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  1. Hi -


    I set up an e-mail account for one of the folks in my group who is on AOL. When I tried to walk her through /ourdomain.org/webmail access she got to the sign in dialog box, entered the correct info and aosmell Mad!!! just sat there looking stupid. In about 2 minutes TCH gave us the "Access Denied" screen.


    I was able to access the account fine, but I have an ISP that understands it lives in the real world and has to work and play well with others.


    Is there a solution to this?


    Thanks buddies! :rolleyes:



  2. Bill -


    Just added mine. Tried to keep the adjectives within global ranges. Did issue that warning to the competition again though - but since it was outside the family I didn't tell them to "be afraid" just told the to "be worried - be very worried."


    Oh, and I didn't tell them that I offerred to do your laundry either, didn't think that would be polite! :)



    aka 4,372,893rd President of the TCH Fan Club

  3. May as well toss my 2 cents in here. I've been a PayPal customer for about 5 years now - both buyer and seller. Can't say a bad word about them. They've been on top of every little detail for me. In fact, if there's a choice between two items and one has PayPal - I'll take the PayPal item.


    Just a little input from the 49.95 demographic! :)



  4. My very first website, my very first time ever doing a website - ever! :D


    Sami & KW - you two are wonderful! I went to both of your websites and on the second try I was able to upload my files and my site was off and running. :shutup:


    It's just a little site for a non-profit organization I'm a part of, but the members are just as excited as all get out, and, to tell the truth, so am I.


    Thanks for sharing your knowledge of CuteSITE Builder so generously. Now I can't wait to get in there and fix those "little things" LOL and reload it all over again! :dance:



  5. Hello -


    Although I won't be here officially for another day, I saw this discussion and realized it pertains to me. My group offers several workshops and I want to be able to offer links for folks to register online - we're not going to take payments, just the contact info. The lady to whom the e-mail will be forwarded is an AOL customer.


    Now, our domain name is ourgroup.org and she has set up an ID on her AOL account of ourgoup@aol.com for forwarding - is there someway to make this workable other than using the aol addy right from the link? I really, really don't want to use the aol addy unless I absolutely, positively have to. Yuck!


    The other element here is that this very lovely lady is not at all computer confident and I don't think she'd feel up to coming into the site to collect her mail.


    Figured I should ask now while I'm building my pages and do it right instead of creating mischief on the back end. You're terrific and I appreciate you more than you can know!! :heart




    PS: Does anyone know if there's a way to have the subject line filled in when you pop up the e-mail from a link, besides just the addy? That would be just too cool if there were! :(

  6. Well, when I arrive here officially on Friday, I guess I'd like to find Scotch - Dewars, rocks, twist, soda, double, thank you very much. ;)


    Then, a glossary would be great. There are a lot of us who are rusty in our skills and a place to quickly double check references would be nice. I'm still just dying to find out what a "blogger" is - having too much fun tossing it around in my head to actually look it up. :Nerd:


    An e-mail virus agent is always welcome - gets my vote. :)


    I also like the idea of a community forum of "I'm looking for thus and such ... anyone got it or know where I can get it?" but on the topic of websites and computers, unless it's Scotch or chocolate, of course.


    Well, back to my corner. See you Friday. :)



  7. :blink: Lianna :)


    It's cold, cold, cold here in northern Ohio so I'll keep my hat and gloves on, lol!


    The moderated chat I'm familiar with is the model Court-TV uses. Say there are 50 users and 1 special guest. The moderator "sets" the room so that only he or she can input info which everyone can see. Each user can type in a question, see it on their own screen, but it is sent only to the moderator's screen. The moderator answers questions in sequence, releases them so everyone can see them and follows with the guest's response, and so on and so on until the end of the visit. After that, the room is returned to regular chat if that's their normal process.


    It's just a tool to keep folks from stepping all over each other and the guest during the visit and to allow the guest to get the most out of the visit. It's definitely something done at the adminstrator's end in the software.


    That'a what I'm talking about -- can we do that?


    Thank you and keep warm wherever you are - I've got 18" of blowing snow outside my front door and I have a real good feeling it's going to stay right there for a bit! :)



  8. Hello TCH Family -


    It takes a lot to impress this old computer geek - emphasis on old, I'm the one who taught most of your moms how to use their first word processors. :D and now enjoy my garden and quilting and making cheesecakes when I feel like it.


    I've agreed to put up a little website for a group I'm rather fond of. Well that "one of these days I'm gonna learn HTML" attitude has come and bitten me right square in the tucus. I've got to thank Digirunt a million times for his/her fabulous tutorial which convinced me I didn't have the time or knowledge to do what I thought I would do - use FP. After staying up until 4:30 AM reading all the wonderful information here, I've decided on CuteSITE. I downloaded an evaluation copy and I've been having a ball with it! The site's halfway done, my kind of software! :goof:


    TCH - my question to you is, will we be able to do a small questionairre to folks who visit our site? We're a new, small group and we'd like to get feedback on their interest in forming a more "formal group" in our area. Also, if we wanted to do some chats now and then, is there the ability to do a moderated chat? We are bringing in a very important author in April to do a conference and it would be great to do a chat with him online but it would need to be moderated to get anything out of it. What about it? Huh? Please? :dance:


    You're all terrific and I can't wait to get here next weekend, even if it's only a few scraggly little pages to start with. You are just so amazing and I know I've found the best place to be!!



    aka Ninepatch in Ohio

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