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  1. >>>

    I've encountered the same thorny problem. What happens is that the hosting company decided to use something like mod_security to deflect possible spam-tainted data before it reaches the Apache server. Problem is, when people have a list of ban words and try to update WP's options (../wp-admin/options.php), mod_security sees that list and thinks it's spam-tainted. This occurs even when you're not trying to change the blacklisted words, because the form sends out all the data including the list. Deleting the list should solve the problem but at the cost of bloggers not having control over what to ban.





    Ok, I deleted my common spam words from the Options>Discussion panel, and I was able to update.


    As far as SpamKarma goes, my use in the past supposedly caused my server here to crash so I've disabled it. Has that issue been fixed? I've upgraded to WP 1.5 now.


    Thanks for all your help.

  2. First, I'd like to apologize if this is the 'wrong' area to post this question.


    I have one or two young people that hotlink to an image on my site for use in online chat/bulletin boards. I changed the graphic they receive to something other than they are looking for. But they continue to hotlink anyway.


    I believe that you can block certain sites (ip addresses) from your site, is that correct? As it is from these two bulletin board/chat isites can I just block those specific sites from accessing my site? And if so how does one go about doing such a thing?


    As I have mentioned in another post/question, please feel free to treat me like an 'idiot' java script:emoticon(';)') and be as descriptive as possible in your reply- unless of course the answer is 'no.' java script:emoticon(':goof:')


    I'm in the process of researching/writing my MA thesis and I'm pretty fried. Any cognitive ability outside of that needed for the thesis is missing from my life at the moment.java script:emoticon(':rolleyes:') edit: see how fried I am - can't even figure out how to implement those *bloody* smilies.


    thanks for your consideration and assistance.


    Respect & peace!



  3. I've tried searching, and this may be an obvious question, but I want to make sure that I do it correctly.


    I would like to backup my databases (of my blog). I assume that I use phpMyAdmin, and I was thinking that I would use 'export'. But once I get to that screen I'm a bit lost.


    I would (again) assume that I would 'select all' regarding the data, but I am not sure about the steps from that point on. In what format would I export?


    I would like to be able to backup my web log database more frequently as that is the core of my blog & site rather than a full site backup. But I want to make sure that I do it properly so if anything ever happened, I could restore everything. Most of the other parts of my site I have a local copy on my computer anyways.


    Please feel free to treat me like an 'idiot' in your response java script:emoticon(':rolleyes:') as the more detailed you are the more comfortable I will be.


    Thanks for your consideration. I hope that I posted this question in the correct area.


    As far as my system goes, I uses a Mac 17" powerbook.


    William :goof:

  4. Grew up commercial fishing. I do more flyfishing than anything else. But unfortunately that hasn't been happening all that regularly the last two years. But I've finished all my coursework for my MA, and 'only' have my thesis left to write. I think I will be justifying a few fishing days to take a well-deserved 'break' and clear the mind.

  5. Congrats! And the Tigers won! I'm really happy to see their turnaround this year.


    I still remember my first visit to Fenway.


    I'm a diehard Red Sox fan (it's obvious when you visit my site. I think the largest number of posts deal with the Sox).


    I hope your son enjoyed the game.

  6. Jeani, my wife, demonstrating the beauty of an Apple laptop with Airport Extreme wireless connection. Portability is incredible. We truly work everywhere. I have been in our backyard updating my 'blog' all morning.


    our%20office.jpg our%20office%20in%20bloom.jpg our%20office%202.jpg




    Sorry the screen isn't more visible, but (hopefully) you can see the site.


    Oh yeah, you can see Lacey in one of the shots if you look closely. :P



  7. I too, would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the effort and consideration given by TCH. It keeps getting better and better.


    I am currently using Wordpress for my blog, which I believe is an extension/continuation/replacement of b2 ?!?


    You can check out my site, as I am still using the original template.




    & I just installed gallery with the help of your tutorial last night. Even though the tutorial is for a slightly older version of gallery, it was SO HELPFUL.


    To have it auto install would be incredible.


    I am not sure I will actually be using Gallery unless I can figure out how to change the layout/design/graphics (hint,hint I am looking for hints... :shutup: )


    Again, everything you are proposing would be incredible & very welcome.



  8. Went to sign it - clicked the link provided (Using Safari) and got this:


    Safari can't verify the identity of the website "www.recallverisign.com".


    The certificate for this website is invalid. You might be connecting to a website that is pretending to be “www.recallverisign.com” which could put your confidential information at risk. Would you like to connect to the website anyway?



    Then I opened it with IE 5.2.3 for Mac, and no problem reported. Any ideas?


    I'd like to post a link on my blog. Thanx!



  9. I have only been with TCH for the past week or so, but i can honestly say that it has been one of my best decisions. Thanx again.


    Well that didn't exactly work the first time! ;)


    Thanks once again.

  10. Hi,


    I need to know how I indicate the 'real path' for the program I use in creating my blog. This is the text from the program:


    "enter the real path of the directory where you'll upload the pictures if you're unsure about what your real path is, please ask your host's support staff note that the directory must be writable by the webserver (chmod 766) note for windows-servers us"


    Any help is appreciated, and/or directions to where I could find the answer.


    Thank you.



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