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  1. >So far, I'm very impressed! :) "You ain't seen nothing yet!" Welcome!
  2. Thanks Lianna... I too did a very thorough search... nota! Will talk with HG. Again, thanks.
  3. Google has different spiders that perform different tasks. We have discussed this in this thread.
  4. A very special moment and day! Nothing better.
  5. Lianna is right again (surprise, surprise). Entropy does not (can not) look at dynamic pages. Sorry, Mr. Bill If there are specific pages you would like 'indexed' from the forum, you could copy the html of the dynamic page and paste into a 'new' page saving it as an html file. Then re-index the site again. A lot of trouble, but it would work.
  6. Is there any way I can get a copy of the script (Entropysearch.cgi) and run it from my own cgi-bin? I would like to make some alterations to the script. Thanks.
  7. Ouch! A quick, easy, reliable and cheap (but limited) service... as others have stated, PayPal. I have set it up for many e-commerce sites (small businesses) and they all seem to think it is great. My biggest complaint is the lack of 'true' integration (i.e. transaction completed on PayPal's server, not very professional). Let us know the direction you go, maybe you will discover something new???
  8. I promise to address your question (slowly; ) in a more formal matter. [more formal matter ???? ] Coming soon! (First time I every used three icons in one post! ; I mean four!)
  9. Dakota: You site is not presently indexed in Google. Your visit was the result of Google's fresh crawl 'finding' your site from an existing indexed page linking to you. This generally means that you are in the queue for another crawl (which will be deeper). There will be actually a serious of crawls (different frequency and depth) before you are actually indexed but the good news is you have begun the process. Now how well your site is ranked for a given keyword phrase is an entirely different ball game. More specifics on this subject coming soon.
  10. With regard to Google, any page that possesses a PageRank will contribute to a page that it links to... any. Actually, I hear that TCH may have more detail on this subject soon!
  11. Much improved... thank you!
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    Rock List

    I much prefer Bob Seger (actually, no comparison), but I have always thought that the perfect theme song for our forum would be: We are family I got all my sisters [and brothers] with me We are family Get up everybody and sing Everyone can see we're together as we walk on by... and we fly just like birds of a feather We know that's no lie-a-ie All of the people around us to say... Can we be that close Just let me state for the record We're giving love in a family dose, yeah We are family (Sing it to me...) I got all my sisters [and brothers] with me, wow..., wow..., yeah We are family, yeah yeah yeah yeah-ie yeah Get up everybody and sing Living life is fun and we've just begun To get our share of the world's delights High hopes we have for the future And our goal's in sight (WE!,) no we don't get depressed Here's what we call our golden rule... Have faith in you and the things you do You won't go wrong, oh-no This is our family Jewel, yeah We are family, wow... (Sing it with me...) I got all my sisters [and brothers] with me, yeah yeah We are family Get up everybody and sing, whoa-o, yeah We are family, yeah yeah yeah yeah-ie yeah I got all my sisters [and brothers] with me, yeah yeah We are family Get up everybody and sing, here we go We are family (Are you gonna sing it) I got all my sisters [and brothers] with me We are family, (come on everybody) Get up everybody and sing, wow...-o..., yeah... We are family, wow... I got all my sisters [and brothers] with me, yeah We are family Get up everybody and sing, yeah-ie yeah-ie yeah We are family, wow... (Sing it to me..). I got all my sisters with me, wow... We are family, yeah yeah yeah yeah-ie yeah Get up everybody and sing, wow... We are family, wow..., (I got all my sister [and brothers] with me) yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah We are family Get up everybody and sing We are family
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    Rock List

    ONE ???? Can't do it!
  14. That URL resolves for me... it might have been just a temporary problem. I would try again.
  15. The graphics added to the 'Smiles' are nice but I do have a recommendation: Would you please make them smaller (maybe half the size). Logic: The 'Clikable Smiles' table now fills half the screen. That means the text box that I typed this in has been substantially reduced. Some of us tend to write... well, let us just say that some of us are more wordy then others. In addition, my picky eyes would love to see the background on TCH Rocks changed to #F5F9FD.
  16. Why do they dislike Invsion?
  17. Mr. Guru: I too get warm and fuzzy from this (your) family. We all appreciate the disciplined approach you have taken to provide us an excellent service. However, I along with Onlinehelper would suggest that 'Our sales come from …' may change once optimization takes affect. Having said this, I feel compelled (for the general benefit of our family) to elaborate on some of the important issues that Onlinehelper has addressed. Onlinehelper: Thank you for your comments and I am sure others have enjoyed them as well. It is for their sake that I continue this discussion. Search engine optimization is a very worthy topic for any site owner and as you know (but others do not), very few understand and, most importantly, address it. A little background on TCH. Their site was just recently optimized. It had never been spidered by Google and was never included in their index (or others). The site was submitted to several of the major search engines on March 6 (not Goggle). Note to others regarding Google submission: It is actually much better to be included into Google by links from other Google indexed sites that link to yours rather then a direct submission to Google. A link strategy for TCH was developed and then implemented on March 6. Google did their first crawl (shallow) within several days after this. They recorded 38 backlinks at that time. The number of backlinks on March 13 went to 102 and presently they have 234. They have subsequently been deep crawled to a certain degree (e.g. some of the threads within this forum are now spidered) but the entire site has not been crawled as of yet. They have obtained a PR of 6, which is quite respectable considering the timeline (For others: PR stands for Google's PageRank, again discussed in other threads). However, TCH is not formally in the Google index yet. This process is sometimes hard to predict (and getting more difficult these days). When sites are first spidered they can actually appear, disappear and then reappear in the index over time (this was observed for TCH). Furthermore, actual addition into Google's index is not always predictable. I have had sites that were spidered and indexed at the same time, sites that had to go through at least one Google dance. What we are seeing now is that it typically takes two Google dances to be properly included and indexed now. Note to others regarding Google's dance: Google does several different crawls, which I have explained in this thread. Therefore, this should explain my earlier statement 'give it a little time'. For other members of our family, I would like to elaborate on a couple of Onlinehelper's points. Links, actually a very specific type of link, inbound links, are very important indeed regarding rank. We have discussed this several times in other threads (regarding both their quantitative and qualitative nature). In brief, I will just state it is not simply a numbers game but the more you have the better. I know that sounds somewhat contradicting but please refer to other threads regarding this subject. Having said that, a statement referring that 234 links is a lot can be misleading. The significance of the actual number of inbound links is highly dependent on the competitive nature of the keyword phrase you are addressing. For example, if you were interested in the keyword search phrase 'Nacogdoches Barber' (Nacogdoches is a small town in East Texas) then a Barber's site (from Nacogdoches) containing 234 links would be significant. If you look at a broader industry (thus more competitive) 234 would be less significant and possibly insignificant. In other words, it is all relative. Example: The top ranking web hosting company has 19,800 links. The third ranked site has 32,200. I point this out for two reasons: first to show that the number of links is definitely relative to the industry (234 vs. 32,200); and second to show that quantitative link popularity is just one aspect of optimization and not necessarily the most important (i.e. a 32,200 inbound link page has lower rank then a page with 19,800 links). Note: your first number has a typo: not 2,000,000 competitors but 200,000. Again, I would like to elaborate to our other family members. The numbers given above are viewed as competitors (which I agree with) but it is important to understand what these numbers truly represent. There are 200,000 pages indexed within Google for the keyword phrase 'inexpensive web hosting'. That really does not mean you have 200,000 actual competitors but it does mean that if you want to use this phrase then you have 200,000 competing pages. The difference in the specifics is that one competitor will have many different pages within the index for this specific phrase (some optimization strategies [which I do not recommend] would involve including 100's of pages for one site for a particular phrase). Onlinehelper brings up a good point though in that selecting your keyword phrase(s) is very important. We have discussed this in other threads. It is also worth noting that specifics are very important, for instance: 'lowcost web hosting' will return 24,600 (18,100 before, the index is always growing) but 'low cost web hosting' returns 809,000 pages (a far more competitive phrase). Thus, each space, letter, etc. is relevant. It is important to understand that you really can not judge how good a phrase is by how many pages are indexed using it. This just helps to define how competitive a particular phrase is. There are some very good tools for identifying the best keyword phrase(s). As mentioned in other threads, Wordtracker is my personal favorite. This will give you quantitative results of actual searches performed. A very, very valuable tool. Using this tool would show that from the list above that only two of the recommended phrases make the top ten of actual 'web hosting' searches performed and none of them are in the top six. Again, it is very important to identify the very best phrase or phrases appropriate for your specific site. The more focused and biased the better. This will translate into a more focused and biased viewer, which results in a much higher ratio of 'satisfied' views (translation for commercial site: $$). This is very true. I much prefer a keyword rich description text link then an image link. If one is using image links, make sure to include keyword rich alt tags. I think this is my longest post ever! Hope it is of some benefit.
  18. It is not? Onlinehelper, we shall see how TCH shall rank, give it a little time. True, it is a very good source of traffic.
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    Mr. Bill Revisit-after is pretty much a meta tag from the past. All the major spiders have their own 'schedules' in dealing with respidering. This is based on many different factors (rank being the most important). I will give you one hint, alter your home page at least once a month (twice would be better).
  20. I too love Internet marketing. No marketing dollar can be nearly as affective as those placed on search engine optimization. Think about it, we all do searches. What site do you pull up? The first few or the 4,365,432nd one? The number one driver of new visitors to a web site is through a search. Then, consider that the individual being passed to a particular site is one that has actively 'searched' using a phrase appropriate for that site. Meaning that a properly optimized site gains biased traffic, individuals actively searching for the information and/or product that that particular web site promotes. Your customer/client is coming to you. Any study that looks at return of investment will show that a properly optimized web site will out weigh all other forms of marketing. Now I will cover my self slightly here by saying that if a site is very regional in nature, the benefits of optimization will be minimized. However, if your interested in obtaining a broader market, it is incredibly beneficail. What do I mean when I say a properly optimized web site? I will continue with your own example. You state: Now if you wanted to optimize your site for 'fausey', it would not be difficult (e.g. you could easily obtain the number one rank for 'fausey' virtually forever). There is minimal competition for that particular keyword (i.e. only 3,650 pages in Google's index) and none of the mentioned sites have been optimized. However, would you really want that phrase? When I say 'properly optimized', it begins with selecting the very best search phrase. What phrase(s) are people actually using when they are looking for me/my product/my information. Marketing a web site is very different then traditional marketing. In the traditional world, we place a billboard (TV, print media, etc.) in front of as many viewers as we can in hope of snaring a few. Now sometimes we can bias that viewer somewhat by the show airing during our commercial time, or the type of print media (e.g. Good Housekeeping, PC Magazine, etc.). In general however, we are hoping the 'right' person sees the advisement. With the Internet, it is the consumer looking for you… very different. Here we have a sea of information and individuals sifting through in an attempt to find a particular subject/product/etc. Now the job of a good web site is to be properly designed so when the individual searches for your information/product/etc. they find you… obtain top rankings among the main search engines using relevant and appropriate keywords. Example: TotalChoice Hosting, what is the very best search phrase? total choice hosting, cheap web hosting, free hosting, hosting, website hosting, web site hosting, domain hosting, web hosting, free website hosting, etc. It turns out that 'web hosting' is not only the best, but is also a very competitive phrase (i.e. 4,020,000 pages in Google's index). Nevertheless, if you were a web site hosting company, you would select 'web hosting' as the primary search phrase for optimizing your site. The next step would be to actually optimize the site for that phrase. This would include the often-mentioned Meta tags (title, keywords, description, etc.), it would include analyzing all header, link and body text (first words, keyword density, etc.). It would involve a site link structure conducive to optimization. It would involve developing and implementing a solid external link campaign. Finally, search engine submission strategy would be developed. All these techniques can be maximized for their utmost benefit, but one must also understand their limits. Each of these techniques can be abused which would be recognized as search engine spamming and result in varying degrees of penalties. I agree! Your www should be everywhere and on everything. All marketing is useful but it never ceases to amaze me how little effort is placed by both small and large companies on the most important Internet marketing strategy of all, search engine optimization.
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    Timur: May I suggest this thread.
  22. The formmail script that Jim and KW suggest will work. It will not automatically add anyone to your email list but it is very easy. A sample script would be: ><form action="http://www.******/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi" method="POST" name="form1"> <input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="you@somewhere.com"> <input type="hidden" name="subject" value="Something you want in the subject of the email you will receive"> <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="http://www.******/YourThankYouPage.html"> **** insert form fields </form> If you have any problems, just post quesiton to this thread.
  23. Thanks for the input, started writing my own... would have finished but I was too busy watching my local team, the Orangemen, winning the NATIONAL TITLE! For those of you unfamiliar with the term 'Orangemen' = Syracuse Orangemen, 2003 NCAA National Basketball Champions!
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