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  1. good luck trying to google free trial download script
  2. yes but i don't know a name or anything. They keep recommending formmail scripts, Similar to what i need but not quite.
  3. make you fill out a form and then email the free trial d/l link to you. Anyone know where i can get one of these?
  4. Am I doing something wrong? It keeps telling me invalid paramaters etc.... on 2co page. I heard there were problems when they switched to v2. Has anyone had any luck getting oscommerce cart and 2co to work together????
  5. Could one of you tch guys please add oscommerce to the scripts directory, I tried putting it in but i'm having problems getting it to work. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have absolutely no clue, probably as many emails as you@youremail.com get. -=o) either way I'd like to have either.
  7. I still have 50 Gmail Invites. If you are interested in using gmail post your current email here and i'll send you an invitation. Gmail holds 1 Gb of email so you don't have to erase any of them. Let me know. -Nicholas
  8. Isn't it a medical condition to have that many fonts java script:emoticon('') smilie (just kidding) That's an amazing amount of fonts.
  9. Tubehead, The script you are looking for is probably at www.hotscripts.com, and if you can't find it there you can have one custom made using www.rentacoder.com. However, the script your looking for is called a usermanagement script. One that will enable users to log in, log out, and search based on a criteria you set. You will indeed need to learn mysql as well as use .php. Being most (if not all) tch servers are linux based it will make it much smoother to use those two together. [Edited by TCH-Bill H] I'm not sure if this is done within Cpanel once I sign up to TCH. Or if I should do it somehow with MS Access & MS Front Page 2003? And to answer a couple of your questions.... Cpanel, as amazing as it is, has no function that would allow you to add a custom management script...and....Just friendly advise -> GET AWAY FROM FRONTPAGE <- it is evil. If I'm not mistaken MS Access Needs a windows based server to run on, and with windows based servers comes windows based problems. If you do decide to go with TCH, good luck and I wish you the best. -Nicholas
  10. sry missed that one all together... 1. Your URL e.g. www.MySite.com (please make it a link, you know click the http:// button up above) http://www.panickeys.com 2. The name of your site. PanicKeys.com 3. Give a brief description of your site (approximately 75 characters max.). A place to find the infamous Panic and Any Keys 4. Indicate whether the site is of a commercial, non-profit or personal nature. If it is of a personal nature, please indicate if it is a blog. Commercial 5. Please acknowledge that you have a link back to TotalChoice Hosting (required) click for adding a link to TCH Yes the link has been added
  11. I don't know if this will win or not but..... I live so far out in the country that I can only get dial up (that's right, not even dsl is avail), the best part. My house is so far from the box that my highest speed so far is 24.k. What makes that even worse is I have cable at work so I have to feel the difference constantly.
  12. 1st - PHP Tutorials [Easy PHP Nav,the i-frame of the future or something] OK first I'm going to show you the code,ready? ------------ <?php switch($id) { default: include('main.htm'); break; case "blah": include('blah1.htm'); break; case "blah2": include(blah2.htm'); break; case "blah3": include('blah3.htm'); break; case "blah4": include('blah4.htm'); break; case "blah5": include('blah5.htm'); } ?> ---------------------- -DEMO- TOTALCHOICEHOSTING DOES SUPPORT PHP The Steps: ------------ - The first thing you need to do is copy this file for the php coding (don't copy that coding above). - Now if your confused maybe about the coding itself let me break it down ---------- <?php switch($id) { default: include('main.htm'); ---put the url for ur newspro or something break; case "blah": ----put the name u want the page to be an same for the rest include('blah1.htm'); ----put the url for another page an same for the rest break; case "blah2": include(blah2.htm'); break; case "blah3": include('blah3.htm'); break; case "blah4": include('blah4.htm'); break; case "blah5": include('blah5.htm'); } ?> ---------- Now you can of course make this longer by just adding this at the end an for common sense sake put it after: ------------------- break; case "blah5": include('blah5.htm'); --------------------- and for common sense sake put it above: ----- } ?> ---- - OK now that u have the code u need to insert it where u would put your news or like if u had an i-frame replace the i-frame code the the php coding ,then save the page an name it yourpage.php - Got that?..ok now for your links put this as the link "?id=default" now the name must correspond with your coding ex: if -------------------- break; case "blah": include('blah1.htm'); -------------------- for the link it would be <a href="?id=blah">blah</a> and it would take u to the blah1.htm page. - Now you just need to upload yourpage.php -On to the next one, which is what I use and really simple 2nd This is another method of doing this, which I think is pretty cool. But I'm running out of time so i won't elaborate much... <?php if (! file_exists("$page.php")) { include("404.php"); } else { include("$page.php"); } ?> Now that goes in your main page where you want the content to show up. Lets say you pasted it into index2.php. You need to make a 404.php and upload it in the same directory. Now you make the links to: index2.php?page=whatever and if for some reason one doesn't show up it'll revert to the 404 page. If you need help I'll try my best to help.
  13. Is there a way to tell what server your domain name is on if the DNS isn't pointed to it. For instance...If the domain name changes haven't propengated when changing hosts and work needs to be done in the mean time. I can't remember what server my domain is on. Is there a way to manually tell?
  14. Is it supported, i know it's usually windows based but i believe they have addons for linux servers
  15. Unix Security: The FormMail Hack Is your Web server being used as a Spam Mail relay? It could be, and it doesn't even need a daemon listening on the SMTP port. How's it done, and how do you prevent your system from becoming a target? Last year while monitoring our SMTP stats, I noticed an unusual amount of input traffic to our Webserver. Curiosity got the best of me, so I started looking at the Web logs only to find thousands of attacks targeted at a Perl script known as FormMail.pl. A short time later, I started getting thousands of bounced email and complaints from hundreds of people blaming me for acting as a Spam relay. I questioned how this could be, as my Web server wasn't even listening on the SMTP port… or so I thought. The FormMail.pl Hack A Spam hack many administrators are still not aware of, takes advantage of a well-known perl script called FormMail.pl, used for processing Web-based forms. Originally written by Matt Wright, the popular version 1.6 allows an attacker to send a malicious URL to the Web Server thus accessing the mail binary and turning your otherwise harmless machine into a spam Mail relay. Millions of Web servers around the world still use version 1.6, despite the release of newer more secure replacements. Until recently, FormMail.pl was considered reasonably safe due to the implementation of "Referrers" that [only] allowed access based on a specific ruleset of allowable domains and IP's. # Config code # @referers allows forms to be located only on servers # which are defined in this field. This security fix # from the last version which allowed anyone on any # server to use your FormMail script on their web site. @referrers=('net-security.org', 'another_domain.com'); A single machine could handle several thousand referrers at a time including Virtual Hosts. The script however, wasn't entirely perfect; not that it didn't work, but it was very easy to hack. Detecting the Hack The worst part of this exploit is the administrator usually won't suspect anything's wrong until he starts receiving mail informing him about his so-called Open Relay - that is, if he bothers to read it. The theory behind the hack is simple: The attacker sends a string to the web server, fools the server into processing the data, and relays via the internal mailer in a similar manner a regular form would be processed. Afterward, a mile long trail is usually left in the apache server log. Here's a typical example of a logfile after an attack: - - [20/Mar/2002:18:43:57 -0700] "HEAD / HTTP/1.1" 200 0calnet21-109.gtecablemodem.com - - [20/Mar/2002:18:45:56 -0700] "GET /cgi-bin/FormMail.pl?email=bigpenis@aol.com&subject= Are%20You%20happy%20with%20yourself?&message=Are%20you%20 happy%20with%20your%20penis%20size?%20Click%20the%20 link%20below%20to%20learn%20how%0to%20increase%20 your%20size. Click%20Here &recipient=Cs0009@aol.com,Gotatude2@aol.com, Luv%20Kiyomi@aol.com,WhtKnigt73@aol.com, Bernie3456@aol.com,KasumiShadowKiy@aol.com, Morrellsthug87@aol.com, HTTP/1.1" 200 538 The string is obvious in its form. First the attacker sends the header with a "GET" to the path of FormMail, followed by his bogus return address, followed by the subject line, followed by the message that links you to a Web site, and finally a list of recipients at (in this case) aol.com. The server then writes code 200, indicating the transfer was successful along with an easily identifiable IP trail. How do they find you and what do they do? Attackers scan entire networks for hosts listening on port 80 with a "get" script that detects the presence of FormMail.pl. If you haven't already encountered this problem, it may be a good idea to rename the generic filename to something else, like ParseMail.pl or something not quite so obvious. Once your host has "scanned positive", you are then added to a database for later reference. In most cases the Spam process [itself] runs in stealth mode, this is to say two databases are used simultaneously and in random order: First the database containing the hostnames is processed at random, along with the addresses in the email database. This helps spread traffic over thousands of hosts at a time while ignoring a small percentage that may block the spam.
  16. Thanks it feels good to finally be back *yay* Thumbs Up
  17. nice answer beth -=o) well explained.
  18. Hi, I'll try my best to answer these. 1. I see some company offer STMP account with hosting plan.Do your services offer that? Yes we offer SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). 2. Where do your company and server located?I live in Hong Kong so I'm worried about the linking speed. Our Company is located in Michigan, as well as our servers 3. My site will be a personal site,I don't want to open my information to everyone.If I register domain name with private service,will it affect anything about my hosting service or will I need to pay any extra fee? How you register your domain is your own choice and will not affect your hosting at all. 4. My site may open later,may be half year later,but I want to register my domain name first,is it possible to register the domain only at this time? Yes you can register your domain at any time, and set your hosting up whenever you would like at a totally seperate time.. I hope these have helped.
  19. Yes it's really easy to do that... 1. Have them login to webmail using thier 'starter' password. 2. there will be an option to change thier password...here's the link... http://www.******:2095/webmailpasswd.cgi (be sure to put your domain where it says "yourdomain")
  20. 1. SSL - One of my sites will need to sell some items, is using the shared certificate a good way to go for this? A. Yes you can use ssl to sell items or log into 'member' portions of the site. SSL is good for this. 2. SSL - will I need to purchase a dedicated ip address for the ssl portion of the site? A. No, you can use shared ssl (free). You will need to buy nothing. 3. SSL - any other recommendations concerning on-line sales? I appreciate the help. A. I suggest finding a good ecommerce merchant that has low rates 2checkout.com is a good one, and there are many others. 4. Two letter domain names - dumb question, but have you guys ever had a problem with 2 letter domain extensions? one of mine is ".hm", but I have the necessary access to change the nameservers... A. NO. we can host any domain extension you can find. If you have any other question feel free to ask -=o)
  21. Paul, Yes that would be the easiest way to track your account and also easiest for you.
  22. Lebleu, You can request access at the helpdesk to get shell for your account, and to change your permissins, you can do this 2 ways... 1. You can log into your control panel and select 'file manager' from the top links. then select the file you would like to change permissions on by clicking the text link beside the file. After you click this link it will give you an option on the right to 'change permissions' or 'chmod', i can't remember which. however then you are set to change them.. 2. You can use your ftp client to go into your account and find the file. Once it's found you can right click it and select 'chmod', on most ftp's anyhow. If these don't work let me know. thanks Nicholas
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