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  1. Another quick question. What if my IP address is not static or I don't know the IP of everyone that I want to grant access via the program? I was reading something that said you can set up the username to accept connections from any host using the grant command. Is it possible to do that?
  2. Is it possible to access my MySQL database remotely? I want to access it from a program I'm writing, but I don't know what the IP or port number is that I need to connect to.
  3. wow, that makes me feel all inferrior and stuff. But it'd be kind of hard to do my programming on that screen since I probably couldn't read half of what I was typing. Dang nice though, makes a super awesome multimedia setup!
  4. you're 7' 8" tall? I'm 6' 3" and I though I was doing ok. You've got to have issues getting through doors and stuff!
  5. If I could have a penny for every time I'd probably smack my head on that ceiling, I'd be a rich man
  6. You should be able to edit your posts, there isnt an edit buttin in the upper right? there is now, but I swear it wasn't there earlier
  7. Ok, this wasn't allowd. Sorry for the oops.
  8. hey, what gives. How do I edit my post? I hadn't thought about the bandwidth issues with putting my image on my account until it was mentioned, but I can't edit the post to change it.
  9. I've used a ton of live cd's. I like slax as well. PHLAK is a good one, and the new knoppix isn't that bad either. I've got a whole cd binder filled with linux distro's, of both the live cd and hard drive based variety
  10. I use smart ftp. I think you're supposed to pay for it, but I've been using the one I downloaded off of their site for a long time and it still works
  11. yea, spybot is good. You've just got to make sure that you get those apps from the right site. There are some clones out there that actually put spyware on your system
  12. I tried grisoft's antivirus, but it seems to make my systems performance go south during games. And I've got a beefy system, so it shouldn't.
  13. Here's mine. Not too aweful fancy or anything, but it lets me get my work done, most of the time.
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