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  1. Well, I'm finally going to take the plunge and pull the money out of my pocket for a new system. Thanks to TCH-Bruce's referral to techbargains, I've been able to find much more machine for the money than I would have on my own.


    I have a few questions I'm hoping for some opinions. I use a PC purely for personal purposes. I don't game, I don't crunch tons of data, I don't download music (yet), I don't run a business. Except for the fact that my HP is slow and outdated, it does pretty much everything I want. The only thing I really can't do, and want to, is get live streamed video of speeches and news conferences. I'm also looking forward to using the latest versions of graphic and photo software that I currently use, and will be adding Paint Shop Pro 9.0 w/ Flash.


    PROCESSOR; I'm looking at the Dell Dimension 4700 (Pentium 4 520 w/HT 800 FSB) - it comes standard with a 2.8 GHz processor but I can upgrade to a 3.0 GHz for $20. Other than "hey, it's only $20" - is there any reason to go with the faster processor? Am I really going to see the differnce? Are there heat issues?


    RAM: The system comes with 256 mg dual channel DDR SDRAM @ 400 MHz. I can add another 256 mg for $40 (2 X 256) , but I can also go for 1 GB (2 X 512) for $150. Big difference in price. I've always thought there's no such thing as too much RAM, but given my useage, do I really need more than 512 mg?


    MODEM: they only offer 56K PCI but one is data-fax ($20) and the other is telephony ($40.) I'll be switching to a cable connection soon. In the meantime, what will tephony do for me that a plain data-fax modem won't?


    DVD Drive: You would never catch me sitting at my computer watching a movie or reading an e-Book! Ever ... period!! I have a nice big TV and a very comfy chair for doing that. :) I will order the CD-RW burner, but is there any real functional reason I want a DVD drive on my PC?


    MONITOR: The system comes with a 17" E173FP flat panel as part of the package. For $30 more I can have a 17" Dell 1704FP Ultrasharp Digital Flat Panel. Anyone think the extra $30 and possible delay in shipping worth it? They don't say how long it will delay the shipping, just that it "might."


    DRIVES: Does anyone even use 3.5 floppies anymore, or has it all gone the way of the memory key? I have only 1 use for a floppie and I can get that driver online. There's a combo for a 3.5 drive and 128 mgb memory key for $70, or just a 3.5 drive for $30. I can also get only memory keys of varying size for less money. Any opinons?


    I really appreciate any input you'd care to make. If I can shave a few more dollars off an already great price, I'm all for that. Thanks in advance for your help!


    :) ;) :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

  2. Samantha was able to help with a few suggestions, most of which I'd already tried but one I hadn't.


    I cold booted my machine this morning and opened Core FTP Lite only. Opened an FTP session and copied the file with no problem at all.


    So, seems like it's my computer that has the problem - it will be good to replace it soon.


    Thanks for all your input. You guys are the best! :clapping:




  3. Well, this whole thing has gone from bad to worse to outright annoying. I talked to my ISP and they were great - it's not bandwidth or server load.


    I was working with 2 problem files. Out of frustration, I renamed one of the files from myfile.tlx to myfile2.tlx and it flew right on out of here with Core. So, you'd think it would work again? Not a chance. I renamed otherfile.tlx to othefile2.tlx and it did the same bog-down crap as before. :o


    I then tried TCH's FTP - after 15 minutes of watching the blue progress bar just sit there full, I knew I wasn't going anywhere. My ISP guy told me to e-mail it to him and he'd see what he could do with his FTP software.


    Lo and behold, I couldn't even e-mail the darn thing - not to him, not to myself! :eek:


    I've posted the problem on the Globalscape site, but thought I'd put an update here in case anyone recognizes what's going on.


    Thanks you guys! :)

  4. I'm doing some file back up housekeeping in anticipation of a new machine in the next 2 weeks. Core FTP Lite has been doing a great job for me - until I hit certain .tlx files, usually in 900 - 2,000 KB size range.


    When I send the file, the transfer begins at a rate of 6-8 KBs, but it starts dropping every few seconds in 0.1 KBs increments. Eventuall, it reaches 0.2 or 0.1 KBs - showing a download time of 8 hours for a 1,200 KB file!


    I have used Core to transfer significantly larger files, including .tlx files, over the last year and have never run into this. Am I missing something here? Is there something I need to do differently? Several other .tlx files transferred with absolutley no problem at all during the same session, and there's nothing, that I'm aware of, all that special about the .tlx files I'm experiencing this problem with.


    I have tons of bandwidth available, plenty of storage space, and the Core FTP Lite settings are the settings I've always used. Heck, I even fed the computer gerbils a snack! ;)


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :blink:

  5. I'm fortunate now to have the time to really pursue some of my lifelong passions - cooking for my friends, sewing, quilting hiking and gardening. But, if I had to identify a hobby it would be learning to grow roses and learning the art of digital photography. There are a lot of things I miss about my old 35mm & 2 1/4.


    This is my first fully-bloomed hybrid tea rose, Mr. Lincoln, which has a fragrance that is wonderful. It smells the way a rose should - that doesn't happen with all varieties anymore. It's actually a deep blood red - so you can see I have a ways to go with digital photography. :D


  6. Beth if you haven't already you may want to use cpanel > backup

    download a home backup

    which you can always upload yourself.


    I like to do this before any major changes just in case

    The Home backup contains all but your databases and e-mail filters and forwards,

    which you can also downlod.



    Thanks, Don. I was trying to copy all the files for the current iteration of my personal site into another folder under my html_public folder using the "Copy folder..." command in File Manager. The source folder was also under html_public. I'm still not certain I understand how to do that correctly, but I will proceed with caution! ;) I find CPanel's documentaiton lacking, but it's not a TCH product - if it were, the instructions would be much clearer, I'm sure!


    Thanks for the suggestion to do a back-up download, I will do that just to make double sure I don't trip over my own feet again. :P

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