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  1. Ah, my pain is gone! Thank you Devynn... good logic.
  2. This makes a lot of sense to me! I am re-lobbying for 2-3 min. on the email check; I did not even consider darkwoof's very good point about test scripts. I often have to test scripts for my client's. When testing, 5 min. can be an eternity! lobby - lobby - lobby
  3. Every 5 sec. is a bit excessive. However, you'all seem to be real big users of IM which allows you to not rely so heavy on quick email responses. Some of us use our email a little more frequently. How about every 2-3 min.? Unreasonable?
  4. One of the characteristics in the hotlink protection script is: I am confused, I would assume that the redirect would be a graphic... something to the affect of 'You are not authorized to use this image'. Yet, that would be another image that you would be blocking??? Thinking about this hurts Please relieve the pain.
  5. Sorry, my mistake... I did misunderstand. Will preface the rest of my comments with: I am not a FrontPage person. I always look at the obvious first: 1. Did you install FrontPage Extensions? The above is from the help site and more can be found here.
  6. When you click on the below link, what happens? http://www.pacificbillingservices.com/contact%20us.htm
  7. Good guess. Definitely not a king, nor wise (although Lianna and others 'in the family' are helping), it is a name. I guess 1 of 3 isn't terrible Your welcome and... welcome to the family.
  8. Did you go to http://computer.howstuffworks.com/dns.htm, it really does explain it quite well (go through all the pages). Think of this way: If I ask somebody to deliver something to a specific address: 321 First St., New York, NY (or in the case of the Internet; 123.456.789.012 [an IP address to a specific machine]), it will be delivered... the address is 'known'. If I ask somebody to deliver something to D. Scott Demmin, they would say 'who?' They would have to access a database and cross reference D. Scott Demmin with a 'real' address. With the Internet, 'access a database', means accessing a Name Server. Not until all the Name Servers have yourname.com (and the associated IP address), will the request yourname.com be properly resolved. Again, I encourage you to read the How Stuff Works link above... they explain it better and in more detail.
  9. 'Propagation' has to do with getting an IP address (the 'numbers' associated with a URL ) loaded on all the name servers. For a new domain, this is just a matter of time before they pick it up. For a transfer, this has to do with all the name servers updating their files (IP addresses are cashed [i.e. stored]). Transfers can actually take longer then new domains. I have had to notify certain servers to update their files when I have moved client's sites. A pretty good basic explanation can be found here. Hope this helps.
  10. SEO


    kippez: I am repeating the same reply that was for your previous post (it still applies). From Google's own mouth - Quality Guidelines - Specific recommendations: Avoid hidden text or hidden links. Don't employ cloaking or sneaky redirects. Don't send automated queries to Google. Don't load pages with irrelevant words. Don't create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content. Avoid "doorway" pages created just for search engines, or other "cookie cutter" approaches such as affiliate programs with little or no original content.
  11. OK, I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. From Google's own mouth: Quality Guidelines - Specific recommendations: Avoid hidden text or hidden links. Don't employ cloaking or sneaky redirects. Don't send automated queries to Google. Don't load pages with irrelevant words. Don't create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content. Avoid "doorway" pages created just for search engines, or other "cookie cutter" approaches such as affiliate programs with little or no original content. My recommendations would be to create a directory for just the links (no subdomains). Break the pages up by subject or whatever. Only reference the main links page once from your 'main site' (and to be honest, best if not your home page). From an internal link structure, this would simply be a single linear branch coming from one of your main pages.
  12. kippez: I think you may have a misunderstanding of subdomains. You can certainly have multiple directories to organize your files. For instance, I always have a subdirectory entitled jpeg and one called gif. This way, at least, my graphics are somewhat organized. A subdirectory is not a subdomain. I think this misunderstanding has lead to some of your confusion. From the help pages ( http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id49.htm ) Subdomains are a way of setting up separate accounts within your master account, and can be accessed as separate URLs. Let's say that your web site's name is www.johndoe.com. If part of your business has to do with vacations, you may wish to setup a subdomain called 'vacations', and have people go directly to: vacations.johndoe.com instead of www.johndoe.com/vacations. P.S. kw, arn't you proud of me, I used help!
  13. This is what you want: http://www.pacificbillingservices.com/contact%20us.htm The characters %20 creates a space. Click on the url above and you will get your desired page. This is what kw was saying.
  14. spyderman: What is your Internet connection? Most ISPs see a surge of use (and thus slower speeds) around 8-10pm. Go to toast.net and check your connection speed, compare the speeds when you feel things are 'fast' to when things are 'slow'. My bet is with your ISP.
  15. Cool, our family now has critical mass!
  16. Now see, that is what I get for not reviewing all the new pages. Those new help pages never seem to stop impressing me!
  17. No one suggested you remove the space, just replace it. Look at kw's post again. That is your solution.
  18. I do not understand... what is the advantage in putting links in a subdomain? I would just simply create a page (e.g. www.mycoolsite.com/links.html) and have my links on it (maybe even in a logical order with headings, etc.). The simplest and (in my opinion) the best way. It might be my ignorance or non-understanding of your specific situation but I really do not see an 'advantage' to a subdomain. If there is, please explain.
  19. Just create the form of your desire and then use the already installed formmail script (alterations to Matt's FormMail). <form action="http://xx.xxx.xx.xx/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi" method="POST" name="form1"> <input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="me@here.com"> <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="http://whereeverandwhatever.html"> <input type="submit" name="submitme" value="Submit Form"> Simple.
  20. It might be just a typo in your post or it may solve the problem. No spaces allowed in the name: contact us.htm Change to: contact_us.htm Hope it is this simple
  21. Thanks for the post kw. I have been looking at various search scripts and not found one that I like 100%. I will look into PSLightning (next time I have a free min.). Again, thanks for the post.
  22. On my shelf: Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL Williams & Lane Pub. O'Reilly (one of my favorite Publishers) Would be my first recommendation for someone with your background, plus it is a cute little platypus. MySQL/PHP Database Applications Greenspan & Bulger Pub. M&T Books (third place) PHP and MySQL Web Development Welling and Thomson Pub. Sams (not my favorite publisher) As mentioned earlier, http://www.php.net is truly the best online source.
  23. Actually, this is not a bad strategy from strictly a selfish point of few. I am using the term 'selfish' not as judgmental but truly with your own interests in mind. A subdomain, or from the search engines point of view; really a single site, that only contains one or a few pages containing links will not be considered a site to index. Thus, none of the reciprocal links will benefit from your site pointing to them (again I am only speaking relative to the search engine, they will obviously benefit from visitors who uses them as direct links). The other advantage is that the only external link from your site will be the one pointing to the subdomain. As opposed to all the reciprocal links being external links from your site. As I have stated in other threads, external links actually bleed page rank from the page they link from. Therefore, in this scenario, you have less bleeding. It is actually a clever idea. On this same level, some web masters/optimizers disguise external links by using JavaScript (which are not 'considered' by the search engine spiders). However, there is present discussion that this might change, JavaScript links would be considered. Having said all of this, I personally do not due or recommend any of the above. Too deceitful in my opinion (now see, I am being judgmental). If you are willing to add a link to someone's site, add a 'real' link. Discriminate the links you add so they will be both useful from a search engine optimization point of view, but more importantly from the point of view of your visitor.
  24. Bill: I like the whistling. (bottom right corner of film strip [i cheated though, searched html])
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