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  1. Nice summary Rob Nothing I can really add to that other than to add another vote for osCommerce as being worthwhile looking at. Because of the size of the community, there's probably more work goes into the development of osC than any of the commercial alternatives making it very robust and feature-rich. It's free, so it's worth installing for a "test drive" at least. Ali.
  2. Thanks Madmancp I had a quick look yesterday at the mess of wiring that's there and yes, there does seem to be two hubs (strangely with three or four more cables coming out of them than there are computers, but maybe some of them don't go anywhere). I won't know properly what's what until Tuesday when builders rip down wall partitions etc (all at the same time as I'm meant to be sorting things out!). If that's the case, then your suggestion is perfect Not sure if I'm looking forward to this or not! Thanks again, Ali,
  3. Interesting thread as I'm in a similar situation ... Some people we know have just bought an internet bar. They asked me to take a look at the computers to find out why they never seem to work properly. The 3300 viruses that I found one PC alone might be something to do with it! A few beers later and suddenly I've managed to find my self in the situation where I've got the job of re-arranging, moving, reinstalling and protecting everything on Tuesday Should be a fun day - they know that I'm no expert on it though, so at least there is a little room for trial and error - I'm secretly looking forward to it! A quick question that I was about do some research on, but that I might as well ask while I'm here .... At the moment, they have two rows of 5 PCs running along opposite walls. They want them moved so that it's one big long row of 10 PCs. The cables are only going to be long enough to reach the first 5 - can you "join" ethernet cables using some sort of connector block, or is it better just to get 5 long cables? Thanks, Ali.
  4. As many people have already said, I've also never had a problem with Paypal. I've also used 2checkout without any problem whatsoever, howwever if you take a look at their forums you'd think they never paid anyone anything ever. I think a lot of it is people misunderstanding the way things work, eg: Paypal - you need to verify your account before you can withdraw a large amount from your account - some don't notice this until they are told that they can't withdraw ... it says it clearly enough throughout the signup and afterwards. 2Checkout - they keep back a certain %age as a "retention" against future chargebacks. The number of posts in their forums from people saying "they've kept some of my money" is incredible - again - it clearly states what happens during signup. Read, understand, clarify if necessary and I don't think you'll go wrong with either. Just my tuppenceworth Ali
  5. Any problems configuring or customising osCommerce to suit your needs, just let me know and I'll help if I can Ali.
  6. Sound advice Mike! Ali (one who's just learnt the hard way!)
  7. Guess what HG? After your apologes and fixing of the problem, payment was correctly taken on the 17th of this month - thanks for sorting it out Ah ... Hang on a second .... What's this in my inbox this morning? An invoice for $28.99 due on the 1st! It's all started again. This time last month I was contacting you to query the invoice and was told not to worry. I then got an email telling me that if I didn't pay I would be suspended - again, I was told that wouldn't happen - I was then suspended. I have a nasty feeling that I've been down this road before - can it be sorted out (again) before it ends in business-damaging suspension for my clients. I've submitted a ticket (KRN-59049), but I want to make doubly sure that it gets resolved swiftly. Thanks, Ali (who feels like he's now starring in Groundhog Day)
  8. I can see it fine as well on XP using all the browsers mentioned above. Nothing worse than when someone tells you that they can't see a page - they never believe you when you say that you can see it fine, and then you get all paranoid thinking that it's you that's got something wrong Ali.
  9. Yeah, me too - all my clients have their own account, although there's only two or three of them that actually have access to cpanel as everything is fully managed for them. It just seems "tidier" really. Ali.
  10. Thanks for sorting it out Bill, Andy, Mitch and anyone else who was involved. Like I said in my posting, I know it was just a simple error that snowballed into a major problem. Like I said in my posting, I'm very happy with my hosting at TCH. Like you said in your posting, money isn't the issue - it's availabilty of service for my clients that's important to me and I'm confident that that is now assured. Thanks! Rock Sign Ali.
  11. First of all, I've got to say that I'm a very happy TCH customer - The servers rock, technical support is fantastic and the price is right. I've been badly let down this week though with regards to billing, I'm very angry indeed and I'm wondering if any member of staff could look into this for me. So many people have been involved and I'm not sure who should be dealing with it. You'll find all the info in ticket LOU-17254 (although the tickets leading up to this one make interesting reading as well), but to summarise ... 5th Feb I signed up with a $28.99 reseller account and paid by Paypal. 17th Feb I realised that I needed more bandwidth etc and requested an upgrade to the $45 reseller account. I paid that by Paypal on 17th Feb as advised. 19th Feb The $28.99 sub was cancelled and I was told that part of the first payment would be refunded - it never has been. The $45 Paypal subscription is still active (as it should be) and next payment is due on 17th March. 23rd Feb I received an invoice for the $28.99 that would have been due had I not upgraded. Sent in a ticket - Bill replied that he'd now fixed the billing error. 25th Feb Realised that my bandwidth and disk quotas hadn't actually been changed at all. Submitted a ticket - Mike replied next day and fixed that problem. 6) 2nd March, I've received a "reminder" which threatens to suspend my account! 3rd March Get an email saying that my (cancelled) $28.99 payment was overdue and that if I didn't pay it my account would be suspended. At this point, I spoke to HG Bill by messenger and he suggested that I submit a ticket. I said that it was no problem, but I just wanted to make sure that my account wasn't suspended - his reply (exact words from transcript) were "You will not get suspended". I submitted the ticket which Mitch replied to on the 4th - "I've put this issue on hold for now, and our General Manager, Bill Kish, will be looking into this and getting back to you on it as soon as possible. Thanks!" The ticket is still on hold. 8th March (yesterday) Got up to find an email telling me that my account had been suspended. On checking, that indeed turned out to be the case. Live support unsuspended the account straight away (thanks), but used the rather worrying phrase "unsuspend it for now". Contacted HG by messenger again - who promised to sort it out yesterday. I've not heard anything since, and the ticket is still "on hold". I must confess that I am absolutely seething over this now. I realise that mistakes will happen from time to time, and that's fine. But for the same mistake to drag on for so long and for promises to be broken is downright unacceptable. It's not just my business that's affected - it's the businesses of all my clients who's site are hosted within my account. I had to convince them that the upheaval of having their sites moved to TCH was going to be worthwhile (which it has been), but the last thing I need now is for their sites to go down (especially with the error message that appears when checking email - "cannot check address - account suspended" or similar) Ending this post as I started it, TCH rocks, but this whole episode sucks. Ali www.vengavenga.com
  12. A bit off topic, but for anyone particularly interested in weather for their own use, I discovered Weather Watcher a couple of weeks ago and it's great! Live-ish weather on your desktop, detailed forecasts, unobtrusive, freeware, spyware-less etc etc ... very impressed. It's at http://www.singerscreations.com/ Ali.
  13. Thanks for that guys I'll take a look at the script you mention and it install it on all the sites that I've designed for clients. Just realised that on this particular site there's a good chance that it wasn't a formmail form at all - it'll have been submitted through the osCommerce mailing system which uses php sendmail. Am I right in saying that if that's the case, this will just have been a failed attempt? Also - on the subject of the thread that mentions the cgi scripts being permanently disabled, both "formmail clone" and "cgiemail" appear on my cpanel. They do work using the path given in cpanel (/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi) without me having to upload anything to the cgi-bin myself. Just mentioning it in case they were meant to have been removed by someone and haven't been. Thanks again Thumbs Up Ali
  14. hmmm ... this isn't an issue I've had to worry about before. The formmail script I use is one of the preinstalled cgi scripts supplied by TCH. It does use a hidden tag in the html for the "to" field. My previous host had this script set up so that it was only possible to have an address belonging to the same domain in the "to" field (or at least, mail would only work if it was). Anyone know if that's the same with TCH? Cheers, Ali.
  15. One of my clients (dappernippers.com) received 3 or 4 messages yesterday via her formmail "contact us" form. She forwarded one of them onto me: Subject: http://www.dappernippers.com/cgi-sys/formmail.pl ( bcc: imagx09@aol.comLX OO Nh Kd ylaErPMt4R9KE3i3k2Kt K9rAnn 2n qsoH1 uC2IcP TKKm2 iG Glgep UUPT7s7f feJ3qHgbSÿFFFFCCabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvqxyzABC. Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 16:59:04 -0500 From: 9uSrC03v@dappernippers.com To: 9uSrC03v@dappernippers.com body: LX OO Nh K d yl aErPMt4R9KE3i3k2Kt K9rAnn 2n qsoH1 uC2IcP TKKm2 iG Glgep UUPT 7 s7f feJ3qHgb SÿFFFFCCabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvqxyzABC Is this something sinister, and is there any risk? Cheers, Ali
  16. Been living and working in Spain now for 8 months and holiday wise it just has to be the best ... A holiday for the smallest of excuses - and every town/village has their own ones. Nothing surprises me anymore, so if a local holiday is declared when Señora Gomez two streets away has her baby I'll just say "oh, OK - work mañana instead!" Ali
  17. ah ... right .... All I've done is added an image 250 pixels wide (the blue bit with the text in it) as the first line of my sig. It's that image that links to my site, not the text (as that's just part of the image). The second line of the sig is 5 x 50 pixel wide icons. Does that help? Ali
  18. A PM may well have been better, however in case anyone else wants to play with their signature .... Actually, it's not me that¡'s been clever, it was Head Guru in this post: Sigs By default, the html code that the site linked to in that thread produces little online/offline icons, all I did was create my own icons, upload them to my webspace and tell the code generator where they were. It's easier to do than it is to explain ... take a look and you'll see what I mean Ali
  19. doh .. should have read the thread more carefully before posting mine Still, anyone any ideas on what might have happened with the nameservers of my clients (I know it's not a TCH issue). Cheers, Ali.
  20. Didn't know about this, but it's very interesting as I've spent the day trying to fathom the infathomable for two clients ... Sites hosted with "old" host. DNS namerservers changed to point to TCH last weekend. Midweek - all OK, full propagated, all up and running with TCH. Last night, the domain names started heading back to the "old" host even though dns lookups showed the TCH nameservers. Seems impossible to me, all I could think of was that the name registrar has restored a backup of nameserver settings that was more than a week old, but I don't really know enough about how it all works. Could this be related? Ali.
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