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  1. Hi, we have a one story home about 2000 sq ft. We have spectrum cable for our internet and the modem is about in the middle of the home in our office.  We have a separate room at one end of the house that is separated by our laundry room so perfect to rent out. We are trying to figure out the best way to get wifi to the person who will rent the room.  Currently there are no wires to that room except electricity..  one option I think is to run cat 5 wire trough the wall/ceiling from our current office to that room.  We can get a router and plug cat 5 to router and they can get wifi from the router.  This will prevent us from giving our wifi password by my thinking.  But getting that cord is a bit of a big deal so we would like to avoid hat if possible.  Also someone told us that he router will still use our IP address and if they are looking at no-no subjects, we could get in trouble.  We could get a separate spectrum account but that is more expensive than we hope for.   If we get a router, can our wifi go to the router and then they have their own network through the router?  There would still be the problem of looking at bad subjects but we wouldn't have to run the cat 5.  

    Any other thoughts on this dilemma?

    thank you 


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