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  1. Bill, Thank you for your tireless support and supreme customer support that you have provided and continue to provide for 10+ years now. I know we we not spoken as on late and TCH will always be my first and total choice for hosting. I am not as involved as much as of late but will always promote TCH as the hosting service of choice. Let's chat sometime soon. I hope you still find time for your bikes. Gary Hatala ex owner of TSSB
  2. sanantonio is back up and all seems well. Thank you for your quick response and continuous updates.
  3. I have followed all of the canned instructions and no luck.
  4. I am having a problem setting up clients to have FTP access when using IE both on Windows and Mac. Does anyone use them and what is the ftp link and how is the password formatted. I have followed the instructions from cpanel and it doesn't like it. It will not resolve the password, Thanks in advance
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