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  1. Mike, or anyone else. Can I get more information on the 'remote backup' add-on? Thanks.
  2. Thanks. That's another thing I learned from this problem. I changed it to a hardcoded number.
  3. Hey, The address is NOT ALLOWED IN THE FORUMS <-- edit TCH-Bruce Warning, this site contains adult content. Anyway, if you shrink your browser window, you'll see the table on the left and the gif image and the verbage start to crowd over each other. I don't know if a style sheet will fix this. Added by TCH-Bruce: PM the link to him, thank you.
  4. I hope I can explain this problem correctly, so here it goes. I've coded my pages by hand using standard HTML, not having used a web page creation package yet. When you shrink the window on my web page, all the gifs and tables get pushed to one side and start writing over each other, where as other web pages only go so far, then you just can't see the rest. Can anyone tell me how to fix this, or what I need to do differently to get rid of this unsightly annoyance. Thanks for any help. Moving to HTML Forum for better exposure. TCH-Rob
  5. Woo-Hoo, congrats on the little one...Oh joy in diaper changing and the wonderful smells that go with it.
  6. Oaky, I got it. Thanks again for all the help...
  7. In the post above with the directions for hot link protection, I have two questions... Here, ..."Enter the protected extensions in the Extensions to allow field. Make sure you separate each extension with a comma." So if I enter .jpg, does that mean these files won't be hot link protected? And here..."Click on the Allow direct requests tick box if you want to allow direct URL access to non-HTML files, such as images." If I click this box, does that mean that all other files besides .html, people will be able to pull up in their browser directly? I guess I don't understand the two directions, which seem similar.
  8. Thanks again. I never thought of the blank .html page. As for the indexing, they could still right click, go to view source and find the subdirectories and then go there directly, couldn't they? But I think it still sounds like it would add another hurdle. Thanks.
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm glad I asked. I have another question, is there a way to stop people from going directly to various directories on your web site? In other words, I have a home page under www or public_html and subdirectories underneath that contain images that are served through an album, but I don't want those pictures accessed directly. I just want those images served to an html page but not looked at directly. Did that make any sense? Thanks for any help...
  10. I was trying to find information on this. Can anyone tell me where to find it, I know I ran across it somewhere, but performing a search from the help page hasn't done it. Thanks.
  11. Here's one thing as far as navigation goes. I noticed a lot of your web pages aren't very concise. There are a lot of links along the sides, to add to which, the pages are long, making me scroll down to get to something I need. For instance on the web-hosting-support page, the links on the right could be consolidated so that "Web Hosting Services" is a link to the seven links below it now. This would allow you to make the page more compact and wouldn't require as much scrolling. Another fine point was that I had trouble initially coming back to the site and finding the forum. There is a link, I just found it, but I actually have to scroll down to find it instead of having a tab at the top or a link on the right or left side at the top. Also, the name of the link makes me ignore it, since most of them start with "Web Hosting..." My eyes glaze over these as they all look the same and I am looking for something starting with 'F'. Okay, I know, long explanation, but I thought it might help. Mind you this is a suggestion and not a complaint. I think the site is great, it just takes some time to get used to. But for your business, the home page does what it's supposed to do, which is sell your products. For the rest of us already sold on totalchoicehosting, it just gets in the way... Aaron
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a topic mentioned in another post called "Website Organization and Accessibility". Can anyone point me in the right direction. Basically I'm trying to figure out how the access to my website works. I found out people can access parts of my web site directly without going through the home page, which I would like to restrict. Thanks.
  13. Okay, I was wondering. Because it sounded like the account would be permanently terminated, which I wouldn't have understood. Thanks for clearing that up. Thumbs Up
  14. Hey, had a question or two about your acceptable use policy. Hope this is the right place for these questions. Right here.... 'Transmitting obscene materials or child pornography...' What is considered obscene materials? I know I saw a post somewhere that said you allow adult web sites, so I couldn't understand what obscene was. Also, here... Denial of Services, DDoS, Smurf and other service attacks started against your web site will effect the entire population of the Totalchoice Network, therefore your site will be subject to immediate termination of your account. I think this paragraph is written twice in the policy, once under security and once under networking. Anyway, am I understanding this right, if my web site gets DDoS'd, my account is terminated? Thanks for any help.
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