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  1. One of my clients' guestbooks has started to be spammed & a couple of changes to the message entry options would help her a lot. I wonder if any of you script gurus out there can give me some pointers please?


    I don't want to install anything fancy since she's not up to speed with managing scripts (it's not my strongest suit either - I hit the upgrade button late last night & had to ask the Help Desk to put the resulting mess right a few seconds later. Yikes!!). All I'm looking to do at this point is to stop anyone adding comments to existing messages plus stopping anyone including their own url in the data they provide.


    I'm not confident about finding the relevant bits of code within the g/b admin to fiddle with this myself - can anyone tell me what I should be altering/removing to achieve what I want to do?


    Many thanks in advance!

  2. I've been away from the forums for a while but I'm back with another site, this time for a new family business. I'd really appreciate if it could be added please :)


    URL: http://www.therightstreet.com


    Site name: therightstreet.com


    Description: A definitive map guide to Stratford-upon-Avon and its surroundings for tourists, business people, RSC theatre goers, shoppers and local inhabitants. Simple, user-friendly maps detail tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, shops, local services & more.


    The site is commercial.


    The linkback is here: http://www.therightstreet.com/stratford/Stratford.htm


    Many thanks for your consideration!

  3. It seems The Da Vinci Code is a top read just now ;) I got it for Christmas & enjoyed it so much I've just read Digital Fortress by the same author. Also High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (since I love the film) & currently reading The Elder Gods by David & Leigh Eddings.

  4. I have a large number of fonts in a folder on my HD, although I recently weeded them out & reduced them to about 1500. Ruthless :w00t: Only the original fonts that came with Windows are actually installed - I browse myfolder/subfolders for what I want to use & open it then minimise it. That way it appears in my list for the duration & I'm not slowing down the loading of any program :lol:


    You can use a font program (there are several that I'm sure people here will have advice on for you) but this way works fine for me.

  5. But then again...I play WoW with friends... so is that considered socialising??? 


    Oh absolutely!


    My husband & I have been known to MSN messages to each other (his 'puter is upstairs, mine is downstairs), like 'put the coffee on, I'm on my way' :) :P And I do climb out of my chair sometimes - got a committee meeting this evening & going to a tsunami fundraising gig tomorrow night. Hmmm....gonna have to spend extra time here next week to make up :lol:

  6. I wouldn't count watching the TV as socialising time in the first place! Socialising to me means interacting with other people & that surely includes chatting online? Now if I were sitting in a darkened room, cut off from my family & friends, not part of forums or egroups, that would count as being unsociable, but that just doesn't happen :)

  7. I started off using Front Page & from habit I still do *blush* - but with strict reservations (like removing the rubbish FP likes to put in when you're not paying attention & hand coding most of my stuff). I use Top Style Pro 3 for checking html & css & validating. Hmm....overkill I think. I have too many programs! Plus I just downloaded AnyEdit to give that a try.


    As for the html - xhtml debate, my own site is written in xhtml but the web templates I offer are html. I just reckoned that people who use them are probably more comfortable with html ;) Same with sites I design - if clients want to do all updates themselves I stick to html :)

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