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  1. I understand the contradiction but, if you love your host (insert heart icon here), there is a 'stealth' way to do this (and it would greatly be appreciated). Create a small gif, say a line at the bottom of your page separating the very bottom links from the rest of your page. Then, create a hyperlink from that gif. Only the shadow... oh sorry, only the spider would know!
  2. Bill: I do not see a problem with your structure (assuming I understand it). You have www.yoursite.com/folder/modelA There is an internal link to the above page (using the above path). You can reach that same page by modelA/yoursite.com There are no internal links to the above page using the subdomin name as a link. P.S. Where is your TCH link on your page? (Link to TCH here)
  3. TCH (Bill Kish et. al.), you are simply good people. Thank you, seriously... THANK YOU. Regarding the charity of choice, before my wife and I ever give to any charity, we always check them out first. This all started many years ago when our daughter began selling Girl Scout Cookies and I found that the actual dollar amount that went to the Girl Scouts was minimal. There are several sources on-line for such evaluation. Here is one . I list the percent of its total budget a charity spends on the programs and services it exists to deliver for the ones mentioned thus far (there are other criteria used in evaluation, but this is the one I consider most important). 76.7% Make A Wish Foundation 91.4% Ronald McDonald House Charities 72.5% American Heart Association 75.8% Habitat for Humanity 90.4% The American Red Cross 75.8% Habitat for Humanity 93.1% Food for the Poor 67.7% Covenant House 87.1% Feed The Children
  4. By most accounts (see word of caution below), subdomains are considered separate from main domains and are thus indexed separately. This particular situation can be good and it can be bad (relative to search engine strategy). It really depends on your particular situation. If you would like, give us more information regarding your situation and I would be happy to comment. Example: TCH had the forum and help sites as separate domains. In a very established site (established with regard to the search engines) that would be fine, actually potentially beneficial in that they would each have established rank within the search indices. The three domains would 'feed' each other from their individual page rank via external linkage. However, in a site that is not well established (among the search engines) and contains limited content (literally number of pages and quantity of body text), subdomains would not be in the best interest. In the case of TCH, all three are now part of one greater site which now has deeper content, more content and more internal links. This will aid in higher search engine rankings. Word of caution: there is a potential for penalty (spamming) if one were to set-up subdomains with redundant content. In other words, if you are going to set-up subdomains make sure that the content of each is indeed different.
  5. Special question for Beth... small enough?
  6. Sorry, the Links Page was up... but never linked too. To all: if we need to add/alter banners,designs, etc. please send them my way. Also, comments on this page would be helpful. Thanks for any help and special thanks to those who link to us. D. Scott
  7. Nice link Mr. Guru ... added to my favorites
  8. I was going to say something with regard to this post ... but I was very disciplined. I will just say… be careful.
  9. Fixed. Thanks twowheels.
  10. I like it a lot! I could go on and on, but....
  11. OK Joneses I'm going monitor shopping!
  12. I strongly recommend you read through the posts in this forum. Several address setting up a forum and others will give you a 'feel' for TotalChoice. After that, your decision will be easy.
  13. Get used to it ... more to come! To you and your brother ... welcome.
  14. Once a mother, always a mother!
  15. How about PDF? HTML would work too (and an easy conversion), but pdf would be easier for the user.
  16. Thanks shammer. How come the documentation is only for 4?
  17. Your site is managed via a very friendly control panel (cPanel 4). One category is entitled Stats in which you have access to AWStates, which includes: When : Month/Day Days of week Hours Who : Domains/Countries Hosts Full list Last visit Unresolved IP Address Robots/Spiders visitors Full list Last visit Navigation : Visits duration Viewed Full list Entry Exit Files type Operating Systems Unknown Browsers Versions Unknown Referers : Origin Refering search engines Refering sites Search Search Keyphrases Search Keywords Others : HTTP Errors Pages not found In addition, you have access to your raw logs. You will be happy!
  18. Still off topic but, Obviously, I was of a different breed: 1966 Ford Mustang ... she was so sweet, candy-apple red with black interior. My first ... well besides big blue that read cards (oh remember keeping those blasted cards in order!), a good ole Kaypro (darn near put Osborne out of business). I could not afford Radio Shake's expensive TRS-80! Remember Kaypro, the 45lb portable, oversized 9" screen and two; yes two floppy drives ... I was in high cotton in those days!
  19. Boy KW you just struck an aging cord with me. I still miss the goto's don't you? Now does that blue look best with that blue or should I add a yellow? Would it look better if I just moved that graphic up one pixel? No it looks better maybe if I move it down three. Just not the same!
  20. Very .... very good! I have not reviewed it all but what I have seen so far is excellent ... seriously (and I am one picky son-of-a-gun)! When we see typo's, grammatical problems, etc., where would you like those posted? On this thread?
  21. I understand the advantage of managing all the domains from one interface but, Not sure what you mean here ... could you elaborate? Thanks.
  22. I have to add my $0.015 (notice my rates are cheaper then Andrews). Having said that, I agree with any organizational arguments for subdomains. However, if you were a commercial site, information site, etc. where you would want people to find you, it would not be in your best interest to use unlinked subdomains. This has to do with one of my favorite topics, search engine optimization. The design of a web site's structure (internal linking) is critical with regard to how a search engine spider's algorithm is going to rank your site. In essence, a fragmented site using subdomains (unlinked) would 'look' like only one small site, which would default to the information in your index.html file associated with your 'real' domain. Unless you had external links to your subdomains, they would never be indexed. Make sense?
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