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  1. Thank you very much for all of your replis.

    I guess I would switch from phpbb plus back to phpbb.

    That would probably be easier for me to upgrade hereafter, especially for a person like me who doesn't know much about php, database, etc...


    Does anyone know how could I install a new phpbb forum and get all the posts and user information from the

    old phpbb plus??? Is that possible??? I could drop all the mods bundled with phpbb plus. I don't care about those mods now. The forum itself is the most important to me.


    Thanks again and I would also go to phpbb.com or phpbb.de (for plus) to ask for help.


    Best regards,



  2. Thanks for your reply GvilleRick.

    I know how to FTP to check if there's any new file added.

    However, as to checking database by PhpMyAdmin, I totally have no idea where to start and how to do it. I guess I'll just assum there's nothing odd in it...ha


    Btw, right now, I'll upgrade my forum by the patch file provided by phpbb.com.

    However, could anybody tell me how to run

    "patch -cl -d [phpBB DIRECTORY] -p1 < [PATCH NAME]"


    I know the [patch name] should be "phpBB-2.0.3_to_2.0.21.patch".

    However, what should I put for [phpBB DIRECTORY]??? (domain name is "sleepy.idv.tw"; forum folder is "sleepy.idv.tw/miami/forum/")


    Besides, should I upload the file, "phpBB-2.0.3_to_2.0.21.patch", only or all the files and folders unzipped from the file downloaded from phpbb.com???


    Thank you very much


    Best regards,



  3. Thanks for your suggestions.

    I'll start to find out how to upgrade and upgrade my phpbb accordingly (hopefully I could do that successfully).

    However, after running the upgrade to the latest version, is there any way to check if there's anything bad left in my space/phpbb/database when the hacked attacked my phpbb yesterday???


    I just want to make sure that my site is clean after the upgrade...



  4. The one I am running is phpbb 2.0.4. (actually I installed phpbb plus 1.1, which is phpbb2.0.4+many mods built in). I'll search and read the relevant articles and try to find out how to do the upgrade without affecting the built-in mods.


    However, before I upgrade and reactivate my forum, is there any way to find out if there's any bad program/script was installed by the hackers???


    Thank you very much.

  5. Hello,


    My phpbb forum was hacked yesterday.

    Fortunately, I restored most data because of TCH's weekly backup. Thanks, TCH.

    However, I would like to know how to find out if there's still any back door program/entry in my space/database???


    Btw, I know the version of my phpbb is too old and it's very important to upgrade phpbb or any other scrip/software to the latest version to prevent the possible attacks. However, because there are too many mods installed (actually, I installed phpbb plus so that these mods were built in), I really don't know how to upgrade properly.


    Anyways, I'll try to search and read more posts about phpbb security and try to upgrade it (if I know how).


    Thank you very much.


    Best regards,



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