you and your family. this one is not going to be easy. for at least a month to come if it hits near you. you might as well leave if you still can cause I doubt you'll be able to live in the area for a while, unless you are in survival living.
  8. Just as a side note, whenever there is a link offered and I go there I look around to get a feel about what's up with a site, if you go to the Home page and click on News & Info, the latest news is dated August 1, 2004. That's 9 months. But thanks for the link. Anybody at TCH using this?
  9. yeah, I did a new domain last week and it was near instant for me. I registered the domain. I set up the account. It was there. I was surprised. I realize not all DNS servers update at the same rate, but I was able to FTP the index.html file using the domain name/username/password roughly 10 minutes after I registered the domain via bulkregister and set up the account via WHM.
  10. using phpMyAdmin to backup my database I select the database I want to back up. I checked Structure,and under Structure Add DROP TABLE, Add IF NOT EXISTS, Add AUTO_INCREMENT value, ENCLOSE table and field names with backquotes I checked Data, and under Data, Complete Inserts, Use hexadecimal for binary fields, Export type was INSERT I checked Save as File Under Compression I selected none. Hit Go and downloaded the file. At my old host I had shell access and used MySQL commands so please tell me if this formula I used is proper as it is a new experience to use phpMYAdmin. Another question I have is on the home page under Create new databases it has in red "X No Priviledges", but below that if I click on Databases it seems I can create a new one as the option is there. Am I missing something here? Thanks for any help. By the way I did searches, but I'm mostly interested in if this exact series of steps will create a proper database or if I need to add or drop certain options. Again, thanks for any pointers.
  11. djk

    Great News!

    latest I've read is it has been pushed back at least a day, May 15th is 50/50, but they have until the 1st week in June.
  12. and to add to this, if you do the process known as "slipstreaming" you'll get an even cleaner XP. google "slipstream xp" or go here http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windo..._slipstream.asp
  13. there may be a problem here is the virus or worm is partition or master boot record based. But if it seems to be OK, then obviously that was not the type of problem you had.
  14. one more thing to consider is that Thunderbird has an awesome trainable spam scanner, Pegasus was a series of manual rules.
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