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  1. Whoa! Time to take out the Extra-Strength Advil! :)


    Keyword tag is not important with Google; however, do not disregard them in that they are used by others and 'others' do play a role (albeit small, but you never know about the future [especially these days]).


    Oh for sure. I'm gonna focus on Google for the time being, and then move from that to all other search engines. I wish I was advanced enough to just make it all right the first time, but alas, I've got a lot to learn.


    Your pages are dynamically generated. We are able to index dynamically generated pages. However, because our web crawler can easily overwhelm and crash sites serving dynamic content, we limit the amount of dynamic pages we index.

    Google Info for Webmasters


    So, it looks like a toss up. I'm noticing more and more Dynamic URLs in my search results, but there is still a lot of information that isn't being indexed.


    I've been reading about the rewrite mod on the Apache website, but I'm afraid that it quite a bit over my head, but I think I'm starting to get a grasp on the principle of it. Here is what I think I've figured out:


    TCH server gets a request for http://www.robflavored.com, the mod-rewrite takes this URL, and sends the information from the absolute location on the server http://www.robflavored.com/public_html/index.html, and makes sure to send the index.html file. But the visitor to my site will never see the public_html part of the URL.


    Now, if I were to use the mod-rewrite to give "false" static URLs in place of Dynamic URLs, I would basically set the condition to take the URL that is requested by the visitor (ie. http://www.robflavored.com/links.htm) and instead send the Dynamic URL in place of that (ie. http://www.roblfavored.com/index.php?id=links). So the information or file sent to the visitor is actuall index.html?id=links, but no matter what their (and Google) sees the URL as being a static URL, and therefore will index it.


    That's how I perceive the information that I have read about the mod_rewrite. I am going to try and find a dumbed down version of what Apache has, and see what I can find out, but I thought I'd post this here in case I can't find anything. If I am right in understanding how it works, than I will take the next step in learning how to use the mod_rewrite. My other question would be whether or not I am at all able to even do anything with mod_rewrite as a TCH user, simply because I am (of course) on a shared server. I don't want to learn all of this, and then find out that it won't even help me. (although, it would still be good to know I suppose).


    Thanks guys,



  2. I'm trying to move myself up in Google (who isn't ^_^ :) ). I did a search for my page and currently only the main splash page shows up, which is a great start, but I want all of my pages to be indexed, because of substantially different content to each. First of all, does Google actually use Meta tags? I heard that they completely ignore them (well, desc. & Keywords), and rely everything on the spider algorithms.


    My page works by using the ID in the URL to load in the content of the page, and do other specifics with PHP to write the page so it matches the section (Title, non-working mouseovers, etc.), but the whole structure stems from one PHP file.


    Does Google(and other search engines) see the URL tailed by the unique ?id=something as completely independent pages? or does it know that there only exists the one PHP page that dynamically loads in the different content?


    My other question is regarding internal links. I've written all of my links without the whole URL, and opted for the link being like: <a href="?id=main">. Does this confuse Google(and again, other search engines), and should I actually have the full URL in there instead?





  3. I agree that there is a host of great information on this site, which is a refreshing change. However, I do find it a bit hard to navigate. I'm also a fan of small changes just to "stir things up" as it were. But then again, I'm not the one paying to have it done. :dance:


    As long as all the content stays, than I say go for the change. Thumbs Up


    But still... Rock Sign



  4. I only wish that I actually understood everything you guys just posted :whip: :D .


    But, I can still appreciate the fact that you guys got on it so quickly. So far it looks like everything is working just fine!


    Just one question: I installed another board on my domain yesterday, and it was having 404 errors with logins and whatnot. I reinstalled it like 3 times, and it is now fully functional. Could this latency problem have contributed to that do you think? Just for curiousity sake, 'cause it's working great now.


    Again, thanks for the late nights and hard work.




    Rock Sign

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome.


    I've just got one more question, and I figured I'd just post it here for now.


    When buying my domain, I accidently misspelled it the first time, and registered www.robflavor.com, but I wanted www.robflavored.com, which I also registered. I realize that there are no refunds on domains, and I'm not worried about that.


    My question is whether or not I can point the www.robflavor.com domain to www.robflavored.com. So, when someone types in the domain but forgets the "ed" on the end (Like I did :) ), they will just be redirected. But, is it possible to do this at the DNS level, so that it doesn't load a redirect page before redirecting; it would just automatically go to the right site?




    P.S. Like I said, I'm quite new to this whole thing, but I'm learning tons of stuff thanks to helpful forums like this one.

  6. Thanks guys (and gals)!


    Hopefully I'll get things going right away with my site then.


    I'm just curious here, is there a TCH newsletter or anything I can subscribe to that would announce when the new servers have been added? If not, I'll just keep on checking back daily.





  7. HG said he is hoping to resume taking orders within a few days. Made no promises...but that's what he hopes.

    Hopefully. Thumbs Up


    Because my domains were already registered without me setting the DNS' (they were set to TCH hosting), will that be any problem? I can't remember the exact way I did it last time.




    P.S. Yeah, I'm pretty new to this stuff, so thanks.

  8. :) Nooooo!!!!


    When I purchased my current hosting with you guys, I learned that I had to register the domain first. I was in the market for some more hosting under a different domain, so I followed your link to register my domain. It's been registered, but when I came back to buy a hosting package for it, I got the message:




    oops! We have ran out of room. We are building new servers as fast as possible, and expect to be able to resume taking orders as soon as possible.


    I am quite happy with TCH for my one site, and would very much like to purchase another package for this other site as soon as possible. When will I be able to purchase hosting again?





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