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  1. I STRONGLY support this measure. I already had problems with the blacklisting of my domains by AOL. Now I understand why that happens. Thanks TCH.
  2. 1. http://dtakata.aspuru.com 2. piko: dori takata's point beyond center 3. the middle of the abdomen that marks the place of former attachment. 4. personal site 5. I added a link to my sidebar under the category "lint" (my website is about bellybuttons!) Rock Sign
  3. I've been a TCH customer for quite a while before noticing the Family. I want in! 1. http://alan.aspuru.com 2. Alan Aspuru-Guzik 3. Quantum chemistry meets film, meets politics, meets cuisine and random stuff. 4. Personal 5. There is a link to TCH on the menu on the right at the bottom Thanks! Alan
  4. Fantastico When will we get Fantastico? It is really a good set of tools that will raise the value of your services!!
  5. TITLE: The TotalChoiceHosting Linux Guru Media: Digital Taken with a Minolta DIMAGE S404 Time: Sometime on a Sunday night. Full image at this link This picture depicts me in a geeky enligthened state. Showing the my Zaurus PDA, the paper I am correcting tonight, the desktop, the laptop, the scanner, the kneeling chair, and the chess and science books. Oh, I forgot! the lefty Linux T-shirt. Too bad I don't have the TotalChoice hosting website open in the pictures that Jason Scott of the BBS Documentary took of me like 6 months ago : BBS Documentary entry for Nopal BBS Alan Aspuru-Guzik
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