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  1. Yes, yes it is. It's just a temorary page with a link to test it out, plus to see if I can download images to my phone. Robert P.S. I think I posted this in the wrong section of the forum somehow.
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    I just recently got a new cellphone with wireless web... To say the least, it is pretty cool. With more and more people accessing the internet with cell phones, it makes sense to have a parallel web presence that is available... mainly contact information and 'about statements' to get someone hooked so they will check it out on the real web. Anyways, I set up a sub-domain of mobile.robflavored.com, with a WML file (generated by Dreamweaver), to see if it would work, but I get a ERROR 500: Internal Server Error. Right now I just have an index.wml file in that directory. Now, my question is perhaps I am doing something wrong? Or does TCH not support Mobile Web? Thanks, Robert
  3. Thanks for that. I figure that it is my best option. Now I just have to work out the whole making money thing as a self-run business, and I suck at that stuff. Robert
  4. I have recently decided to try and make some money from making websites. I figured, why not? I will have a very specific target audience, which will be artists (actors, photographers, etc.) and filmmakers. The way I currently plan on doing this is to charge them a flat one time fee for setup and the first year hosting and maintence. and then subsequently charge them for each year of hosting they choose to continue with. I was looking at the hosting reseller accounts, and they seem to me to be the best choice in this situation, however, I want to retain control over all the sites, as I will be maintaining them (unless specifically asked otherwise), and doing updates. I'm just curious as to how I would control the domains on this account. I'm also wondering if I can manage everything from one cPanel or the like, instead of having a seperate one for each of the accounts. In anyone elses opinion, is this my best choice to do this? or is there a better way? Thanks Robert
  5. Yeah, and it happens very quickly around here! Robert
  6. D'OH Thank you very very much for pointing that out everyone. What a @$#!$@@ stupid little mistake. Yuck! I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking when I put that in there. I occassionally will get involved in doing a part of my site, and then jump to something else without warning, so sometimes my brain is still in that mode. Yeah, I am currently working on that. I'm looking for people to do link swaps, but I have to make sure that our content is somewhat related or Google will give me negative points (as per their FAQ). I will fix this up tonight when I get home from work, and we'll see what happens. Thanks again everyone Rock Sign Robert
  7. I was looking at that Brandy update thread earlier, and was wondering if that may be the problem. How frusterating! Robert
  8. Whaaa? That's odd, 'cause I just searched robflavored again, but it still isn't showing up at all. My buddies subdomain is showing. I dunno, unless I'm missing something. Robert
  9. About a month ago, I was sitting right at the top of Google when I searched my name or when I searched for my domain name (robflavored), but then it fell a few places, and now it is just completely gone! I've tried a few different searches and I'm just not on there. I obviously need to make some changes to my meta tags, which I will do, but even if they aren't up to par, wouldn't I still show up even at the bottom of Google? The strange thing is, the subdomain I gave to a friend for his band site, shows up just fine, and hasn't jumped around any. I'm sooo lost! I'm pretty sure that my robots.txt file is fine, but perhaps it is the problem: >User-agent: * Disallow: /webmail/ Disallow: /test/ Disallow: /sc/ Disallow: /otherforumimages/ Disallow: /manage/ Disallow: /images/ Disallow: /cgi-bin/ Disallow: /PHP_Nuke/ If anyone could give me anything that would be awsome!! Thanks, Robert
  10. I am completly addicted to some fonts. My favorite is Bank Gothic, and I tend to use it in alot of my designs. I'm just wondering if anyone else out there is the same; do you have a favorite font that you use alot, and if so, which one? Robert
  11. I am almost convinced that you guys are fed caffeine through some sort of introveneous needle or something! For those thinking of signing up for TCH... DO IT!! Rock Sign . Allow me to elaborate: The only problem that I was experiencing was that I was unable to reach my site one day, so I immediately came to this forum and was suprised at just how quick all of the major guys around here were tracking down the problem. So it turns out that the latency issue wasn't even on TCH's end anyways, but I was very pleased that I could come here and find out that they were right on top of it, and letting their customers know that there was a problem. Twice I've had my Tech Tickets filled in superhuman time. I mean, the one I just submitted was dealt with in 12 minutes. That's uncanny. I'm very happy, and if I do land up designing some sites to make money, I know who my host is! Robert P.S. Just don't let it get to your heads (J/K) Keep up the awsome service!
  12. Again! I submitted a ticket, and within 12 minutes my Domain was parked!!! Sweeeet! Rock Sign Robert
  13. LOL I sure would explain a lot things, and it would also explain why swearing at it doesn't actually fix the problem . Robert
  14. Cool! It worked. I'm still curious about customizing it a bit. Even if I could just somehow integrate the login screen into site somehow, and then just have it pop-up a new window with the inbox. Not overly important, but something I would like to consider. Thanks! Robert
  15. I'm pretty sure that this is entirely possible, but I am just a beginner alas. I cannot access my webmail (or Cpanel) from work or school because of their firewall, and I'm sure that this would be a problem when it comes to other places as well. Sooo, I would like to set up something more like hotmail, where people (inc. myself) I give addresses to, could go (without the whole port number thing... ie.. webmail.robflavored.com) to check their email. I'm guessing this is very complex, but do-able. Plus i would like to customize the look of it. I'm sure that PHP has the capabilities to access the email accounts, but I'm not even sure where to start looking for this kind of information. Perhaps there is some already built thing out there that is completely customizable. Thanks for any help you can offer, Robert
  16. Depends on what I was looking at. Weeelll! Now that you put it that way... Bring on the fly eyes! Thumbs Up Robert
  17. Okay, that was eerily quick! Thanks Rob. Robert
  18. Actually, that brings up another question for me. The redirect part of those settings; If I were to put in a really small picture of "This image from robflavored.com," and point that redirect to it, would that display the warning pic instead of the actual pic if someone were to post in let's say a forum? Thanks again, Robert
  19. Just curious here as well. I already have one parked domain, which is the one I bought by accident, but I want to park another domain. I don't want to push my luck though. If I send of a ticket, is is possible to get another parked domain? Because of the format of my site, I would like to have it accesible via my full name as well. That way if certain people don't know the exact name of the site, they can try my name. Robert
  20. I'm scared!!! I hate those little RAT things. How annoying! Robert
  21. I would want to be a Siberian (?sp) tiger, because of their grace and power. And they are one beautiful animal. Wouldn't the multiple vision thing flies have be a bit annoying? Robert
  22. I need a RAT!! woooot He could help me with my English101 paper that was due yesterday! Thumbs Up It's funny just how different settings suit each person. Hahaha... Hasn't stopped me yet! Robert
  23. I want two monitors Show offs! Robert
  24. Hahaha! I can't believe I'm gonna post this. Full Size(For those nice little minute details ) Surrounding my work station are bits and pieces of everything I don't have enough time to complete (including cleaning the place up). Thank God for Coffee! On top is "Rage Dog," whom takes all of my abuse when I forget to put a damn semi-colon at the end of that stupid line, which of course takes an hour to find. Ahh... What great stress relief. And of course, for the real Nerds :Nerd: : I love my mousepad. Such beauty. Such power. So yeah, that's it. My Dorm-Room/Office/Production-House/Storage Room ... anon. woooot Robert
  25. I think I may have come up with a much much easier solution than screwing around with the mod_rewrite . I was reading that an error when using it could drive the server load up to 100%, something I don't wanna be responsible for, and I'm not advanced enough to be messing around with it I don't think. Now, from Google's site, they don't give a rat's *ss about extentions, it's only when they hit a stop in the URL that they stop digging in most cases. So, this is what I've come up with, and it should fool Google I think (or hope): I copy the following file for all of my sub-pages, and just change the $id variable. I name each file with the appropriate name. In this case, links.php. ><?php $id="links"; include("index.php"); ?> That's all the file would contain, and it wouldn't require too much changing to my site structure or code, plus the page appears as it should without the ?id=links part which Google would ignore. However, I would like to make the file a .htm/html file, but I'm not sure how I would do that, and still initialize the PHP server side, so that it generates the file. But the PHP extension shouldn't be a problem I don't think, and it might just be easier to keep them as PHP because the filename doesn't show up in the Address. It seems like an easy solution to a complicated problem, but I am sure that there is bound to be some downside to it. Robert
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