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  1. SEO thoughts: Not in Google index Karl, your site has a lot of potential (sales) but people must be able to find it. You have not incorporated any SEO techniques that have been described here. I would strongly recommend you read all the pinned threads in the Web Site Promotion Forum. Also, read Search Engine Optimization - An Overview, link found on the main SEO page. Read these over and then come back with any questions. Good luck.
  2. KW: I can not get it to work http://cpaneldemo.cpanel.net:2082/?search2...=Test+Drive+Now
  3. Funny, I just looked and it shows v6.0
  4. Come on... if you look close you will see the guy is wearing Levi 501's (you know, button fly) with penny loafers! Way too goofy for HG! Besides, does this guy look like he eats homemade pasta?
  5. According to many experts... one of the best is Programming PHP by Rasmus Lerdorf and Kevin Tatroe, O'reilly Pub. I used the O'Reilly serious for Perl and loved it. I was on a mini-vacation this weekend and just happened to pop in a bookstore, I bought the above book and the brand new companion PHP Cookbook.... it is time I master PHP (Jack you started something ). [note: Rasmus Lerdorf is the creator of PHP]
  6. Sorry, was away for an extended weekend... I just wanted to confirm the above comments (were correct). This was discussed in another thread.
  7. KW: Two issues going on... This is actually the new one (and works). This is an old link.... somebody is caching. The test is not working though.... should be blue lagoon too.
  8. Just got back from a long weekend (needed)... nice surprise. Welcome Jack... it is obvious you will be a nice asset.
  9. Tells you what I know! Thank you for the clarification.... sorry I badmouthed Cute Site Builder (in another thread, I won't tell you where ) I know how much you like. Seriously though, when I look at HTML of the page that it creates I am disappointed. Not clean! Keep in mind though, I am a picky son-of-gun.
  10. I strongly recommend to reference surefire's original thread regarding an alternative mail script (PHP). This was a huge help for many and he has been very good at helping those implement it. The original thread is here
  11. SGarrett: There is the answer to your question. I would strongly recommend (to all) to reference surefire's original thread regarding an alternative mail script (PHP). This was a huge help for many and he has been very good at helping those implement it. The original thread is here
  12. Sorry surefire (and others) I should have elaborated. When you posted: It infers that a FormMail script is within a clients cgibin which is not allowed (with regard to this script). Read more regarding this here. SGarrett: As to your problem... ><form method="post" action="http://abbainc.biz/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi" name="mail"> <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="http://www.abbainc.biz/thanksbid.htm"> <input type=hidden name="recipient" value="bids@abbainc.biz"> <input type=hidden name="required" value="name, name2, email"> This all looks fine (although I never used the required fields line; I use JavaScript for forms validation). I have many clients using this script on TCH servers and all are working. It is a strange error that you are gettting though.... not sure. This looks like a good question for Rick, or one of the other tech people. What is the URL? I would like to look at it.
  13. I concur with the quote. There had been 'talk' for quite awhile regarding a major Google algo rewrite. As I have stated in other threads, I believe that this 'new' algo gave them fits during the latest deep crawl and resulted in a regressing back to an old index. There are also strange results/behavior with fresh bot, which I have been told first hand was being altered significantly. I believe Google's intent is to have fresh bot crawl deeper and actually update the index directly.... maybe heading for either a conclusion to the 'dance' or, depending on your prospective, a continuous 'dance'. They are just not there yet. For more on the Google dance.
  14. Jack is correct in stating that it would be much easier to help you if you give us more information. Script, URL, etc. However, information regarding FormMail is not accurate. FormMail scripts have serious security issues which could affect many... we do not allow their scripts. In CPanel is a ready to use variation of Matt's FormMail that is quite easy to use. KW has information regarding the set-up and use of FormMail in Our Help Section You can find it here: FormMail Help. If you still have problems.... just add to this thread with more specific information.
  15. First things first, Go with cloth and a diaper service.... better for you, the budget, the 'bottom' and the environment. We had these cute little washable wrap things (with velcro)... cannot remember what they were called (too long ago) that made cloth diapers sooo easy. You know..... I actually miss those dad-gum diapers! On to your question: Just a little clarification on your wording... 'the dance' occurs during the process of recalculating and re-ranking the entire Google index. During that specific time, anyone who is in the index will be at the dance (although not everyone gets to 'dance'). Since there is no dance going on at this time, you are not 'in the dance'. I see that you have been visited by Google's fresh bot but I am not confident that you made the queue (which is the first step for the invitation to the dance). There is a minimum amount of 'importance' that one must have in order to be placed in the queue and I do not think you made the cut with your limited number of inbound links. Sorry for the news, but I am an honest guy. Keep working on my suggestions.... you will get there.
  16. Clarification of one statement: Not true! Algorithms have been written to 'see' such spam and sites using such tactics can be penalized or all out banned from the index. The article does speak well of Google.... which is the best search engine!
  17. Lynn: You have been added. SEO thoughts: You are not in the Google Index You made the meta changes/additions I suggested.... good Before I go on a word about Trellix... the word would be Yuck! I do not like the HTML that it produces (at all). Not what I would call 'clean' code which is important for several reasons (W3C standards, easy reading, quick execution). You might want to consider a change to Cute Site Builder. There is an entire section here on this forum dedicated to Cute Site Builder and there are some very good people who really love it. This includes some of the moderators and admins, which would guarantee excellent support/help. Seriously, consider it. [note, I do not use it] Trellix made your site with frames.... absolutely no reason for frames and from an SEO point of view... bad. 1. Get rid of the frames. 2. Flip your site left to right. Put your lung image (and background) to the right side and your text on the left. 3. Put header tags (<h1> and </h1>) around your header: ><B>Catamenial Pneumothorax</B> to ><h1><B>Catamenial Pneumothorax</B></h1> 4. Add a new line above 'Welcome to our web site....' It should be 'Catamenial pneumothorax is a rare disease that ......' 5. Move your links from the top of the page to the bottom. 6. Change the name of some of your links: 'What is Catamenial Pneumothorax?' to 'Catamenial pneumothorax - what is it?' 'How is it treated?' to 'Catamenial pneumothorax - treatment' 7. Get other sites to link to yours. 8. As I suggested in the other thread, submit your site to the free submission search engines and directories. Note: many paid search engines have a no fee service for certain sites (e.g. non-profits), I think they would all welcome yours. Repeat: Get rid of Trellix
  18. You have been added Beth. I see the TCH banner on your site, we would much prefer a simple text link: 'Web Hosting by TotalChoice Web Hosting' would be ideal. SEO thoughts: You are not yet officially added to Google's Index, but you are in the queue. This being a personal page means that it is obviously less critical to be 'ranked'. It still nice to be indexed though, long lost friends might be looking for you. Having that said, I believe the best phrase to optimize for would be your name (and variations of it). You need to add some Meta Tags (Title, Description and Keywords). Read about Meta tags here Obviously, use your name in all three tags. Add these to each page focusing on the uniqueness of each page (e.g. Beth Weiss Writings) From previous discussions, I know you have friends (and maybe family) that have websites. It would be good for you and them if you were to add a 'Friends and Family' page linking to their sites and have them link back to you. Side note: If you have a personal page that you do not want indexed simply add this Meta Tag in the head of the document: ><meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"> The nofollow will prevent the spider from following any link contained on the unindexed page (it could be left out).
  19. Read The Importance Of Inbound Links (backlinks)
  20. Mr. Bill: This will be acceptable under web hosting reseller accounts only. I am thinking of better alternatives for everyone... will keep you posted.
  21. Aknot: You link is fine, although we would prefer a text link. Described here: Link to Us
  22. Whose he calling goofy??? Let's see: Head Guru: have had his goofy moments. Lianna: goofy (certified) Rick: strait shooter, but I have seen him play basketball on a donkey... yea must be goofy. Jim: strait shooter cerealkiller: name says it all (eats nothing but fruitloops) slyfox: no telling, too sly sicilychick: [no comment, she has 'family'] leezard: to new to tell (but I think he has goofy potential) kw: the most 'conservative' goofy we have. It is late, who did I leave out? An appropriate person will address your question (but the answer will be that you will not be able to select your server).
  23. OK... Mr. leezard you have now posted what I believe is the longest post! [kw or lianna can confirm this] Now I believe that Ms. Beth and myself had been the ones known for being what others might call 'wordy'.... well, welcome to the club Beth: get a load of this guy.... he makes you look like a one liner! P.S. I assume it is good information too, not my turf.
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