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  1. turtle - nope, i didn't receive one alan - thanks
  2. For some odd reason I can't login to the help desk area..it says the username is invalid..?
  3. ahh sorry, www.clanfmc.com im on server 6
  4. I'm having some problems receiving emails w/ my TCH account...the problem started happening at about the time CPanel v7.0 was installed and then was reverted back to v6.5. I've tried emailing myself through severel other email accounts (hotmail, yahoo, isp email account..) and I never receive the emails. I don't get any errors or anything...I just dont receive them. Also..this might not be relevant...but when CPanel was reverted back...it caused some errors in my email filter list and if im not mistaken...added a second inbox to NeoMail (I already fixed the former btw..)
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