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  1. The reseeding process of all servers that backup too buserver2 has completed, we have turned back on the regular incremental backup schedules and data is now available for restores on the server as normal. Thank you everyone for your patience while we worked to bring buserver2 back into a production state.


    Is this why my site just-for-fun-club is down?




  2. The version of Wordpress in Fantastico is not the latest. Hopefully you have a backup of your site and database that you can restore and then download the update from the Wordpress site and follow their upgrade instructions.


    Well I got a nag email from TCH so thought I better do it or else :)


    Received: from server120.tchmachines.com ([])


    Subject: Fantastico De Luxe Outdated Installations Notification for dabsy.net

    X-Originating-IP: []

    To: @verizon.net

    Reply-to: @verizon.net

    Message-id: <7c609f04d5cbcce24b63d0c722a851b8@localhost.localdomain>

    MIME-version: 1.0



    I was able to edit out the offensive A's by hand......not much content so was easy.

  3. This is one of the reasons I do manual installs.


    As Don said you can download the file, edit it and upload it back to the server. That's the way I do it. :notworthy:


    Thanks everybody....what I ended up doing with the help of a friend was to edit the Left Side bar for the Theme using file manager....added the code towards the bottom and it works great.



  4. Ok I found a neat plug called 101 Tech quotes and the plugin shows active but I have to add <?php ShowQuote(); ?> to the template for the theme I am using and I don't have write permissions.....I looked at the theme file in File Manager and see the grid where permissions are already set to 755 but it won't let me change the numbers, and for that matter not sure what to change them to [777] is on my other blogs theme and I can make changes there.


    So if anybody can clue me in as to why I can't make the permissions change I would appreciate it<G>




  5. I would always update manually anyway because Fantastico takes too long to get the updates out. They can become two releases behind very quickly. The upgrade instructions Don links to are simple to follow and it should only take about 15 minutes to complete.


    Ok thanks Don and Bruce I will give it a whirl ;)



  6. Ok I have site which I have a wordpress blog, however if I look at the list of installed via Fantastico it shows no installations for Word Press. When I started the site Fantastico was not avail at TCH. Later I set up another site here and it came with Fantastico and I used that to install a WP Blog on the new site and it shows as installed.


    After checking the older site I also noticed the WP Blog needs upgrading as it is still at 1.5.


    My question is do I have to wipe out the orig WP Blog and install it via Fantastico inorder to have it show up as installed?


    the blog in question is at http://www.just-for-fun-club.net/wordpress/





  7. Please note the new IP of this server :


    Well I got a topic notice my IP number was changed......now what does that mean to me.....do I need to do anything? Also my server name was changed to Yavin......was I supposted to do something with that also? My site is running fine so that is my confusion.





  8. I have had zero spam on my Wordpress blogs from day one using one plugin called Spam Karma which is now in release 2. There are other spam plugins for Wordpress but why would I bother trying more of them when Spam Karma works?


    First plugin I install after installing a Wordpress blog is Spam Karma.


    I'm from the Dayton area.


    Cool I am in Fairborn....but grew up in the Belmont area :)

  9. At this time we have no definate plans to roll out php5.


    Once the demand increases for it, we will consider it.


    I have a openid account and love it......I have a knitting blog and like to read and post on other knitting blogs and I can tell you it gets to be a real PITA to register for all of them....most require registration to post so now that openid can be used in Wordpress and Livejournal I can use my openid to log in and I am off an running.....it's wonderful and frees up my Blonde brain for other things besides keeping track of userids and pws.


    Anyway just thought I would add my take on this :tchrocks:



  10. I am catching up on my reading and I can't keep quiet. I picked TCH because of the price, the online support and this Forum which to my surprise the owner actually replies to posts and makes announcments.....that is awesome IMO.


    So TCH will continue to get my business for a long time.


    Thank You Bill for all you do!





  11. Ok now that you mention that I did notice 2 folders with the same filename....I get that when I unzipp stuff :blink: so when I upload I need to make sure I open the second folder....I think that's what I did with the Letoprime theme but can't remember...I get confused real easy.


    Wow your the greatest :thumbup1:


    Once again TCH is the best Webhost :blink:


    Just wanted to add that I decided on the Pulp theme....looks great and is not overly bloated....I love color so it works for me :D


    Thanks again!

  12. As I understand it, it means that your wp can not find the css files it needs for the theme.

    Check the zip file if they are there if and upload them, if they are not you need to contact the author of the theme.


    I did check and they all had the style.css file....as Tim found it was my error :blink:


    You guys are the greatest :thumbup1:

  13. The themes were one too many directories deep. For example /wp-content/themes/pulp-10/pulp-10 should be /wp-content/themes/pulp-10 with all the files in the first pulp-10 folder. WP won't go digging past the first directory.


    I took the liberty of fixing that for those three themes, so see how it works now.


    Ok now that you mention that I did notice 2 folders with the same filename....I get that when I unzipp stuff :D so when I upload I need to make sure I open the second folder....I think that's what I did with the Letoprime theme but can't remember...I get confused real easy.


    Wow your the greatest :(


    Once again TCH is the best Webhost :yes:

  14. Ok I found some really neat IMO themes. I am putting together a Knitting Blog for my projects and the 3 themes I wanted to try don't work....in the presention area I get this:


    Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.


    Name Description

    pulp-10 Stylesheet is missing.

    roundflow-10 Stylesheet is missing.

    sk2_final Stylesheet is missing.


    I am not that bright or code savy so looked at the files and I see Style so what is the problem...If the codeing needs to be fudged with I am out on a limb....it's a shame the themes are not user friendly but maybe I did something wrong.


    Thanks for any help or suggestions.



    Oh the blog is at http://dabsy.net/knits

    not much there yet cause I need a good theme<g>

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