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  1. Sure, I'll put it up on the index page the next time I update
    Thumbs Up


    I'm not sure why the images won't load though, no one else has complained yet. I just changed the layout abt 2 days ago and I don't expect it to work properly for resolutions lower than 1024x768. Hmm.


    It is not a resolution issue...


    You don't have permission to access /awards.jpg on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. 
    Apache/1.3.29 Server at www.popagandhi.com Port 80

  2. Click on the main Forum thread 'Great Links!'.

    On the bottom you will see:


    Showing xxx of xxx topics sorted by last post date (other options: topic title, topic starter, number of replies, number of views, topic start date, last poster) in descending order (other option: ascending order) from today (other options: the last 5 days, the last week, the last 10 days, the last 15 days, the last 20 days, the last 25 days, the last 30 days, the last 60 days, the last 90 days, the beginning).


    Obviously this works for all forums :)

  3. Your blog has been added to our Extended Family - Personal Sites page :blink:


    I noticed that some of your images are not coming up for me :(

    [Asia weblog awards, afaublue.jpg and uq.jpg]


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    Thank you for the kind words... would love to see a simple 'web hosting by TotalChoice' link on you home page :dance:

  4. I have used Netscape Composer in workshops for non-computer people in web site devolvement. It is by no means a 'good' program but it did the job. I think it would be a better avenue then Office, Microsoft programs add so much junk to the code it drives me crazy.


    Good luck.

  5. Are there any "hidden" bonuses to this?

    No, except for the cash in can generate.


    My own personal feeling, I do not like advertisements on sites (or radio [yea xm], movies, etc). How many of these ‘commercial’ sites do you have in your favorites?


    None in mine ;)


    You know it is unfortunate that so much is driven by $, remember the days when Google had no paid advertisers… nothing but relevancy. Everywhere we turn from the commercialization of Christmas to the mass marketing directed to our young children in movies, TV, radio, etc., it is all about money. Too much!


    [sorry, steps off soapbox and goes back to work to make more $ so I can buy my children ‘stuff’ for Christmas… only 20 days left! :blink: ]

  6. Why impose a filter that drops high content sites without spammed out pages?
    Well obviously you would not want to. However, remember that we are talking about a huge (beyond huge) database and applying the same filter(s) across the entire data... unfortunate consequences will arise. This is where the fine tuning of the filter(s) will come into play, I have already seen alterations occur (i.e. lost sites coming back).


    Given your theory, how would you explain that several sites (some of mine included) didn't drop in rankings but rather totally dropped out of the Google index.

    Well if it is based a complex analysis of link structure, it would be logical that some sites would be hit and others not. The logical question would be to find the similarity of 'structure' between the sites that were hit. How much is 'too close'. To add to the complexity, I believe that PR scores can trigger or dodge certain filters. I see that it is definitely best to have a PR of 6 or better yet 7 to avoid some of these filters.


    I should add that the 'leading' theory now regarding this filter (and it's inconsistency across all searches) discriminates via the actual search phrase. Some have purposed (with mounting evidence) that 'Paid Word Phrases' are being discriminated against. These would be phrases that are used in the Pay Per Click (PPC) arena. So, Google looks at it's Adwords list and picks a certain number of the popular phrases to trigger the new filter. As I said there is some mounting evidence that this is occurring however, I am not convinced that this is 'it' (as in the sole trigger/filter). I honestly do not like postulating at this point, it is just to new for 'talk'. More time needs to be looking and comparing real results, looking for real clues and then disproving any hunches... one or two will hold at the end of the day (or in this case, the next 30 or so days).


    Sorry I am not giving any 'real' information... I wish I could. :P

  7. Well, my vote.php page has only one backlink to it within my own website, however, there are other non-OMGN websites that link directly to the vote page, bypassing my home page.



    From Google's point of view, you have only one relevant backlink (internal or external) for your vote page. You may have more pages linking to this page but they are not meeting the PR threshold that Google uses to discriminate link 'relevancy' (as it relates to a real backlink). This can be viewed by using link:http://www.yoursite.com/whatever.html on Google.

  8. Don't use automated site submission (like the one in cPanel). Most (if not all) search engines frown upon their use, much better to submit manually.


    As to rank... hmm. We have page rank or SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) this would be the position of a particular page using a particular search phrase.


    We also have PageRank (or PR) which is Google's quantitative value of a page's 'importance'.


    Have you read Search Engine Optimization - An Overview?


    If you follow all the links, you will have a better understanding.


    Good luck and let us know if you need further clarification.

  9. 1) Stemming. So this means, in regards to my website, "games" and "gaming" would be stemmed words?


    2) I have noticed some interesting PR results on my website.

    What you are seeing is nothing 'new', this is how PR gets transferred. Your home page is 'feeding' all your internal pages. The actual PR that is transferred is dependant upon all outbound links on the 'feeding' page. In a simple structure, one would see the linear relationship from top to bottom that you have described.


    This is not the 'distance' that we were discussing above. Remember that PR can be 'gained' or 'given'. In your 2), we are discussing PR being passed down through a site from a index page.


    The 'distance' issue we discussed before was with regard to internal pages feeding PR to the index page (i.e. the other direction). Now if your internal pages only have PR from the home page, then obviously it can not contribute any real significance back. However, if internal pages gain PR from 'other' sources then they indeed can feed this PR back to the home page. What happens now (I think) in large sites is that only a certain number (e.g. threshold) of internal pages (or maybe even 'neighborhood' pages) are considered when recalculating PR for a given page.


    As to your 'vote' page... looking.


    If you are calling vote.php your 'vote' page, you only have one backlink to it. Thus your observation matches what one would expect.

  10. I meant to add one more change that Google is doing on their searches, stemming.


    From their 'The Basics of Google Search' page:


    Word Variations (Stemming)

    Google now uses stemming technology. Thus, when appropriate, it will search not only for your search terms, but also for words that are similar to some or all of those terms. If you search for "pet lemur dietary needs", Google will also search for "pet lemur diet needs", and other related variations of your terms. Any variants of your terms that were searched for will be highlighted in the snippet of text accompanying each result.



    This too affects the SERPs. More importantly, it means that you can use a more diverse vocabulary and still get the benefit of a certain keyword density.

  11. So basically what you're saying, is that pages within a website linked to the home page (Like "links.html" has a link back to the home page) aren't being given quite as much emphasis as they were before?


    And now Google is measuring links by "how far away" they are from the website?

    Well I think it is more 'how close' a backlink is rather then 'how far away'. Then backlinks which reside within a certain 'distance' will have less of a contribution. Now we must determine what we mean by 'distance'.


    I remember reading a research paper awhile ago in this regard. It discussed 'closeness' with regard to an IP address. This obviously brought concern to me when one considers virtual hosting. Bill and I had more then one conversation on this matter. I wanted an understanding of what the octets of an IP represented and how were they related. From our multiple conversations (I am a bit slow ;) ) we concluded that it would be very difficult to show a true 'neighborhood' via IP address.


    Now one can postulate a whois enquiry (would take too much processing I think). This again would not make sense because an early trend (and one that continues today) is to have the web developer register a domain. Thus one developer would consist of a 'neighborhood'? That would be crazy.


    I think it must be more of a complex analysis of link structure (i.e. number of inter-related nodes within a certain subset). On to more research...

  12. This last update was very interesting. It was nice seeing a real dance again, it has been too long! However some of the new filters installed had a seriously negative affect on many top ranked sites. There are many theories going around but none of them are solid if one reviews all the evidence.


    I have learned (or at this point I should say believe) that less importance is given to links within a certain distance from the linked page. This could be called a proximity set, neighborhood, or linked vicinity. How this is determined I am not sure, looking into IP discrimination but I do not think that is it.


    What this all means, a site with many internal pages will suffer. All the internal pages will not contribute back to say the home page. It also seems that more 'on-page' characteristics are weighting more then they were before... I think this is a good thing.


    What does this all mean… well for those of you that took a serious fall. Hang tough, when ever Google installs filters that alter the SERPS in a drastic way they ‘modify’ and come back to a more reasonable level of ‘change’. Therefore, I would do minimal changes/alterations/spend money over the next 30-45 days.


    In the meantime, review your online characteristics (these have been discussed in many threads here at TCH). Work on getting more backlinks and focus on backlinks from a more diverse population (i.e. more unrelated ness).


    I will offer more when I learn more.

  13. Thank you for the welcome. As you stated, the obvious answer is do not use frames (any new design should not use frames).


    For an established framed site that does not want a redesign, how about a site map link on the 'body' frame. This would allow a spider to continue to crawl. I would also recommend a link back to the home page (thus always feeding PageRank back to the home page).


    Hope this helps.

  14. Thanks again Rob Thumbs Up




    You have been added to our Extended Family - Nonprofit and Informational Sites page :huh:


    SEO Thoughts... hmm magic, in this day and age with Google it might be appropriate to name it Magic!


    You are not in the Google Index (might be a new site, yes?)


    Without proper research, I can only guess what your ideal search phrases should be, for the sake of this conversation I will focus on 'sailboat scoring'. Again, this is just a 'guess'.


    1. Title Tag:

    <title>Sailboat Scoring Software from SailOk Software</title>


    2. Description tag:

    content="Sailboat scoring, manage handicapping, and race registration of sailboat regattas for one-design, PHRF (T-O-D or T-O-T) and Portsmouth classes."


    3. Keywords:


    List them in order of importance (e.g. 'sailboat scoring' would be first).


    4. The red headings on the left need header tags (e.g. <h2>SailOK Scoring</h2>


    5. Change name of red headings on the left (e.g. Sailboat Racing Scoring, etc.)


    6. You have four paragraphs of body text. I would have each one begin with a keyword phrase and I would like to see internal text contain bolded keyword phrase(s).


    7. Remove the links to US Sailing Assoc. and Okalahoma City Boat Club, you can add a links or resource page and have links on it but do not have them on your home page.


    Hope this helps :(

  15. As Jim said, no need to resubmit (or remove). Google picks up sites by crawling, actually it is the best way to be spidered by Google (following an external backlink instead of an actual 'submit site'). That means you need to get other sites to link to yours (preferably to your home page). As Google crawls, they will pick up your site from those links and spider your site again.


    It may take several 'views' before it indexes and deep crawls your site, this is definitely a process.


    Good luck.

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