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  1. Monarch Mountain Designs and Hosting has been added to our Extended Family - Commercial Sites page. SEO thoughts (as I see them [i.e. random ]. 1. Change the link for 'home' to point to www.monarchmountaindesigns.com/ I know this sounds crazy but www.monarchmoutaindesigns.com/ and www.monarchmountaindesigns.com/index.php will get ranked differently (i.e. these are viewed as 'different' URLs). It does not show on this site, but it will. Want proof? How about these two URLs: a. www.naturalimagesweb.com/ PageRank of 4 and 2 relevant backlinks (both from TCH I might add ) b. www.naturalimagesweb.com/index.php PageRank of 4 and 1 relevant backlink, the one backlink? You guessed it, it comes from www.naturalimagesweb.com/ Now obviously the above example does not make much of a difference. However in the future it will (when you increase the number of backlinks and gain more PageRank). Everyone will be pointing to the .com/ variation. Thus, change all your internal pages to do the same. 2. See an html typo: </html instead of </html> 3. As you know, Alt tags on all images. 4. Speaking of Alt tags, all yours look like this alt="""" The """ is going to give html errors. 5. <meta name="description" Too long: one complete, concise descriptive sentence (use keywords). ~130 characters. 6. <meta name="keywords" Too many. Make sure you are picking only the most relevant. I might add Colorado in there. Also, get rid of the spaces: keyword1,keyword2,etc. not keyword1, keyword2, etc. Always list these in order, the most important word (or phrase) first. 7. You have 17 total pages indexed within Google Is that all of them? If not all pages link from your home page it would be advisable to add a site map (and add a site map link on every page). 8. You could use keywords a little more affectively. Examples a. Within a link 'Click here to learn more...' vs. 'Learn more about hosting' 'Get a Free Quote... ' vs. 'Get a Free Web Design Quote' [oh, I just noticed... you have all caps I know that is the look you want but, not good with regard to the search engines. Sorry.] b. Within the text It is wise to have keywords or phrases within the body text. In addition, it would be nice to have some of those words (or phrases) in bold. c. Alt tags You and I already mentioned this. d. Header tags <h1>The Right Place for Custom, Professional, Affordable Web Design</h1> Bravo Thumbs Up 9. Add more content, relative good content (it is still king). 10. Add relevant backlinks. Looks good Tracy (you can tell you are an artist ), hope this helps.
  2. Tracy: Just a quickie on Monarch, if you were to add a little padding in your table (~5) it would make a world of difference with reading your text. I know that this is not the place (or I the person) to be suggesting this but it was the first thing that hit me. Well really the second, the overall beauty of the page was the first Still looking....
  3. Tracy: You already added the photography site [if you would like me to change the description I will] Now looking and site #2.
  4. 365 Health and Immu etc. has been added to our Extended Family - Commercial Sites page Thank you for being a family member!
  5. Thanks Robert for the clarification.... would have been quite surprised!
  6. Sounds like a reseller account is the way to go: Web Hosting Resellers - TotalChoice™
  7. Chuck: Others who posted assumed that www.**** was your 'actual' domain. Is this true [or were you just using it as a hypothetical]?
  8. "...if I'm not mistaken", you are not
  9. Where o where did Cody go? [see all these nice people want to help you , we do not like any of our family members Mad!!! (especially on a first post!)]
  10. Ahh, this is true. Nor would looking at a week, hour, minute or second... see the flaw? Of course it is all relative. From a hosting perspective, the defined time unit should represent a logical duration (i.e. a year).
  11. Madmanmcp: Having been in research for many years I have an appreciation for your sentiment. I always used to roll my eyes when my population biologist colleagues would begin a tirade on 'proof' of relationships through the 'numbers'. I agree that they can certainly be twisted. However, inappropriate in this instance. 540 down minutes in one year does truly represent 99.998973 uptime (twisted any which way, I still get 99.998973)
  12. Sorry, time for bed... not sure what you have but this works perfectly: ><?php echo date("l, F d, Y h:i" ,time());?> Good night.
  13. Show us your PHP (please).
  14. Hmm, never came across this problem. A IE solution: ><P STYLE="word-wrap:break-word;width:200;left:0">Really,really,longString</p>
  15. Your links is not working so I could not look directly at what you are doing. As far as the HTML goes, it is easy to set width of either a table or a cell within a table. Two tables are shown below, the first is a single cell and the width is simply defined by the table width. The second has two cells (columns) and their width is defined within their individual <td> tags. Hope this helps. ><table width="100" height="100" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <td>Some Text</td> </tr> </table> <br> <br> <table width="600" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td width="200">Some Other Text</td> <td width="400">Some More Text</td> </tr> </table>
  16. Nice to have you (more official) Robert Thumbs Up
  17. Rob hit the four biggies From just a search engine optimization point of view: some will say (including the search engines themselves) that they will index framed sites and that frames will not affect rank. I have to disagree, yes they may get indexed but the evidence is overwhelming that a framed site will not rank as well as a non-framed (overwhelming evidence). Sorry.
  18. The rand “virus”: or how to insert dummy text into a document
  19. schussat: Welcome back from the abyss
  20. Rob: Thanks for the information, I always wondered how that 'time' was broken up.... and reconfirms my original feeling the Verisign people are weasels. Vangrieg: If you have access to the account, which it sounds like you do or you could not change the DNS servers, you should be able to change the contact information (Registrant [should require an email response verification], Administration and Technical). Good luck.
  21. I got it. When you do a 'redirect', you are not passing information (i.e. content [e.g. Meta Tags]). You are just simply redirecting one URL to another. Thus, the location of the redirect would pull up the page and 'read' that content. This means, that you need to just simply add the appropriate tags to your default file (index.html) in the subdirectory. Make sense? As to what 'type' of redirect you have, open your .htaccess file at the 'other' domain and it will reveal the type. Hope this helps.
  22. Deke: Sorry, it is Monday and I think I am slooooow. You state: "Can I redirect other.AtTCH.com to www.somewhereelse.com ..." Then you say: "I attempted to submit www.somewhereelse.com to search engines after I'd redirected it to other.AtTCH.com" This is contradictory, so I am still confused
  23. Deke: I think I need some clarification. Let us do it with either real or fictitious URLs. Say www.AtTCH.com is your TCH domain. Then we have other.AtTCH.com for the subdomain. Now, we have www.somewhereelse.com at another host. Therefore, you want to do...
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