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  1. Mega sites like that are not hosted in one location. Content is cached in servers all over the world, close to the internet backbone. A commercial service like Akamai can do that for you. Putting all that traffic to one physical bottleneck is too risky. There are some articles on Google data centers, they are fascinating to read (at least the ones that have real details).
  2. Sorry, my post was not clear. I understand about the AOL and Comcast forwarding situation. A few times now I have set up a set of forwarders to my family. I believe I kept all of the AOL ones out, and all of my forwarders disappeared. While I mentioned the "no warning" aspect in my post, what i was really trying to clarify is whether all 10 forwarders would disappear as mine did. So my poor wording diverted the intent of my question.
  3. This is very annoying. I have had forwards disappear several times now. Can you clarify the expected behavior? If I have 10 forwarders and 1 of them forwards to AOL, should I expect all 10 to simply disappear with no warning? And ONLY Comcast and AOL are the domains affected? Not Google, Yahoo or EarthLink? Thank you, R.
  4. Here is my Spam Assassin Config: bayes_auto_learn 1 bayes_auto_learn_threshold_nonspam 0.1 bayes_auto_learn_threshold_spam 8.0 required_score 4 rewrite_header subject **SPAM** (_HITS_) score BAYES_99 2.5 score BAYES_00 0.0 use_bayes 1 Once you put these into your config file, they then show up within cPanel for configuration. A couple notes: bayes_auto_learn 1 -- Turns on auto learn, might be on by default. bayes_auto_learn_threshold_nonspam 0.1 --- this is the highest score of sending non-spam into the auto learner. By inspection, I saw a lot of Spam w/ s
  5. Back to the original topic, I have had forwarders disappear at least twice. I have Blogger notify me of our family blog and then I forward that out to several other email addresses. The forwarders disappeared. I put them back and now they are gone again. Very frustrating.
  6. Hi TCH guru's.... Kathy is my sister and I have been trying to help her troubleshoot. I am the account holder of the reseller account and she is one of my customers. It seems the bandwidth "of record", i.e. that which tells her she is "over her limit" is what I see in my resellers panel, but in her AWstats it is a lower number. How do these two relate? For example, in WHM her bandwith used is 1.04 Gig but in her AWstats it shows 415 MB. Does the AWstats exclude some traffic? EDIT: let me correct that.... I noticed there is Traffic Viewed and Traffic Not Viewed in AWstat
  7. Replying to my own message.... Can someone point me to more resources on using Spam Assassin here at TCH. I would like to customize the filter. Is that possible with the way SA is implemented at TCH? Thanks!
  8. Nortk got it exactly right, i had trouble with my initial upload of the files. I did not know you could extract through cPanel, so I learned something there too! Thanks for those who posted, I just wanted to post this follow up as a thank you. I was out of town for two weeks and couldnt reply before. I did get it running here though: http://www.gadgetboygenius.com/gallery2/main.php Rob.
  9. Hello, i saw one person at least had installed Gallery2. When I execture the install/index.php I just get a blank screen, it doesn't even start the Install process. Does anyone have an idea of why it would not run? I have checked file persmissions on the install gallery and bumped them to 777 just to be sure that was not the issue.
  10. Did this ever get done? I would be quite interested. Also, there seems to be a Spam Assassin feature where you can create an IMAP folder called LearnAsSpam, and if any spam slips by, you put it in there and spam assassin checks in there periodically and learns from it. http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/Single...28user_prefs%29 I can't help but feel like I am not getting the most out of SA, but I am not sure how to crank it up! Any pointers appreciated!
  11. Thank you for confirming not safe mode. The error message is: Warning: fopen(/home/robok/public_html/albums/albumdb.dat.lock) [function.fopen]: failed to create stream: Permission denied in /home/robok/public_html/gallery/platform/fs_unix.php on line 53 Error: Could not open lock file (/home/robok/public_html/albums/albumdb.dat.lock)! at the top of every page. Someone running a gallery with me has checked persmissions and thinks they are fine, I will double check. I did not mean to raise alarms -- am just sensitive on this topic. I have not changed any code or a
  12. Did you change PHP to be running in Safe Mode? I run Gallery and now get all kinds of permission errors. This was the specific reason I came to this host, I will be very upset if that is the case. I will research work arounds.
  13. I have not been around the web page layout world in a while... any recommendations on a small, clean package. Graphical based (not html coding), but results in tight, clean HTML. If not recommendations, a good site that does reviews. I think i will ge going with Moveable Type for blog/posting and want a tool to do design work for that. Thanks, R.
  14. Do you have someone trusted back here that you could appoint as your admin. They could log on and then change stuff for you. FWIW, i cannot access cPanel from work, only from home. If anyone knows a work around to that problem let me know.
  15. i dont even have a link for AW stats!!! where can i get to it to check it out? Would it be called AWstats on cPanel? (i did a search on "aw" and it only found the word "raw").
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