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  1. This is for someone who knows about the different types of CPUs!:


    Just wondering what the AMD Athlon equivalent is of an Intel Pentium 4 2.66Ghz? (roughly)


    Was looking at the AMD Athlon XP 3000+ but apparently its only 2.1Ghz? I know that the 3000+ doesn't relate to the Ghz in AMDs now, but I thought a 3000+ would still be faster than a P4 2.6?




  2. I wear a size 14 Dress Shoe and mostly a size 15 in sneakers.




    Well at least I'm not the only one here with big feet! I don't feel so out of place now. So do you still find it a problem to find big shoes over in the States Bill? I have to get all my shoes mail order.


    Trying to find a pair of SPD cycling shoes at the moment, but having terrible trouble, just discovered that the Shimano UK importer only goes up to EU 48, I'm a 49!

  3. I am started to get so frustrated at how hard it is for me to find decent shoes in my size (UK13 (US 13.5)) that I thought I'd start a poll to find out if I really am in a small minority of people.


    The sizes are in US shoe sizes to make things easier, you can use THIS chart to convert your size.


    Just choose the closest size for you if you are a 1/2 size.


    Really interested in the results!




  4. Ah, didn't realise, there was a Firefox extension available for that!


    You don't have to use the IE engine atall if u don't want to, it even warns you when you switch that there may be some security problems if ur using IE. However, I had no choice but to use IE for my internet banking, now can view everything in the same browser which I like.


    But I spose only time will tell what happens to this browser, in my eyes its the perfect mix between the good things of Firefox and IE + more!

  5. I know what you're all thinking, there may well be a new version of netscape out, but surly it can't beat Firefox, well you may well be both wrong and right, because the New version of Netscape (version 8 BETA) is actually based on firefox.


    Appart from the very smooth skin, all the dialogue boxes are practically identical to Firefox's, even the preferences window is the same (with more options however!). From the looks of it I think you can even use Firefox extensions on it!


    I've only been using it for a few hours but already I like it, its currently going to be my replacement for Firefox.


    But are there any advantages over Firefox, I hear you ask?




    If you find a page is not displaying properly, such as an IE designed page, or a banking page you can click a button and it will switch to using the IE rendering engine for that page!! So now I have the best of Firefox and IE in 1 browser!!


    It is extremly security concious, with customiseable levels which can be set for each site. And a very cool, password manager which if u want can not just fill in your username and password but alsoe automatically log you in if you wish.


    I'd suggest you give it a try, I'm yet to find any disadvantages over firefox itself.


    There's an artical on it here: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/70035/netscape...ompetition.html


    And it can be downloaded from:



    Let me know, what you's think, is Netscape back for good?



  6. Hey BellaAna,


    The general way formmailers work is you just create your form in dreamweaver, copy the formmail.php file into your web space, and make the action of the form in dreamweaver point to the PHP file.


    Ususally there will be some variables for you to change by editing the PHP file before you upload it. Ususally it will tell you what to change in the comments of the PHP file itself.


    Different formail scripts may also require certain names of your e-mail from, subject, name fields etc. It should tell u in the documentation and possibly the PHP file what these name should be.


    Hope that helps you to understand a bit more how they work!



  7. I think the orange text in the top right looks a bit out of scheme as nothing else is orange, the text would be better off blue.


    Also the TCH logo image in the top left is squashed, its not being dispayed at its full size and this can be seen by the distortion on the text and the circles.


    I think the yellowy-green line on the very left of the logo image looks like a mistake (I know it isn't) but it looks like the spacing is out.


    Appart from that, good job!!!

  8. Well I've found a solution to my problem, here's my code:


    >RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^index\.php$ /home/phptest/public_html/index.php?page=welcome [L]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/site.php
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /home/phptest/public_html/site.php?page=$1 [L]


    Basically what it does is this:

    I have a template file called site.php - this just contains the page layout and a php include for $page where the content should be.


    Putting the above code in the htaccess file means I can use urls like www.****/contact.php instead of www.****/index.php?page=contact which search engines don't like.




    Try putting a $ after (.*) to make this:


    >RewriteEngine on
      RewriteRule ^/view_item/(.*)$ /store/item_id=$1 [L]


    If that doesn't work please let me know exactly what you are trying to achieve and I will see what I can do.



  9. For quite a while now when I go to http://www.download.com on my laptop it looks like this: http://www.pswd.biz/downloadcomproblem.gif - Nearly all the images do not load and the CSS stylesheet appears to not be loaded. The page loads perfectly on my PC so I did some investigating (here comes detective purplespider again!)


    I discovered that the images which did not load and the CSS stylesheet which didn't load were located at http://i.i.com.com which seems a strange address but I then worked out by going to http://www.com.com that cnet owns www.com.com.


    If I go to http://i.i.com.com it rather bizzarly points to the root dir of my Apache web sever which I have running. So does http://adlog.com.com which seems to be a subdomain that cnet uses for adverts.


    This happens in both Firefox, Mozilla and IE.


    I've tried turning the web server service off but then I just get a "The page cannot be displayed" when trying i.i.com.com


    So has anyone got any ideas why this is happening?? I can't figure it out!!




  10. I'm sorry I can't suggest where to get one from, as I'm in the UK, but I can say that you can't really go wrong choosing a CD-ROM drive, it sounds like the cheapest one you can find will be adequate for yourself.


    And as they are very simple to install I'd go for an OEM version. Thats basically just the drive in a brown box, without all the retail packaging or cables, which you won't need if you are just replacing your old drive.


    Hope that help a bit,


  11. Nah, PC guy me. Was completely anti-mac until I was forced to use one for a week for a film competition, since then though the only thing stopping me using them more is compatibility issues with popular programs and the fact the PCs are much more widespread. If everyone used Macs then great, but unfortunately that's not the case.



  12. Ooo, thats not right.


    It says that the number of points required for an email to be marked as spam is 0!! That means that all e-mail will be marked as spam if that is the case.


    Go into Cpanel and make sure that the required_hits field in the spam assassin settings is set to something like 5.


    Thats weird its set to 0 though!



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