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  1. This evening, I logged into my CPanel to do some housekeeping before publishing my newly redesigned personal website. In the process of trying to copy a folder's contents into a new folder, I somehow managed to delete my html_public folder entirely - yeah, I know, takes brains. :P Thank goodness the data did copy.


    My service ticket was responded to immediatley by the Help Desk Manager, Robert. Very shortly thereafter the problem was resolved by the Tech Support Manager, Rick, who even moved my files back into my newly recreated html_public folder.


    I'm a really small fish in the TCH-Family, but the Support Staff here treats everyone like the most important account of the day. That's service!


    Thank you for your quick response and solution to my problem. It just doesn't get any better than TCH when it comes to support.


    :tchrocks: :D :thumbup1:

  2. If we do not make a choice through the power of our vote, choices will be made for us over which we may very well have no power when we want or need it.


    It saddens me that, in the greatest democracy on this planet, we have such low voter turn-out in our elections - national, state and local.


    Bill - I agree, there is no law that says No Vote - No Say, but more often than not the people I hear complaining the loudest turn out to be people who didn't vote.


    An election is our opportunity to tell the people we employ to conduct the "people's business" whether or not they're doing the job we want done. It's our chance to hire, rehire or fire our employees.


    Every single American citizen gets the same opportunity to make a change if they don't like what's happening, so I have to agree with Sami with a slight twist - No Vote, No Whining. When you had the chance to do something you didn't so don't complain about it now. On the other side of the coin - your vote is your chance to affirm those in office and assure their re-election. If you didn't get out there and support your guy, don't cry in your beer now.


    Voter apathy is a far greater threat to this country than any less-than-perfect fit between a candidate and office, or a candidate and his normative belief system, will ever be. Ours is a representative government. Choosing not to cast your ballot is a form of voting, you just don't know for sure who's going to be representing what interests in the halls of government when all the smoke clears.


    I'll be voting for my candidates and issues tomorrow, but I'm praying for the largest voter turn-out in the history of this country. That more than anything will be Democracy in action.

  3. Bruce -


    LOL, Bruce. Leave it to me, the featured system on techbargains the day I looked happened to be a package offered under Dell's Small Business Systems.


    The machine I wanted was:


    Dimension 3000 P4-2.8Ghz Desktop 256MB DDR400/80GB, 48x CDRW, 17in LCD Flat Panel, Free Dell 720 Color Printer, Floppy, Ethernet, Modem, 6 months ISP, Word Perfect, XP Home SP2, 2yr warranty $528 after $150 rebate, shipped free.


    I upgraded the ram to 512MB so it was $578. Have you purchased small business systems from them without a business tax ID?


    Guess I need to do some noodling around their site to see what the restrictions are on small business system purchases. Regardless, techbargains is a great resource - thank you so much. You have no idea how much I hate shopping - I like having it all at my fingertips ! :)


    PS - Ehemmm..... don't you have some birthday shopping to get busy with here pretty soon? :blink: It was a very good year - I'm was a March baby. Early H.B. to the Mrs.! :dance:

  4. I run SpyBot pretty regularly and within the past 2 days have had 2 "error during check" messages appear at the conclusion of the process along with separate warnings as follows:


    InterFun c:\windows\system.ini kann nic is being used by another process


    BackOrifice.B [DateiC\windows\winnit.ini.kar is being used by another process


    Both of these entries are preceeded by the triangular warning sign, I can select them but it won't allow me to do anything with them.


    Also, I get the "Congratulations, nothings's been detected!" message. These messages don't appear at the same time and they don't seem to have a sequence for when they'll appear. They are not showing up in AdAware.


    Any suggestions? I'm running V 1.3 last updated 10/26/04.

  5. Those are some seriously nice deals at techbargains, Bruce. Half tempts me to go out and get a vendors license just to declare myself a small business! Thanks for the reference. Will keep an eye on that one for sure. Thumbs Up

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