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  1. We have addressed this same issue recently: Problems With Backlinks, mystery site linking back to me


    As you can see from that post there is some confusion to 'referring sites'. It should be a site that actually has a link on that page to your site. This could consist of a direct link or hot link to content (e.g. image). From what you and others are saying, they do not 'see' such a link.


    A thought: have you checked your 404 errors? If the domains correspond, this could explain what you are seeing.


    ... would they hurt any ranking we have for concrete/manufacturing?



  2. Jeff:


    We have added 'Tornado Central' to our Extended Family - Nonprofit and Informational Sites :dance:



    SEO Thoughts:


    1. First and foremost, I am not crazy about frames... well let me be more blunt, I do not like frames (remember, I am only speaking in terms of SEO).


    2. You are in Google's index Thumbs Up


    3. You only have three relevant backlinks (well four when Google picks-up the one I just added on the TCH family page). You need to get more pages to link to your home page.


    4. You have 9 pages indexed; How many pages are in the site?


    5. Your <title> should be the first line after <head>


    6. How about:

    <title>Tornado Central - storm chaser Jeff Snyder</title>


    7. How about:

    <meta name="description" content="Tornado Central by storm chaser Jeff Snyder includes photos, videos, and documentation of various storm chases.">


    8. Use alt tags on all you images (setting height and width too).


    9. Use Title tags and meta tags on all your frames.


    10. Looks like you may have some duplicate and empty tags on mainframe.shtml... I would clean up the html.


    Hope this helps.

  3. DarqFlare:


    Yes, a permanent link would be greatly appreciated.



    As to omgn and your previous words:

    I don't think it is, but I have to go through and reconfigure all of my keywords now. They were "online multiplayer games, multiplayer gaming, online gaming" but that could be considered spamming now because games and gaming are variations of the same word... I had it setup like that to help my "gaming" boost, because "games" is where the focal search of my website is.


    I want to make sure you understand: when analyzing your page, a spider will consider all variations (and in some cases synonyms) of each word within a phrase. Looks like multiplayer and online are 'unique'. However you must now consider game, gaming, gamers, and games. Maybe this example will help clarify:


    Let us say that the term 'game' has a density of 2% (you use it 4 times and you have 200 total words; not including stop words). You also have 'gaming' at 6%, gamers at 1% and games at 3%. With the new algo, any search phrase using any of these 'game' derivatives will consider all of them when looking at density. Thus you will have a keyword density of 12%.


    Thus, be sure to not overuse the 'game' derivates. I would also recommend using all derivatives throughout your page.


    Hope this helps.

  4. I was refering to page hits...

    Bill, so was I.


    The phrase 'page hit' has been used for a long time and is quite misleading. A 'page hit' or really a 'hit' consists of a single request from a browser to a server. Thus if a given page has an html file and three gif files then it would require four 'hits' or 'page hits' to display the page. Therefore page hit data can be very misleading.


    In your example, each time the browser requests an image it is recorded as a 'hit'.


    I hope that makes sense.

  5. Darqflare:



    Well I was about to give you some (more) pointers but when looking at your site I noticed that a nice text link back to TCH was missing :D


    Hmm... and I checked, we are still linking to you on our family members page :huh:


    I feel we give so much (not me but TCH) here and ask for so little, maybe a permanent link to TCH on your home page would be in order? ;)

  6. I have quit putting too much stock in awstats as a hot link'd image from a phpalbum counts as a page hit in awstats eyes even though it is just an image hotlink....


    Mr. Bill all log analysis programs count a 'hit' as any file which is downloaded to display a page. Thus, any graphic within a page is considered a hit (10 graphics on one index.html file would be counted as 11 hits). In other words, 'hits' is meaningless. Look at unique visitors and visitors to gain an accurate analysis of traffic to a site.

  7. Jack:


    I understand (and directly felt) your frustration. When one entity has so much control (as Google does) it is wonderful when you are 'in' but devastating when you are 'out'. Competition at all levels is good for everyone, thus I too hope that other search engines get stronger.


    I am not in agreement with others that Google consciously 'did this' for self gain (i.e. feed adwords). I know that they were frustrated by the high rankings of a lot of affiliate sites - no content and maximum optimization. This is who I think they were trying to 'filter'.


    You as a programmer realize that sometimes we do not anticipate the effect certain lines of code will have on an entire program. Now consider how big 'the program' that Google is working on and the difficulty of anticipating all the SERPs that will result from a given change. You would obviously look at results and tinker until what you see is what you hope for. However, you could not possibly look at all the SERPs... not even a relevant percent.


    It is unfortunate that a few good guys/good sites fell victim to a filter which looks like to me eliminated a whole bunch of bad guys/bad sits. This would address your content vs. spam argument directly... this is what they wanted to resolve. Obviously the Florida Update was not perfect (which they are very aware of). I think in time the 'fine tuning' will result in more reasonable, and more importantly, relevant SERPs.


    1- "Spam is good. Trick the engines" folks.

    2- "Content is king. Build a kick butt site and folks will link to you and your content will match what the serps want." folks

    Well my strategy and advice has always been to strive to supply the very best content (quantity and quality) and to have all that content optimized using non-spamming techniques but complete utilization of algorithm knowledge to the best of ones ability. This allows for stable, long term rankings among all the search engines (yes, even the little guys). You may take a temporary hit with a major algo change (e.g. Florida) but quick analysis and alterations should have you back on top quickly.


    As a business owner, this has taught me, once again, not to rely on one form of advertising, one product distributor, one supplier, one employee, or one anything.
    My rule has always been that no one (most importantly add client to your list) should have more then a 30% contribution or you are asking for trouble. Meaning that the worst case scenario would be a 30% hit to your bottom line, a serious hit but one most could sustain.


    Having said that, for most sites that I am involved in... 85% are feed by Google (ouch :dance: )


    Thus as you stated in your opening of your post:

    I really hope that Yahoo takes this opportunity to make the most of their investment in Inktomi.


    Again, I concur; I would even add Microsoft to the mix (unless they buy Google!).

  8. Dick:


    Presently with stemming in Google, if you do a search for 'pet supply' it will consider (count) "pet", "pets", 'pet's', "supply" and "supplies" as a match. Therefore, if you are optimizing for that expression (pet supply) I would recommend using all forms of the words within your home page.



    However, do not trigger a spam filter by overusing the keywords. Try staying under a keyword density of 10% within your title, description and body text (including headers, links, etc.).


    Make sense?

  9. It makes me wonder if some other sites aren't using a technique similar to this.
    Very possible, I just went over two more logs more in depth and I am just not seeing this.


    I have with both domains links that come from a site I can find no links on.
    Have you ever been to this site that is referencing you?


    I am checking into something else as well (I'll be back).

  10. Kevin:


    You have been added to our Extended Family - Commercial Sites page :)


    SEO Thoughts:


    1. First, put your <title> tag right below your <head> tag, it should be first.


    2. I have not done any keyword analysis and the first step of any optimization procedure is first determining the very best keyword phrase. In viewing your pages, the number one phrase that you have selected is 'pi gulfcoast'. Generally, the company name is not the best choice.


    3. This site must be fairly new in that you are correct; it is not indexed in Google. The best way to be included in Google's index (and obtain high ranking) is to obtain relevant backlinks. We have included you here on our family pages thus your site will be spidered by Google. I would hard on getting other pages to link to your home page.


    4. Your description is too long. Reduce it down to a more reasonable number of words. Remember that the more words you add dilutes the importance of all the others, thus succinct description (with keywords) would be best.


    5. You get the same dilution affect within the keyword tag as well. Reduce the number of keywords to the most relevant phrases. Each phrase that you use should also reside within a visual element on the page (e.g. body, header tag, etc.).


    6. Place alt tags on all your images.


    7. I see a typo on one of your links (.com.com)


    <p><strong><small>If you are interested in PI Worldwide products and are outside of Texas, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.PIWorldwide.com.com">CLICK HERE </a></small></strong></p>


    8. Your main image is too big (in kb not dimensions). Here is a reduced jpeg format for that same image (only 25.5 kb vs. 46.5):




    Hope this helps.

  11. Well Rob I do not have an answer. I tried to find the answer but I honestly can not find what 'this' actually is.


    The side menu calls it 'referring sites', which we would both agree is the page that someone leaves right before entering your page.


    However, AWStats heading for this report is 'Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines)' which would suggest that these are indeed backlinks.


    I looked at a couple sites stats and I could only find true backlinks in the report (I did not spend an incredible amount of time on this though).


    If what you see is true (which I am sure it is), then we should really call this simply 'referring page' which in some cases will be 'real' backlinks but in other instances (e.g. a 'favorites' click) would not.

  12. A Robot tag should only be used if you would like to prevent a spider from acting.


    noindex tells the spider to continue onto linked pages but do not index the current page.


    nofollow tells the spider to index the current page but do not follow the links on the page.


    Thus <meta name="robot" content="noindex, nofollow"> would tell the spider not to index this page and not to follow any links.


    One more option (there are others but really these three are the only ones to use) would be:


    <meta name="robots" content="noarchive">


    which tells the spider not to cache the page.

  13. A family member writes:


    I'm a bit confused on what I should be doing with the "robot" meta tags from page to page. I'm set up with xxx xxxx, and on one of their advanced meta tag articles, they stated that a "robot" tag should have "content"="index" if you wanted to allow access for the robots to scan all of the contents of the page. I thought that it should be "content"="All" in order for the robots to look at everything on the page's html and links etc..


    Am I even barking up the right tree by being concerned with the "robot" tags?

  14. Actually Rob, the section in AWStats that shows 'Links from an external page' are pages with links back to your site (i.e. backlinks).




    You never have to worry about a negative affect of a site linking to you in regard to the search engines. Only characteristics that you can affect directly will have an affect with the search engines (e.g. content, who you link to, etc.).


    This makes perfectly good sense in that know one but you should have the 'control' of affecting your site (i.e. as a big 'bad' competitor, I can not get bad neighborhoods to link to you and have a negative affect on your rank. Only if you link to bad neighborhoods will it have a negative affect).

  15. Over the last couple of weeks I have been manipulating pages… moving them in and out of the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) in order to grasp an understanding of the November Update (or affectionately known as ‘Florida’). The good news is that I have a good grasp of the Florida Update. The bad news is there is a new update on the horizon that is offering more challenges (www-in.google.com is a precursor to that). [We will save that for another day, another post]


    Regarding Florida, the tidbit I would like to reveal deals with the significance of stemming. As I posted in another thread, Google is now using stemming technology in the Florida update.

    Word Variations (Stemming)

    Google now uses stemming technology. Thus, when appropriate, it will search not only for your search terms, but also for words that are similar to some or all of those terms. If you search for "pet lemur dietary needs", Google will also search for "pet lemur diet needs", and other related variations of your terms. Any variants of your terms that were searched for will be highlighted in the snippet of text accompanying each result.

    Source: The Basics of Google Search http://www.google.com/help/basics.html


    Therefore all variations of individual words will be used within a search phrase. More importantly, all variations of individual search words will be ‘counted’ in a rank analysis of that page.


    We all know that keyword frequency plays a role in calculating page rank. Since the beginning of search engines individuals have manipulated this frequency (i.e. saturating page with repeated keywords) to the point where early on filters were incorporated to combat such spamming.


    Well this Florida update in essence put a lot of pages into the ‘frequency filter zone’ as a result of the stemming algo. Makes sense if we now consider ‘pet, pets, lemur, lemurs, dietary, diet, diets, need, needs’ as the ‘keywords’ as opposed to ‘pet, lemur, dietary, needs’ when analyzing keyword frequency. Obviously keyword frequencies on all pages increased as a result of this stemming incorporation.


    Now is the time to look at your own pages and calculate the frequency of your own keyword(s) frequency with stemming in mind. If you have been bumped from the SERPs it might be do to a keyword frequency filter, one that has been in play for a long time but is now considering all forms of word as that word (i.e. stemming).


    Hope this helps :)

  16. Matty:


    Is this site on a TCH server?


    If so, have you added your site to our Family Members page?


    You can find out how to add your site on our Add Me to the Family Forum.


    Specifically if you read the How to Add Your Site thread, you will see that a free Search Engine Rank Evaluation is offered. If you can, request this and put a note addressing 'passing PageRank throughout my site'.


    We will get you fixed up :P


    If you are not a family member.... why not? :D

  17. Cyber-dog:


    Please include:


    1. Your URL e.g. www.MySite.com (please make it a link, you know click the http:// button up above)


    2. The name of your site.


    3. Give a brief description of your site (approximately 75 characters max.).


    4. Please acknowledge that you have a link back to TotalChoice Hosting (required) click for adding a link to TCH


    I do not see a link to TCH?


    Also, I noticed the 'Site Home' link on the top of the forum is a dead link.

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