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  1. >redirect 301 whatever.zip http://www.****/zips/whatever.zip should do the trick. Try it and see (and let us know).
  2. As Mike said only the .htaccess file is read (small typo: he meant .htaccess, not ,htaccess). Sometimes there is good reason to have multiple. I always recommend making a copy of the .htaccess file before altering it. Thus, something like a .htaccess103003 might be the .htaccess file as of 10/30/03. However, if they are empty, delete them.
  3. Hey Mike: Where do you want her? Non-profit and Informational Sites Page?
  4. Your code: ><td> <div align="left"><font size="1"><a href="javascript:;" onClick="MM_openBrWindow('http://www.totalchoicehosting.com','','scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=500,height=500')"><img src="total%20choice.jpg" alt="Our Web Host" width="100" height="100" border="0"></a></font><font color="#666699" face="Century Gothic" size="1"><br> Total Choice</font></div></td> A 'real' graphic link (better): ><td><div align="left"><a href="http|//www.totalchoicehosting.com" target="_blank"><img src="total%20choice.jpg" alt="Our Web Host" width="100" height="100" border="0"></a></font><font color="#666699" face="Century Gothic" size="1"><br> Total Choice</font></div></td> A 'real' text link (best): ><td><div align="left"><font color="#666699" size="1" face="Century Gothic"><a href="http://www.totalchoicehosting.com">Web Hosting by Total Choice</a></font></div></td>
  5. Gary: Your link to TCH is a JavaScript (i.e. spiders do not see)
  6. SEO

    No Graphics

    Roy: I do not get any images. First, make darn sure that your path is correct (uppercase/lowercase, etc.) http://www.fixyourowntv.com/images/logo.gif I am also getting: Do you have hotlink protection on? Sometime this does not work because of different locations caching your site (i.e. the images are not being served from www.fixyourowntv.com). Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks for the input Dick Thumbs Up We have addressed this 'confusion' with php-nuke before. I will have to flag this thread for future reference
  8. I thought there were more then the 32 indexed. Creating that site map and having a site map link on all pages will aid in getting all 41 pages indexed which is obviously important. Your welcome and keep us posted with regard to the 'winning' css style
  9. Gavin: Brockenpilliar is now on our Extended Family - Nonprofit and Informational Sites page SEO thoughts: Sorry, do not like your Meta Keywords or Description tags Looks like you may have copies the keyword tag, from someone who did not know what they were doing I might add. Pick the most relevant 'real' keywords and list them in order of importance (e.g. metal music). Separate each word or phrase with a comma but do not add a space (e.g. metal music,hardcore metal,music community) Your description should include your most relevant keyword phrases. Actually, it should begin with your most relevant phrase. This is true for your title as well e.g. <title>Hardcore Metal Music Community - brokenpillar.com </title> I would add more body text to your home page. Actually, I think the 'About Us' section would be ideal for your home page. Then, include keyword phrase within this body text (not overboard but they need to be there). All your images need ALT, WIDTH and HEIGHT values. You have an extra <body> tag (line 522) You have an open <tr> tag (line 96: <tr valign="top">) Clean HTML is important for many reasons, including good rankings. I would get as many metal orientated sites to link back to yours. This will help alot! Hey, you have done a bang-up job on your site (and that is coming from a non-metal guy!). Seriously, good job! Thumbs Up
  10. Bruce: PDABruce has been added to our Extended Family - Commercial Sites page SEO thoughts: You are in the Google index with a nice PageRank of 6 Thumbs Up Number of Relevant Backlinks: 13 Number of Total Backlinks: 104 Total Number of Pages Indexed: 32 How many pages is the site? I would recommend a site map coming off the home page which would include all pages thus contributing to a complete deep crawl. I did not look but this site is a good example of what quality links can do. Probably one of those 13 links is a high PR site and is quickly giving you a nice PR6 (again good job). I would still recommend getting more good links (from other sites to yours). Your Meta Keyword tag is too long, choose only the most relevant words (maybe half the number). This should be in order, listing most relevant phrase first. Your Meta Description should be one complete sentence utilizing your most relevant keywords. Again, narrow this down to a succinct 'real' description. Set Alt tags (and you are missing one width tag) on all your images. You should have a DocType declaration at the very top of your code: e.g. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> You have a couple of html structural errors: Line 154 <center> <table border=0 width="95%"> <tr> <td valign="top" align="center"> <a href="http://www.pdatnutsandbolts.com" target="_top"><img src="images/pdat.gif" border="0" alt="Visit PDA Nuts and Bolts" width=230 height=75></a> </center> Line 183 <font color="#FFFFFF" size="1" face=verdana> <b> <big> PDABruce.com</big></font> </b> <br> I did not look real close but these two caught my eye first. Clean code is important for many reasons, including getting a site ranked well. Good luck.
  11. Your site has been added to our Extended Family - Personal Sites page SEO thoughts. This is being a personal site means that it is less critical to be ranked well. You have selected your keywords wisely. The name of the site and your own name would be the logical phrases which you would want someone to 'find' your site... good job (believe it or not most do not make it this simple [which is best]. How about (it is important to have all your keyword phrases in your description): <META name="description" content="Spolem is Jake Laack's experiment in creativity and sanity!"> Set ALT, WIDTH and HEIGHT values on all your images. You should place 'Jake Laack' in your body text at least twice. Also, I would recommend having 'Spolem' in the body of your text at least twice. Get any sites to link to yours (as TCH did tonight) and you will soon be indexed and ranked within Google and the others. Good luck.
  12. Turtle, it's time to get a tractor... how about a little Farmall Cub with a front blade?
  13. Well in Western New York it has been quite unusual as well. First time in 15 years that we did not have a white Christmas and last week we hit 63 degrees! That is... well just unheard of. Temperatures dropped today and presently we have about 3 inches on the ground with more coming. I say bring it on! I am in total agreement with Lady Li, Winter means white, deep snow! I have lived many places around this country: Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, San Francisco, Walnut Creek (CA), Los Angeles, Westport (CT), Albuquerque (NM), Dallas, Houston, Nacogdoches (TX), Chicago and presently in the Finger Lakes of Western New York. Sorry, Jim but nothing beats a location that offers four 'real' seasons. Each one offering different visuals and smells that is unique and beautiful. My favorite: well that would be plowing very deep snow (no snow blower here, I use a diesel tractor with a rear blade) while great big flakes continue to fall. Well no maybe it is the awesome colors and smells that the northeast falls give us. Or could it be the first smells of spring when all the trees decide to leave out? And then of course there is that big plunge into beautiful (and warm) Keuka Lake during the summer. Heck I don't know... I like them all! But for now.... SNOW!
  14. Use site:www.squort.com -querty in the Google search field (this gives you the total number of pages within a site that are indexed). Yes, the home page has been recently indexed (but not crawled; i.e. only one page indexed).
  15. animgirl: Still waiting for reply to Rob's comments. Let us know
  16. As Rob stated above, it is definitely best not to submit to Google but to allow googlebot to follow links to any new content. Also, as Jim advised, make sure to have a site link structure which will allow a spider (any) to find all your pages.
  17. Boojum: No, your site is not indexed in Google. As I stated earlier, you have to be patient... it could take 30+ days to get your site indexed (and being indexed is no guarantee). I would consider your new site as just that, a new site and completely forget about the old one. As charle97 suggested (although again do not consider this resubmitting, it will be submitting for the first time) submit the site to all the search engines (with one exception). The exception is, as Lady Li suggested, Google (do not submit to them). Get as many other relevant sites to link to you... Google will pick the site up following these links (i.e. this is the best way). [Thank carle97 for the link ] Again, best to be patient Good luck.
  18. Dirk: Celebrating the New Year in New Jersey (hey, no jokes!). Will add you when I return (latter in the week). Happy New Year!
  19. It looks like the site in question has not been indexed (crawled, but not indexed). Until it is formally indexed the number of backlinks will not be 'viewed' with any accuracy. It is also worth noting that Google’s Toolbar and, more specifically, PageRank and backlink information represents ‘crude’ data. Meaning that this information is a general representation of Google’s data, not a direct revealing of the actual, up-to-date records.
  20. I hope all have a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas
  21. There sister company is LinksToYou, this is one of the largest 'bad neighborhoods' defined by Google a couple of years ago... need I say more.
  22. If you do not have access to the old site then, no there is not a way to alter it (i.e. redirect). Sorry. You will just have to wait until all things change. I would ask your old ISP to delete the files though (and maybe ask if you can put a redirect up). Good luck.
  23. You can do the redirect below at the old site. Now this is for visitors not spiders. Well it is for spiders too in that you could receive a penalty if you have duplicate content (i.e. two URLs with the same content). You will have to wait for spiders to pick up the new site. For Google, this is best done by supplying links to the new site from external pages (i.e. get other people to link to your new site). Have you added your site to our Family Members pages? ><html> <head> <title>Redirection Example</title> <noscript> <!-- meta-tag "refresh" is provided for those browsers that do not support JavaScript. Please note that the time delay is greater than zero. Notice that this is nested within a "noscript" block. Which means that browsers that support JavaScript will not "see" the refresh meta-tag. --> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; URL=http://www.somewhere.com/something.html"> </noscript> <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- // This is the file to which we will redirect. // IF this is changed please remember to change the // entries in the meta-refresh as well as in the // link in the document body. // // sTargetURL is declared in the JavaScript 1.0 version // code block but it will be available in all later version // JavaScript code blocks. // var sTargetURL = "http://www.somewhere.com/something.html"; function doRedirect() { // The JavaScript 1.0 version of this function supports // browsers that don't have the ability to replace this // file in the browser history. As a result we want to // make sure that we briefly delay so when the visitor // is moving back through their browser-history they // will have time to press the back-button on this page // before the script moves them to the redirection // target page again. // // Notice that we have the timeout the same amount as in // the meta-refresh version. // setTimeout( "window.location.href = sTargetURL", 2*1000 ); // The 2*1000 equals 2 seconds. } //--> </script> <script language="JavaScript1.1"> <!-- // Browsers that support JavaScript 1.1 will replace the // earlier definition of doRedirect defined in the // JavaScript 1.0 code block. Make sure that this // definition appears after the 1.0 definition in the file. // function doRedirect() { // JavaScript 1.1 added the 'replace' function on the // location object so we can change locations without // adding to the browser's history. // window.location.replace( sTargetURL ); } // Just to be a bit fun -- we call the doRedirect function // directly here. This means that it is called before the // page fully loads. If your visitor is using a later // browser, then they will most likely not even see any of // "this" page at all. // doRedirect(); //--> </script> </head> <!-- Use the "onload" event to start the redirection process. --> <body onload="doRedirect()"> <!-- Provide a link that the user can click on just in case there is a problem with the other redirection methods. --> <p>Loading <a href="http://www.somewhere.com/something.html">redirection target</a></p> <p>In approx. 2 seconds the redirection target page should load.<br> If it doesn't please select the link above.</p> </body> </html>
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