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  1. Kewl! Thanks for the info!!! Weezy
  2. Added my fifty cents I think you will be able to guess my review when you see it. LOL! Weezy
  3. Why horses of Course I also like Dogs LOL! Photography, and travelling too.
  4. Hi T! Welcome to the forums! Here is some help for you for FTP FTP hostaddress www.yoursite.com Ftp user name you@yoursite.com Ftp password your cpanel password
  5. HA HA, of course we will be. Don't remember signing the adoption papers? Thanks We can do anything we set our mind too Thanks Steve
  6. I just paid my most recent invoice and I see I have been here for one whole year! Wowieeee! Everyone has said it all about TCH, but I think the best thing I can say, is thank you for helping my business grow! I owe so much to TCH, for all their help & support, to this forum especially! You are all a huge awesome sounding board! I really love the techies esp. They are just awesome and no question is ever dumb! My goal for this year is to get 10 more clients and move to a dedicated server. TCH has really helped me reach my web goals, so I know this one is within reach! Thanks again TCH!!! Weezy
  7. Welcome to the forums! I sure agree with this Hosting will always present problems. It's what people do about those problems that makes the difference. Weezy
  8. Oh my. This could be vedddy interesting. Weezy
  9. Hey, I will ponder this & think of something for you. Can it be animated? Weezy
  10. OMG You think I can do that? WOW, that's giving me alot of credit!!! I am a when it comes to PHP! Weezy
  11. I wonder if a person can load a skin for a different version of Invision board? LOL I found a kewl orange skin, but its a different format? Weezy
  12. What kind of banner do you need? Maybe we could all help you brainstorm? Weezy
  13. http://www.invisionskins.com/ Is a great site in case anyone is looking in the future. (one that Thomas mentioned) Weezy
  14. I just installed another gallery and you have to see the kewl colours! http://hoofprints.ca./photos/index.php Weezy
  15. Hey Steve! That is interesting info, I will have to investigate PHP more. Weezy
  16. Hey Steve, Is there an advantage to coding in PHP? Weezy
  17. Those are all super ideas (THANKS!!!), but I don't think frontpage supports PHP and that is what I build with Weezy
  18. OK I have to show you what I did - so you know what I was talking about. This site is NOT done, this is not a chance to critique it. LOL!!! http://www.whoahorse.com/JKL/ Weezy
  19. Are your cookies really full? Weezy
  20. Oh that is called buyroses.htm, bringchocolates.jpg and bigkisses.php Weezy
  21. This is called Forumfix. Its only found at TCH Forum. It seems as soon as you take the time to write out the problem forumfix waves its magic wand and all is well. Enjoy Forumfix Weezy
  22. Thanks! Great info! Weezy
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