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  1. Does not hurt, may not help much but it definitely will not hurt.
  2. No they do not, I think they might be too busy to notify everyone Go to Google and search... this will give you an idea if you are there. This does not necessarily mean you are in the index though. I would suggest you begin reading all the pinned threads in this topic (Web Site Promotion). Start with 'SEO What is it' and be sure to follow all the links. This will give you a better background to approach the subject. Hope this helps.
  3. Congrats! I too want to say that it was enjoyable reviewing (and difficult selecting) all the entries. Thanks to all.
  4. When I enter: site:www.x-trememodz.com -querty I see that there are 29 pages indexed (i.e. x-trememodz.com has 29 pages in Google's index). Make sense?
  5. I like the 'cleaning' ... was needed. The more organized we are the easier it is to grow, and we certainly are growing!
  6. Yea Andy! A definite plus to the team.
  7. Everyone put your shoes away! Now you can react to the dance... it is over. Look at PR and see how many pages were included in the index. In the Google search window type: site: www.yourURL.com -querty This will show you the number of pages included in the Google index. Hope all had a good time and no one got their toes hurt.
  8. Very, very dangerous... this is a spam technique which will get you banned from most search engines. No meta tags (you only have one set in the head of your document). This is what you have now at the very end of your page: ></table> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p><a href="http://www.totalchoicehosting.com" title="Web Hosting by TotalChoice Hosting" target="_blank"> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1" color="#CCCCCC">Web Hosting by TotalChoice Hosting</font></a> </p> <!-- InstanceEndEditable --> </body> <!-- InstanceEnd --></html> I am saying change it to this: ></table> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <h1>Brotherhood - Latin music group in Los Angeles</h1> <br> <br> Now add some text here regarding you, your music, etc. (say around 100 words or so). <br> <br> <a href="http://www.totalchoicehosting.com" title="Web Hosting by TotalChoice Hosting" target="_blank"> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1" color="#CCCCCC">Web Hosting by TotalChoice Hosting</font></a> <!-- InstanceEndEditable --> </body> <!-- InstanceEnd --> </html> Make sense now?
  9. To be honest, I am not sure why you need the navbar in the header frame... all those links are graphicaly represented in the main frame. Why don't you just use http://imadsurfer.com/index_b.shtml as your home page? Just a (simple) thought. Got to hit the sack now... too late. Good night.
  10. http://imadsurfer.com/ this is your home page. You would be better off having this as your home page http://imadsurfer.com/html/index.html In other words, get rid of your introduction. Now again I stress, for a personal page it is not that important to be indexed in the search engines. If you do want to be indexed, I would change the pages. Make sense?
  11. Imad: You have been added. From an indexing point of view (which may not be very important for a personal site) you would be much better off if your main page was your home page.
  12. Adolfo: We have added your site. SEO thoughts: You are not in the Google index Suggestions (in the order that I see them): 1. Way too many keyword phrases. What are the best phrases? (focus on them only) Have you read Seo Step 1: Keyword Analysis? 2. You have an extra body tag (line 62). 3.You have multiple head tags. 4. You have multiple title tags (that are both empty). Important to have a good Title (and only one set of tags). Note: 2, 3 and 4 above can cause spiders to say... good-bye. 5. All images should have alt tags. Good luck.
  13. Love the tunes! Kick Me You have been added. SEO Thoughts: MOST IMPORTANT Your site will have a very hard time getting indexed because your home page has no text or links to it. You can do one of two things, get rid of the introduction or make some modifications. I like the intro and normally I do not like intros but in your case I think it works very well. Therefore I would make these modifications: Put links on all your pages back to the home page (http://www.brotherhoodmusic.com). Add a header and relevant text down below the 'Main', 'Pictures', etc. links on the intro page (your index page). Insert a bunch of line breaks then add your header tag followed by the relevant text. No one will ever know it is there but the spiders will have something to 'read'. Make sense?
  14. Wow... your home page really needs cleaning up. You have multiple body tags. You have multiple head tags. You have multiple title tags. Your have multiple table problems. Sorry... but you really need to clean up your html before I can look closer. These errors will also prevent spiders from indexing your site. Let me know when you are ready for round two... in my brief look I am sure to give you some good suggestions.
  15. Sorry I screen these quickly by looking at replies... yours had so many that I thought for sure one would have been mine... again, sorry. You have been added now. SEO thoughts: You are in the Google index You are ranked number one for your selected keyword phrases 'twistedweb' and 'twisted web'. Not more, you could ask for (assuming that this is indeed the best search phrase) Yea! Thumbs Up
  16. Sorry, did not see boxturt reply. I am not convinced that NPBot is all that bad. Think about it, they are out looking for individuals who have pirated copywritten material. Why is that bad? Be careful reading threads in Web Master World... not all the information is accurate (and some is downright inaccurate).
  17. You can not tell the difference from you logs, it just tells you they were there. Do not get paranoid about visits, it is a good thing. The more the better, sure their will be individuals (and robots) that 'see' you that you would prefer not but when you put something in the public domain.... you are asking for 'views'. There are ways to block specific IP address, robots, etc. using your .htaccess file... but truly, I would not worry about it. Quepasacreep is Latin America search engine spider. NPBot is from nameprotect.com, trademark research company.
  18. Seems like every time I go away I return to such good news... welcome!
  19. You were on my list... always an asset even without a title. Welcome! Thumbs Up [sorry for the delayed response, been away]
  20. No sense in discussing PR or rank... we are in the middle of the dance. The reason it is called a 'dance' is because both fluctuate (both up and down) during the process. Bottom line, do not get excited or disappointed. Will keep you posted.
  21. See, you will like the sloooooow dance.
  22. I think things are changing.... as I have written in other threads, I believe Google's goal is to eliminate a 'true' deep crawl. I believe the technology is there now to have fresh crawl take over deep crawl's responsibilities. This is based on inference from the fact that most of the algorithm research that has come out lately strictly deals with 'efficiency'. Thus if they can create a substantially more efficient fresh crawl, they can crawl deeper without excess use of resources. This would eliminate the need for a second (deep) crawl. Jack, your results after this dance may confirm this. The one 'unknown' it that fact that the last index was so bad that this might be the first chance they could come in (with full filters) and re-index. If this is true, we may be one step closer to... well closer to the starting line. Again (Jack), your results will give us a clue. In addition, I believe we are migrating to a seamless PR update... meaning PR alterations on the fly. In essence, we may see (in the near future) a 'continuous' dance. It will be so subtle that know one will ever really know that we are dancing. Sort of like a real, real slow dance... you know, where the feet are barely moving. (e.g. Kay Porter and I in 1975 [or was it 74'] to 'Color my World' by Chicago in our Junior High gym.)
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