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  1. Another little comment supasoulsista: You are redefining the size of an image that is 794 pixels by 248 pixels to be 1024 x 768 (width="1024" height="768"). This is why the image is distorted. Hint: keep your page less then 780 pixels wide, a lot of viewers are still using 800 x 600 resolution. Why 780 and not 800 you ask … Because you have to account for such things as menu bars, scroll bars and possible tool bars. Hope this helps sista.
  2. I am old fashion ... I still use Analog with Report Magic (and AnalogX's DNS lookup).
  3. SEO

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    If you are going to dream up more then one site .... weave with MX.
  4. Jimuni: The FormMail script used here at TCH is a blanket script located in the server's cgi-sys directory, one we do not have access to (justifiably in that it is a blanket script). At least this is my understanding. D. Scott
  5. I hope Nicholas sees this post. I was talking to you earlier today regarding the FormMail Script. Another question I have is regarding the 'redirect' line that appears in the emails. I notice that this has been a concern of others and I have never seen its appearance before in a FormMail script. Would it be possible for me to see the script and see why it appears? This would also give me an idea of what would be possible with the @recipient parameter, the subject of our discussion earlier today. Thanks for any help. D. Scott
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