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  1. i bewlive i found the problum but it is a super major one. for some reason i cannot get a param to print out no matter how i try it. ive tryed:


    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";


    print param('name');


    $name = param('name');

    print $name;


    $CGI = cgi->new;


    print $name;


    im not sure why. and i know about permissions.

  2. Well im new to scripting and i attepmted to right a basic guest book that i am going to one day turn into a full blown forum. I was just wondering if any one can point out what i did wrong on this script. Please HELP!



    use CGI;


    my $cgi = CGI->new();



    my $name = $cgi->param('name');

    my $msg = $cgi->param('msg');



    if (length ($name) > 50 || length ($msg) > 2000) {

    print "Content-type: html/text\n\n";

    print "Your name or message was too long.";





    $msg =~ s/[\n\r]/<br>/g;



    open (LOG, ">>msg_log.txt") || die ("Can't open msg_log.txt: $!");

    flock (LOG);

    print LOG "$name wrote: $msg\n";

    close (LOG);


    print "Content-type: html/text\n\n";

    print "Thanks for your message";



    I suck at de-buggin and cant seem to figure it out. so please help. :D

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