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  1. Awesome Weezy!!!

    Keep submitting them - enough will get in to make you famous - or at least give you enough cash to buy some film for your digital camera :thumbup:


    The money's not as cool as having them accept your photos though.  Congrats!


    Totally JIM! I am just excited they thought my photo and scanning was up to snuff :D All the horsey photos I have and they take the woofie one. LOL!


    Well done, Weezy. :P


    Thanks Thomas! Your support is never ending!



  2. Thanks Don! I am pretty proud of myself. LOL!


    Some of the photos I submitted got declined as well because they have way too many of them already.. ie.. butterflys. LOL



  3. YAY!


    Rick fixed my problem.


    For reference, this is what was wrong.


    I made one change to your config.php file to change the path to Image::Magick to /usr/local/bin/ instead of /usr/bin.





  4. Hi Tom!


    This is what I got after I put it in debug mode and tried to upload...


    Processing status...


    - Adding josphotos25a.jpg

    Resizing/compressing original image

    No resizing required

    File /home/jodi/public_html/albums/album04/josphotos25a.jpg type 2.





    '/usr/bin/convert' -quality 90 -size 150x150 +profile '*' '/home/jodi/public_html/albums/album04/josphotos25a.jpg' -geometry 150x150 '/home/jodi/public_html/albums/album04/josphotos25a.thumb.jpg'





    Error messages::

    sh: line 1: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory



    Status: 127 (expected 0)

    Error: Unable to make thumbnail (0)!

    Need help? Look in the Gallery FAQ No email sent as no valid email addresses were found

  5. Yeah, despite my earlier comment, there are definite benefits to having the copyright symbol on the page. I was irritated about something else entirely and I think it came out unintentionally in my post--sorry, that was way more confrontational than I meant it to be.


    I think images are actually easier to protect than text, simply because they can be watermarked. And I like Weezy's comment about auto-advertising!




    I did load some photos at one of those stock photo places but I have not heard back yet - yay or nay, it did say that it could take up to 40 hours for a decision. LOL



  6. I had a contract with an old fashioned stock photo agency for years. It's hard to get in, but it's real money if you sell.


    I never checked out online agencies, though.


    Annie your photos are amazing!


    I esp love this one that you took, great capture Annie!





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