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  1. Musicfrisk: First, your image links are all broken on your site. Correct, they do not match... you are not in Google's Directory: http://directory.google.com/Top/Arts/Music..._and_E-zines/M/ How long ago were you included in the DMOZ directory? This just may be a time issue and remember that Google is still not behaving properly.
  2. ISR: As you stated, "I will be developing the site more in the next several weeks". Most pages are under construction. When the site is complete (or at least the first phase) we will add it to our family page and I will be more then happy to give you an SEO evaluation. Just repost on this thread when you are ready...
  3. I use Norton Internet Security but you can use Zone Alarm for free. I too use Norton Internet Security... there is a beefier Zone Alarm (i.e. not free version) that a lot of people recommend. I looked at the two and did a side by side comparison and settled on Norton... don't remember exactly why though.
  4. First, develop skill. This can be accomplished in many different ways (e.g. school, internet, books). I would also recommend starting with a good understanding of HTML. There is a wealth of information online... let Google do a lot of work for you. Second, build a portfolio. You have to have something clean, professional and functional to show perspective clients. You could start by volunteering to develop sites for your church, local fire department, Red Cross Chapter, etc. Good luck
  5. I too am a speed freak... live way (way) out in the country and was instrumental in lobbying my local ISP to offer high speed wireless access, was going to be my only option out here. The other CPUs on my network are mainly for surfing... not much crunching done unless you’re using the workstation. Security is a definite concern... here not so much. Again, I am way out in the country (and everybody knows everybody... good and bad). If I was in a residential area... I might think differently. P.S. Rob... drop by anytime
  6. I have high speed internet connection (~750K), Netgear's MR814 Router, MA521 wireless card and MA111 Wireless USB Adapter. Works like a charm. I also received a great rebate (got the package for under $60.00). My wife was reluctant too, but happy now
  7. OK Jim here is what you can do. Go to Google's directory page on Recreation > Outdoors > Fishing > Guides and Charters > North America > United States Now when you click on each state it will give you a list of charter companies within that particular state ranked by PageRank. Request an exchange link with every single charter company in the US. When you have exhausted all those, go outside the country. This will give you (and the site) what it wants [can anyone smell a number one ranking?]
  8. I agree Rob... the only way you could ever 'damage' your site is if you were to link to such a tool and the tool does not have explicit approval from Google.
  9. Jacks advice is wise. To clarify Jim's PR question: a page that does not have PageRank (or PR zero) can not pass (or add) any PageRank to a linked page. Therefore, as it stands, it would be a worthless 'PageRank' contributing link (regardless of their home page). Now, that does not mean in time this page would not gain PageRank and thus contribute in the future. Again, Jacks advice is good however if one is discussing a 'trade' of any kind, more discrimination may be in order. If I have an established site (i.e. good PageRank) and someone requests a link exchange, I definitely discriminate the requesting page that will link to my site. It MUST have PageRank and the links must be 'real'. A real link as in an actual URL to 'my site' (not JavaScript, PHP, etc, but a real http:// youknowwhatImean.com. If any of these criteria are not met, no link. Sounds tough but if you are the 'established' site, you have room (and reason) to discriminate. On a side note but somewhat related. I would never (repeat never) recommend anyone to pay for a link. This would be wrong on many levels. One of my favorite SEO lines is, 'relevancy should not be bought'. Thus buying links to add to relevancy would be... well wrong. [slowly steps off soap box now]
  10. I removed the direct links from the posts above. Something to keep in mind about links: You can never, never get penalized for a link to your site/page. Makes sense, you do not have control over who links to you. However, you can get penalized on who you link to. This is how the various filters work on discriminating such things as bad neighborhoods, unauthorized scripts, etc. Therefore, I would much rather be save then sorry [i tried to make these edits when you first posted Jim, but I had a devil of a time getting my high speed working... then we lost power today! Really strange being in an office without power.... what to do? I actually read!]
  11. From an SEO point of view: CONSISTANCY (on all links). This is very important and we have discussed it on several threads. When I say consistency, I mean to always use the same URL to refer to a given page. As far as your example, I choose the shorter version myself.
  12. As I have said in other threads, Google APIs have great potential. There are many possibilities here... if any dabble please keep us all informed. Very acceptable (and good link) Thumbs Up
  13. Computerman: A 'backlink' is any page that links back to a 'site'. Now really it is linking back to a 'page' (e.g. internal pages have backlinks too). How we define a 'site' in these terms would be the index page which is and should be the most important page of a site. It should hold the most PageRank and thus pass that PageRank down throughout the site (to the internal pages). Introduction pages are a mistake... remember I am speaking in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) terms here only. Any splash, or 'Welcome' or any none informative introduction page is not a good idea. From a personal point of view, I do not like them either... one more click I have to make to 'see' what I was looking for in the first place. Hope this makes sense.
  14. Thanks Mike... did not look close enough. Well yes it is 'hidden' but if it will get you into trouble is not known yet... that is the part of 'jury is still out'. I still do not think of this as being spam, if anyone were to truly look at what you were doing it would be obvious. The problem is will any new or future filters identify as such... that I can not answer.
  15. Well.... I will repeat my opinion: Need I say more
  16. I know for a fact that there are filters whose sole purpose is to check for text that has a color attribute that matches (or is very similar to) the background color. Sorry.
  17. I will leave the Webmaster World link there, but most of you know I am very picky about our links. It is the largest Webmaster/SEO forum on the net. That said, there is a lot of misinformed 'contributors' and thus a lot of misinformation. Be very, very careful what you gleam from their fourm. So true dukeblue219 Thumbs Up
  18. RJSkon: True (i.e. the verdict is still out). He is not the only one But, it is getting more and more popular so they will have to deal with it sooner or later (and they are smart, so they will). In the short term (and maybe longer), the easiest and best way would be to simple add text way below the flash. You know what I mean?
  19. Jack: Your concern is good Thumbs Up You have read enough of my posts to no that I am very conscientious with regard to spam. I do not have a definite answer with regard to diplay:none Jury is still out. Thoughts: My gut says this is not spam, it could be used to spam but using in this instance it is not spam... and I often go on my gut. I am not a big CSS guy, so I do not use this technique (I guess I should have said that up front). Apparently though there are many scripts that use diplay:none (e.g. menu). Therefore, it would be difficult, or rather foolish, for anyone to write a filter for all 'diplay:none' flags. However, I could easily see how this could be misused and thus filters will be developed for their misuse (same for filtering spamming of a title tag). Having said all of that, again I repeat... I am not a big CSS guy. The method I would use is the adding of real body text way below the flash (or image in some cases) that will be 'read', and is legitimate but most people will never know it is even there (why scroll way down there?). As you know, I have recommended this technique to many within the family here. I actually initially recommended in the beginning of this thread too.
  20. RJSkon: Glad we could be of some help This is how your page looks to spiders (the '*' denote links): >FRAME: TRLX_Top FRAME: TRLX_Left FRAME: TRLX_Middle FRAME: TRLX_Bottom [EMBED] * Home Page * About Us * Products/Services * More Information * Contact Us Atlantic Boiler And Mechanical Services Atlantic Boiler And Mechanical Services offers a wide range of services for boilers and mechanical work, some of the sevices are, Emergency Maintenance, New Installations, Tube Replacements, Code Welding, Planned Maintenance, Pipe Fabrication, Specialty Rigging and P3 Scheduling contact us. Have a great day!
  21. Curtis: I too remembered that thread when it was first posted, it took me forever to remember 'who' and 'where' it was. I did several searches and just could not come up with it Then I remembered it had to be one in regard to my 'SEO thoughts', asking for 'real' text on his home page. So, I went through every single thread until I finally found it
  22. Another note to admins: 1. This should be moved to Web Promotion. 2. If this is not 'Google Approved', the link should be removed. Actually, I would remove the link now and just add the site address until we have an answer from pkeres. My two cents.
  23. pkeres: Per Google: From their Terms of Service: Do you have 'express permission'? If not, you and anyone affiliated with such practices are asking for potential penalties which could result in all out removal from Google's index.
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