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  1. I don't have any experience with Textpattern, but amongst the others, I'd imagine based on mrwisdom12's post, that he is not that interested in a bloated Content Management System, especially one that can cause anxiety when installing. I believe of the systems mentioned, WordPress would be the simplest install and be more than satisfactory to complete the job asked for.
  2. Has there been a status update on how the servers are behaving and how many of the servers have received their upgrades?
  3. This post is purposely non-descriptive because I don't want to spoil the responses with my lack of knowledge on servers. Someone I know is looking to speak with people about their experience working with high-end Dell servers, including the Dell Poweredge 6650. If you have any experience with high-end Dell servers, it would be greatly appreciated if you would post about it here and/or PM me your experience and contact info so I may pass it on. Thanks!
  4. jacobw

    Website Login

    What an awesome solution. I've never had any reason to password protect, but this is good info. to have in case I do need to password protect the root folder. Thanks.
  5. Ahh, but have you never owned a new one because you always bought used? Or because you always lease? It seems to me you have probably done both. I suppose someone who leases cars will have a higher turnover than someone who buys new one's. I've only been driving about 5-6 years, but I've owned (through my parents), two cars, both used.
  6. I notice above that TCH-MikeJ has had a whole bunch of cars. I don't know what normal is in terms of how often people buy new cars, but what's the average length of time you have a car would you all say?
  7. Some information around the web says that, "FrontPage has to publish to your domain name, so you must allow time for your domain name to start working on your server, before you attempt to publish." This apparently applies to MS Frontpage 2002, 2000, 98, and 97.
  8. EDIT: It looks like TCH-MikeJ got to it before I did. That was going to be the next thing I mentioned...the webbot stuff in your current TCH site does appear to be missing aspects that would show it properly. I'm not positive what a navbot menu is, but assuming it's not there, your site looks fine without them. And personally, I think a background would make the site too busy. It's rather busy as it is. In your Cpanel, there is a Frontpage Extensions option. Once you click there, it says the following, and has options to install, reinstall, or uninstall frontpage extensions, "FrontPage Extensions Warning: It is recommended that you DO NOT install FrontPage Extensions on your account unless you intend to publish your site directly from the FrontPage application. Uninstalling the extensions from the main domain will uninstall the extensions from all subdomains and addon domains. Uninstalling will also remove all .htaccess files in your web root (public_html). You must have the extensions installed on the main domain before they can be installed on any subdomains or addon domains. Installing or uninstalling FrontPage Extensions will result in the loss of all .htaccess files in your web area. Any directories you have protected with WebProtect will become unprotected until you reprotect them." You may need to uninstall them if publishing directly from Frontpage. Can you be more specific on what it is that's wrong? Perhaps a link to your site at the other host, so people can see what your site is intended to look like would be helpful.
  9. It's nice seeing faces. I'd have to say I was expecting HG to be/look older based on his first cars, as mentioned in a recent thread, but other than that, no particular surpises.
  10. Nice work. I was a little confused for a second when HG said he needed to ask Big Gorilla something and I took a glance up the thread and didn't see your username.
  11. I have 4 domains at GoDaddy and two at TotalNIC.com, which has been a headache. I'll be moving those two to GoDaddy eventually, though every person I know with any systems/networking experience tells me I should go with eNom.com.
  12. I would like to point out my guesses weren't half bad. I even guessed the acquisition. :-)
  13. What hasn't happened yet? hehe.
  14. Mike, that's why I included it. In addition, I'd like to add: A TCH store/merchandise.
  15. My guesses. Some are serious, some don't seem too far-fetched, others seem unreasonable, and others seem outlandish. Average Joe: Hawaii begins and Larissa's big surprise is that she's in love with TCH. A TCH member steals $2.3 million from an armored truck on CSI: Miami. A TCH member has his apartment raided by a SWAT team on COPS. A new billing system of sorts. A new TCH website. A new contest. Fantastico on servers. Change in TOS/AUP. Change in Reseller program somehow (price or features) Something to do with the dedicated servers. A TCH datacenter. An aquisition/merger. A TCH marriage/engagement. That's all I can think of at the moment...
  16. I have a couple of guesses as to what the clock is referring to, but at the risk of being completely wrong, I'm keeping those guesses to myself and will reward myself with a short break from studying for midterms tomorrow night if I end up being right.
  17. From my webcam, 'cause I don't have a digital camera. EDIT: I thought I'd explain my "desktop" area. I don't tend to use my desk at all. It's a rather rare occasion that I find myself needing to concentrate so much as to leave the setup shown in the picture. What exactly is that setup in the picture? It's the left hand side of my sofa. Cushion 1 for the laptop, Cushion 2 for me, Cushion 3 for any papers or books I'm working off of. If the camera was to swivel the other direction, away from the computer, you'd be looking right at the television. So I generally work and watch television on the couch as my home work area. There's no television where my desk is, hence the reason I only use the desk when I need to concentrate without the television. (If I'm near it, I turn it on.)
  18. What's going on with Fantastico? Any news on whether it'll happen?
  19. Hope your upcoming week gets filled with good things!
  20. moon ('Phantom Moon' - Duncan Sheik album)
  21. I found myself in the same boat as fjbfour today when I finally decided to set up email. No previous suggestions were helpful. TCH-Glenn's suggestion sort of defeats the purpose of having outgoing mail servers with your domain, and some people don't have outgoing servers. I believe I was in that position when I was still in university. Anyways, I solved the problem this way: Your generated username from TCH is "rewuifdsj". You don't want your email address to be rewuifdsj@domain.com. You want it to be dude@domain.com. Create a user, dude@domain.com in Cpanel. In Outlook XP, create a new POP3 email address. Set up the incoming and outgoing servers to mail.domain.com. Username is "dude+domain.com" And of course the password. The outgoing server refuses to send with that username and password, though it will receive email. Under "More settings", go to the "Outgoing Server" tab and make sure the "My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication" box is checked. But instead of leaving the option "Use same settings as my incoming server", use the option below it, "Log on using" For that username, use the TCH generated username. In this case, "rewuifdsj" and the password. Everything should work. If it does not, your ISP may be blocking outgoing server port 25. To change the server port to 26, go to "More settings" and the "Advanced" tab. Where it says 25, change to 26, click ok and hopefully all should work. If all of the above posts and any other thread's suggestions do not work, hopefully this one will. If it does not, I highly recommend the free (or paid) email service at http://www.fusemail.com. EDIT: I just received email that Fusemail will no longer be free as of April 1. If you want a great challenge/response system, they're still great, you'll just have to fork up a minimum dollar a month, I think.
  22. One of the reasons I signed up here was because I knew TCH was MovableType-friendly. Having said that, I then made the decision to go with WordPress (http://www.wordpress.org/). Just thought I'd chime in.
  23. I'd agree with Robert's assessment. 50 pages shouldn't take long either. Open up an FTP program, download everything to a folder on your computer and then all you'd have to do is upload everything under that folder to your TCH account.
  24. I don't think you're on the wrong server, I'm not a reseller and am also on Server54...of course, that's because I felt my connection to server42 was slow and HG Bill kindly moved me.
  25. I definitely think the site needs a redesign. I find the navigation system to be absolutely awful. I've come across 404 errors, ...ugh, I can't even explain what a usability nightmare it is. It is absolutely ridiculous that under the heading "Web Hosting Support" there are seven links. Some of the pages that I would delete entirely: The web-hosting-support.html page is almost entirely useless. The web-hosting-servers.html page is useless and completely different at totalchoicehosting.com as it is at tchstatus.com. The index page for tchstatus.com is useless. As is the web-hosting-247monitoring.html page. Under monitoring, it's impossible to figure out the difference between everything: Current Network Status Server Monitoring Page Real Time Server Stats Server Uptime Reports Data Center Network Graphs Dedicated Server Monitoring And much of it is duplicated at /help/ The search link isn't prominent and once there (/help/searchsitepage.htm) you have two worthwhile pages: Comments from the Head Guru - hg1.htm TCH Announcements - id140.htm And id140.htm is reproduced at /help/index.htm I think almost all of the information on TCH pages are important, but instead of consolidating, it looks like a new page is built each time there might be something to add. I hate to sound so negative, but I'm shocked at how people just say, "It works, don't change it." That's like telling all of the American Idol wannabe's who are mediocre singers to keep striving for their dream. The world needs more Simon Cowell's... I'd be happy to leave the design the same and move some of the content around to be more efficient, but I won't have time until March. You don't need a design firm. They'll do wonders for the site if they're good, but they also cost a fortune. What you need is someone to do spring cleaning on the site. Get in touch if you want to hear more. EDIT: At the top I say the site needs a redesign. At the end I say I'd be happy to leave the design the same. A new design would be nice, but it's not neccessary. It's just that everything is so jumbled it might be easier to scrap it all and start over.
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