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  1. Do you think I need one for getting my network working?


    I should have also mentioned I'm only on dialup (well 64k ISDN) cause we are too far from our exchange to get broadband/ADSL :dance:. Will a router still work with dialup?

  2. I must add that the laptops appear to connect to the wireless network fine, (ie it says its connected, shows the name of the network and signal strength etc) but it can't find any other computers, it just does those 3 things i mentioned in my first post.

  3. Cheers HC, to be honest I had never actauly considered a router as I never knew what one was really. But from the sounds of things it does seem that I may need one. So what exactly are they and what do they do?


    I still don't understand how sometimes my network works and sometimes it doesn't, just seems very strange to me. :S

  4. I'm having a terrible time trying to get my home network to work, heres what I have:


    one main PC with internet access and wireless PCI card

    a second PC joined to the main PC with a crossover ethernet cable

    and 2 laptops both with wireless PC cards


    All run Windows XP Pro appart from one of the laptops which is on XP Home.


    So I'm trying to get the other PC and the 2 laptops to connect to the main PC and share its internet connection.


    All the hardware is working properly because they have all at one point or another succefully used the internet connection of the main PC over the network.


    But they are now all doing strange things:


    Supposidly I should just have to run the "Network Setup Wizard" on the main PC and then on all the other machines and it should work. But it don't. When I go to "View workgroup Computers" on one of the other computers I does 1 of 3 things:


    1- just displays no computers atall

    2- only displays the current local machine

    3- Comes up with a message saying "Mshome is not accsessible. You might not have permissions to use this resource. Contact the administrator of this server to see if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroups is not currently available" Mad!!!


    (I've made sure they all the the same workgroup name)


    I just keep getting more and more frustrated trying to fix it!!


    Has anyone any ideas what could be wrong? :dance:




  5. I'm trying to find the "Super-Fast User Switcher" a Windows XP Powertoy that allows you to switch users by just pressing WindowsKey +Q. I used to have it but had to redo my system, and Microsoft is not supporting it anymore for some reason.


    Can anyone help?




  6. I'm afraid the only way I can see of doing it is to create a table 800pix wide with 3 columns. Then set the bg for the left and right columns and put your content in the middle column.


    That is presuming that you wish to have the pattern at each side of your content. If you'd just like the pattern to the left, you could either do the same but with only 2 colums or just increase your background images's width to have more white on the right hand side so it does not repeat itself so early.


    Hope that helps, if you don't understand what I mean let me know and I'll make a couple of pages for you to show ya.



  7. Hi Rob, yeh they work well apart from if someone knows the address of the page they can get to it directly without the username or password. Thats why I like the idea of the .htaccess thing. If you have a chance it would be cool if you could have a look at the .htaccess way of sending a user to their own page. If it looks too complicated then it doesn't matter, and thank you for all your help.



  8. I've searched all through the User authentication section of hotscripts.com and there are hundred of scripts to have lots of users able to login to a 'members area', but I can't find any which go to a different page depending on the user.


    Can anyone help me with this?




  9. Cheers Rob, that looks exactly what I'm after, but I'm not 100% sure how to use it. I've setup a directory *****/users under which there is a seperate folder for each user with the same name as that user. I've protected /users in Cpanel and added the usernames and passwords, now I presume I have to add something to the .htaccess file in /users but I'm not sure what. Any idea?




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