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  1. Chris:


    TimeSaver Services has been added to our Web Hosting Family Members page ;)


    You asked sooooo nicely for the evaluation, I am so sorry but I honestly do not have the time presently. I sincerely apologize. When (If) I get back into allowing myself more time on these forums, I will come back to your site and give you my two cents.


    Again, I am truly sorry :)

  2. Adam:


    You are sitting just fine. As Mike and Jim suggest... be patient.


    You have been officially crawled by Google but you are not officially indexed. You do have 3 backlinks recorded thus far and it looks like Google visited you again yesterday (3/07/04)... did you look to see how deep googlebot crawled?


    Again, you are seating exactly where you want to be. Still work on acquiring backlinks in the interim and wait to see how Google indexes you.


    Good luck ;)

  3. Is Inktomi too important a bot for me to just ban it with a robots.txt file?
    It depends on the 'point' of the site, if you want targeted viewers interested in your content... the answer would be yes.


    P.S. If you site is just recently added to the index they will hit you hard in the beginning but this will not be an ongoing, continuous ordeal (i.e. they will not always be "ripping your bandwidth apart").

  4. Does Google index pages with dynmaic urls (www.yoursite.com/index.php?var=1&blah=blah&etc=1)... yes.


    Does Google rank static (and static appearing pages) better... yes.

    Concur, as time goes on better and better incorporation of dynamics.


    I do know that google DEFINITELY uses description tags, keywords I am unaware.

    Concur with regard to description tags (you can convince yourself by looking at indexed sites with decent PageRank... the description is used in the SERPs (search engine ranking pages). Keyword tag is not important with Google; however, do not disregard them in that they are used by others and 'others' do play a role (albeit small, but you never know about the future [especially these days]).

  5. cloudrm:


    You reference a good source (well sort of). I am not sure who Vincent Flanders is but Doctor HTML is copyrighted by Imagiware, Inc. Thus I removed your direct link above and have included what I would call as 'the source'.


    It is a tool I recommended as well :dance:


    I may stand corrected and they may be affiliated in some way, I did not look into it.

  6. GeorgeRaft:


    I have not read the book but I find it curious that his site is not ranked well (at all!) :D


    One thing about a good book, if it is in print it would have outdated material. Look how things have changed since November and then again at the end of January... you would be better served looking for fresh content online.


    Just my two cents.

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