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  1. Thanks for your effort CK... I spent 3 hours yesterday looking at various scripts, no 'one' stood out. I was really asking if anyone had a particular favorite. I should have taken that three hours and begun writing my own, which I will begin to do now.
  2. Does anyone know a good Calendar Script? This will be for a town government web site so, ideally it would have a user-friendly interface for the town office to add/delete events easily. Thanks for any input.
  3. The README file addresses the permission issue. Make sure you did all of the above. To chmod, go to your Cpanel. Click on File Manager (top left). Click on the cgi-bin folder (click the folder not the name). Click on the file name vote.cgi On the right you will see a menu, select Change Permissions Good luck. Please note: Please ask your server admin to use suexec or some other method to have cgi's executed as you. (doning a chmod 777 on the direcotory containing the vote.cgi will do the trick but is HIGHLY insecure). This is a serious issue, which means I would not recommend this script. Maybe others will have more (better) recommendations.
  4. I belive your problem is that you do not have the correct !DOCTYPE declaration on your page (actually, you do not have an !doctype declaration). You are not alone with this problem. I would recommend a Google Search: line-height problem or line-height IE6 This link may help. Good Luck.
  5. No one will be able to help you without more information. You could post the script so we could see it. One very common mistake is not having the correct read/write permission settings for folders or files. Make sure that the permissions are set correctly for each.
  6. You can simply start of with the 'Starter Plan'. If need be in the future, you can always do a simple upgrade. With the Simple Plan: You get 300 MB. You get unlimited number of email accounts and email forwarding. There is a built in FormMail script on the server (in a cgi-sys directory): <form action="http://www.yourdomainname.com/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi" method="POST" name="form1"> <input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="you@yourdomainname.com"> <input type="hidden" name="subject" value="MyForm"> <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="http://www.yourdomainname.com/redirect_page_like_a_thank_you.html"> You get 5.5GB of bandwith transfer. Again, if you need to upgrade... very easy. Dangerous if you are considering being listed within the search engines. This can be viewed as spamming. Best to either have a 'real' page (meaning one with real text and just a link to your real site) for each domain name or not use them at all. Good Luck.
  7. <form action="http://www.******/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi" method="POST" name="form1"> <input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="here@somewhere.com"> <input type="hidden" name="subject" value="Something you want in the subject of the email you will receive"> <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="http://www.******/YourRedirectPage.html"> The: <input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="here@somewhere.com"> defines the email address of the recipient. Hope this helps.
  8. There not. He needs some help from greatfolios sysop!
  9. Log onto Cpanel Click on File Manager (top left) Click on the folder next to public_html (note: click on the folder not the name; public_html is the directory [folder] where the 'public' has access to; thus, if you upload an index.html file in here, that will be the default page loaded when someone goes to www.yourdomainname.com) Click on Upload files Click on the Browse button and select the folder were the files reside on your machine. Now select the specific file. Click the upload button.
  10. SEO


    Beth: For you, I too would recommend Macromedia MX. You might want to write their customer support and tell them your are a FP user and would like to consider their product. You might be surprised by their response
  11. I use ws_ftp but most here would highly recommend cute ftp.
  12. Mr. Guru... Happy Birthday. I do hope you spent some special time with your family. Everyone will tell you they grow up soooo fast, yet you really do not realize it until... well until they are all grown up. Again, Happy Birthday.
  13. We knew he did not sleep, now we learn he does not go to the bathroom... he just goes!
  14. Lianna: Please do not let this individual in any way discourage or frustrate you... not worth a single drop of your wonderful energy. You do a FANTASTIC job within these forums and it is unfortunate that anyone would want to abuse 'our' family... especially Lady Li! Thank you for being here, thank you for being you and thank you TotalChoice.
  15. Gemini: Warning: You are treading in deep water. You are just discussing dmoz at the moment but other consequences will result down the road with both dmoz and other search engines. In addition, having two domains with redundant content will get you in trouble with the other Search Engines (i.e. Google), it just a matter of time. I (and others) have given good general web site promotion advice here and in other threads that I think warrant review. You really need to reconsider your overall Internet plan (not just focusing on the dmoz issue at present). Once you have that plan, device a good strategy, then implement that strategy. Without thoroughly analyzing your specific situation, I can not give specifics on what I would do as far as plan, strategy and implementation. So, really think the 'big' picture though before acting. Good luck.
  16. Mr. Guru: I noticed your new Red link asking for us to link to TotalChoice. I moved one of my client's sites to TCH at the end of January. My experiences since have been nothing short of complete satisfaction! Thank you to you and your fine technical staff and this wonderful 'family' community you are creating within this informative forum. I am proud to place links on every one of the 140+ pages that make up my client's website. This is one small way I can say THANK YOU to all of you! P.S. I have recently purchased a reseller account that will result in more TotalChoice adoptions... the family grows! * they too will be proudly adding TotalChoice Web Hosting links.
  17. gemini: Sorry for my delayed response. The above is from google, no backlinks strongly suggests that you have not been indexed. Your site is 'known' and you have a hypothetical PR but you are not indexed yet... just a mater of time (maybe a couple weeks). Search engines do not like redundant content. Google states: Multiple domains with 'substantially duplicated content' can be banned (which is a good thing for the Internet community). Matt should have more insight to dmoz's policy but I know that there are reviewers that would exclude a domain if they felt it was redundant information coming from the same source. You can always ask: http://www.resource-zone.com/ubbthreads.php Good luck.
  18. Try Mal's, I think it would work well for you. http://www.mals-e.com/services/index.htm
  19. Dad-gum... Rick you are goooood!
  20. Tony and Tom: For your information, when Head Guru makes statements like this, he means it. This is a GREAT place to be and the support is EXCELENT. I encourage you to read through the forum threads and just get a feel for how good this 'family' is.
  21. You know the old saying... 'Blame it on your ISP'? Well... Have you ever checked your connection speeds at the various times of day? There are several sources, I use toast.net. See if between those hours your connection speed goes way down; thus explaining your observation.
  22. I do not see any problem with your links page (and strategy). As you say, 90% are related to your industry. Very different than, as Google states, participating in link scheme designed to increase your site's ranking or PageRank.
  23. I am not the person to answer the first question, although I bet you will like the answer. As for the second serious of questions, try this thread.
  24. What Matt says is very true... though he uses a softer tone then I. Previous thread discussing dangers of link exchange farms can be found here. It looks to me like your site is not indexed yet in Google. You have been initially spidered but not indexed. This has been discussed here. I did not look at your site too closely, but some quick advice: remove all your external links from your home page. Create a separate page for them, this will help your page rank. Google's page rank (PR) needs explaining and I promise at one point to put together a complete explanation. Another thread you might find helpful is here.
  25. Turtle: Devynn solution is perfect. I do not use .png files for my sites. Therefore, I created a graphic regarding un-authorization (e.g. remote linking forbidden) and saved it as a .png (uploaded it). Then in cPanel, under hotlink remove .png blocking. Now the created image will appear when someone tries to link. It works perfectly. Again, good logic Devynn.
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